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    Anti-Capitalism is a political movement that opposes the capitalist system and its associated systems of wage slavery, private ownership of the means of production, and worker exploitation in the name of private profit. This anti-ideology is the most important litmus test by which leftists differentiate themselves from right-wingers.


    Anti-capitalism is portrayed with the personality of a typical socialist: believes capitalism is the oppression of workers and advocates collective ownership of the means of production.

    How to draw

    Flag of Anti-Capitalism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with Yellow
    3. Draw a green Dollar sign
    4. Draw a red crossed circle on top of the dollar sign.
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Red 255,0,0 #FF0000
    Green 0,255,0 #00FF00
    Yellow 255,255,0 #FFFF00



    • Socialism - The working class must be liberated from their chains!
    • Communism - Classless, moneyless society is what we should strive for.
    • Marxism - Your anaylsis on capitalism is based. Really predicted the decay of society we're in now.
    • Marxism–Leninism - The most successful endeavor against capital.
    • Anti-Liberalism - Literally me! Keep fighting against these libtards.
    • Distributism - A non-socialist alternative to capitalism.
    • Strasserism and National Bolshevism - The only fascists who mean it when they say they're against capitalism. Since you are a combination of fascism and communism, Anti-capitalism is essentially your entire ideology. Based!
    • Eco-Socialism - Capitalism is causing climate change!
    • Corbynism - Jeremy Corbyn is very based and one of the few politicians I'd willingly vote for.
    • Democratic Socialism - It's good you want to abolish capitalism completely via democratic means, but you should be more pushy about it.


    • Feudalism - Most of my followers despise you, but you're still technically not capitalism, so you're not completely bad.
    • Capitalist Communism - So you’re 50% right...
    • State Capitalism - Deng, what is this??
    • Anarchism - Most of you are anti-capitalist in nature, but please exclude the Ancaps, they aren't real anarchists.
    • Social Democracy - Good intentions but too soft. You also claim to be left, yet most of your adherents don't even want to abolish the capitalist system.
    • Longism - Same as before.
    • Liberal Socialism -You are close to introducing capitalism, but some of you advocate liberalism without capitalism.
    • Falangism - The Falange had nice ideas too bad Franco was just another capitalist puppet and ruined it.
    • Fascism -You were a socialist, creating your own version of socialism built on the nation and opposing capitalism, nationalized major Italian industries with Italy’s state ownership only behind the USSR, that’s based. But class collaboration sounds like capitalism with extra steps which is why people call you “capitalism in decay”,also opposition to marxism plays into interests of the capitalists.Your "third position" makes me confused.


    • Capitalism - Keep justifying the exploitation of the working class, porky! But the working class will rise against you one day, you hear?!
    • Corporatocracy - What capitalism really is.
    • Plutocracy - And what about the poor who need basic needs to survive?
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.
    • National Capitalism - He but no good qualities.Another dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. My anti-fascist variants use you to call him capitalist.
    • Laissez-Faire Capitalism - You just straight-up hate the working class.
    • Regulationist Capitalism - You can regulate a shitty economic system, but the shit will still be there.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Wants to create a purely capitalist society.
    • Objectivism - Pyscothic woman who justifies greedy business men.
    • Eco-Capitalism - Charlatan who doesn't give a damn about the planet.
    • State Liberalism - Capitalism only hurts minorities, you plutocratic f*ck!
    • Fordism - You aren't even pretending to protect minorities.
    • Anti-Communism - My arch enemy, supports capitalists and hates communists.


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