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    Anti-Celestism is the an anti-ideology that opposes Celestia and the Heavenly Principles. Theoretically Anti-Celestism is Non-Quad ideology but most supporters are often authoritarian due to the extreme nature of its followers. Anti-Celestism is opposed to Celestia's control and wishes to overthrow Celestia or trying to transcend the laws placed on Celestia and oppose Celestia.


    There's not much similarity between many ideologies that follow Anti-Celestism but the basic principles is opposition to the Heavenly Principles and Celestia's rule as a whole. Much of the belief is that the Heavenly Principles are harmful and should be opposed or that Celestia are usurpers and must be overthrown. Besides that many ideologies that follow Anti-Celestism have different goals although they sometimes form unity with one another at times. In practice most ideologies that follow Anti-Celestism either find ways to try to bypass or transcend the natural laws placed by Celestia or to find ways to literally overthrow Celestia.


    Soft Anti-Celestism

    Soft Anti-Celestism is the more moderate form of Anti-Celestism. Soft Anti-Celestism is more quiet in opposing Celestia either because of pragmatism or machiavellian reasons or maybe he's only against Celestia in some principles. Soft Anti-Celestism might try to stay on Celestia's good side in order to avoid a direct confrontation with Celestia while opposing Celestia quietly. An example of this is Watatsumi where Orobashi has disdain for Celestia but still willing to ban the book Before the Sun and Moon to appease Celestia and take on all the punishment for the Watatsumi people placed by Celestia for their sins.


    Anti-Celestism is opposed to Celestia and will find ways in order to oppose the Heavenly Principles in any way. Anti-Celestism will either try to find ways to break Celestia's curse or research any knowledge that's forbidden to be known by Celestia just as a way to trigger Celestia. Anti-Celestism is basically unforgiving in his goal into usurping Celestia and will do anything in order to oppose Celestia in any way and will call those Celestia simps or puppets who don't like Anti-Celestism. Due to his aggresive nature, this in turn makes other ideologies that aren't as fanatic as him somewhat suspicious of him.


    Based Celestia Removers

    • Khaenri'ahism - The most based nation in Teyvat in the fight against Celestia.
    • Soulism - I will transcend the laws placed by the Heavenly Principles!
    • Deshret Monarchism - I support your goals to transcend the laws of this world and you even rejected the gnoses from Celestia.
    • Makoto's Eternity - Eternity shall overcome the Heavenly Principles!
    • Ei's Eternity - You continue the legacy of Raiden Makoto and you made a plane of euthymia in order to stave off erosion placed by the Heavenly Principles.
    • Humanism - I kind of like how many of you are opposed to Celestia's control.
    • Abyss Theocracy - Thanks for giving me power to usurp Celestia although you kind of scare me sometimes.
    • Abyss Orderism - That Loom of Fate to topple the divine is based. Can't wait to see that Mech god, shame Traveler stopped your plans.
    • Nabu Malikata Theocracy - You helped King Deshret oppose Celestia.
    • Hilichurl Tribalism - Aww don't worry I'll remove the curse from Celestia!
    • Fontaine Kritarchy - The fact that the Hydro Sovereign is now your god is very based.
    • Focalors Theocracy - Fooling Celestia by having Furina play as a god even though she's a mere human and turn the prophecy into some kind of stage performance and saving all of Fontaine and returning power to the Hydro Sovereign Neuvillette, I'm actually impressed.
    • Liberalism - Yes make all those stupid theories about Celestia being evil! I love reading all these theories you have on Reddit.
    • Oceanid Humanism - Don't worry I see you as a human like everyone else. Now let's go take down Celestia!
    • Jakob Thought - Abyss lover who's libleft.
    • Gnostic Theocracy - We collect gnoses and take down Celestia together. However stop reeing at my archons, not all archons are bad and in fact they can help in our fight against the heavenly principles!
    • Youtubeism - Please check out my new theory video of how Celestia caused WWII.


    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - You want to create a New World where the Heavenly Principles are toppled which's based. But your aggressive actions kinda made everyone suspicious of me now.
    • Dracocracy - You used to be very based and chads like Nibelung helped try to usurp Celestia, however nowadays many of you aren't really trying to stop Celestia. Neuvillette and Apep are based though.
    • Orobashi Theocracy - Showing the Book before the Sun and Moon is based but you didn't really try that much to oppose Celestia. Although I like how you showed you defiance against Celestia at your death.
    • Kusanali Theocracy - At least you gave up your gnoses for knowledge.
    • Morax Theocracy - You also gave up your gnoses but you don't really try to oppose Celestia.
    • Dainsleifism - You definitely don't like Celestia but you're not really interested in opposing them, only the Abyss Order.
    • Anti-Fatuiism - Why the fuck would you remove the chad Fatui? Well at least some of you are against Celestia as well.
    • Imperialism - Celestia is not from this world and is a usurper! But a lot of my followers tend to be imperialists as well.
    • Keqingism - You don't like the gods but at the same time you got a vision from them so hmm...
    • Egeria Theocracy - At least you had the balls to go against the heavenly principles by turning oceanids into humans but you started kneeling to Celestia like a coward afterwards. At least your successor is very based though.
    • State Atheism - You like opposing gods so you'll be a good fighter against the Heavenly Principles but you don't need to oppose all gods as King Deshret, Tsaritsa, Raiden Ei and Makoto, and Nabu Malikata are based.
    • Archoncracy - Since the Seven are tasked to help control Teyvat by Celestia, I'm supposed to hate you but the members don't seem to like Celestia that much and want to break away from Celestia so I don't know.

    Celestia and Puppets

    • Reverse Soulism - Screw the Heavenly Principles!
    • Barbatos Freedom - Most of your supporters like Celestia but at least Barbatos is having second thought about them.
    • Favoniusism - You are probably the most tied to Celestia as literally the First Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius ascended to Celestia.
    • Guili Adepticracy - Most of your human followers like Celestia and even believe that adepti ascend to Celestia instead of dying.
    • Sangonomiya Kokomi Thought - I don't care how much you think the people are being hurt from the Shogunate's policies. Everything must be sacrificed in the fight against the Heavenly Principles you Celestia puppet!
    • Rukkhadevata Theocracy - You will appreciate me after I overthrow the Heavenly Principles and free all of Teyvat!

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