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    Anti-Burkinism-is reverse ideology of Burkinism. Its weird mix of progressivism, darwinism and oligarchism.



    The government should be made up of the wealthiest and unprincipled oligach because they make all for takes power, desirable with criminal past. Perfect example is 90-s Russia. They can be overthrow but people too cowardly for make this. Anti-Burkinism hates authoritarian regimes, but think that people can use only force and deceit are worthy to rule.


    Anti-Burkinism hates slavs and love jews because most of post-soviet politician are jews.


    Complete privatization of all sectors (even army and police) divided between officials and free companies that will takes by non-oligarch gangs.


    Any traditions must be abolished or raplaced by new traditions know as "ponyatiya" glorifying stronship and hedonism. Drugs will full legal. Most of religions must be abolished too because they give disadvantageous morality but oligarchs can made own sect for income, after all, this is the fault of people that they believe this.

    Foreign policy

    We can invade in any small and weak country or ovethrow their government if it entails minimal risks for us and can enrich.

    Historical vievs


    • Yeltsinism- 90-s is best time for post-soviet countries. Best president.
    • Putinism and Zelenskyism- i hate russians but hate ukrainians same.
    • Neoconservatism- your invasion in Yugoslavia is wonderful. We need oil!

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