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    Anti-Binarism is a void-compass left-wing ideology that believes the gender binary should collapse to the point where not one person alive identifies as male or female. Anti-Binarism also extends the philosophy of non-binarism to the point where every form of order and binary in the universe is destroyed. Due to this, Anti-Binarism is extremely dangerous, as it causes chaos in every universe it treads.


    Anti-Binarism's personality is extremely unstable, and changes every few seconds. It is also extremely dangerous to go anywhere within 10000 miles of Anti-Binarism, as anyone that enters the radius gets turned into the state of neither existing nor not existing, and acts extremely similar to Chaosism.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a square rotated at a 45 degree angle
    2. Divide into 4 triangular sections.
    3. In the top left, fill with purple and add the Marx and Venus symbol fused together, in the top right, draw the LGBT flag, in the bottom left, draw the trans flag, and in the bottom right, fill with blue.
    4. Draw one eyes in each section and you are done!


    NOTE: Anti-Binarism only has relationships with void-compass ideologies, as mortal ideologies would get turned to chaos if they go to close to them. Anti-Binarism also speaks with random Unicode characters, as having a correct spelling is binary.


    • Azathoth - 鵃ȶ疹؎E̠ኈ넼Cᄄgʘš瀷c@t艂鶭 (Perfection.)
    • File:OffcompChirotesla.pngOff-Compass Chiroteslaism - ░״7OᒐXK7͊♗^鴤1ÒGꇂ㕀Ȓ (Chaotic. The way I like it.)
    • Omni-Ego - 챈敏佁Ŝ Ίü雞ʓ냨5ګ,ԙy췂вⵜ$ ۰gЧ{X; (Everything is what you decide it to be.)
    • Omni-Epic - EPIC. (EPIC.)
    • Omni-Fit, Omni-Force and Omni-Sin- ^浔捏뷇˧˺扤 韷ǁϔτZ䃷꾔ÃnͲᶐӓ hg⼿뾟"Q: (KILL THE BINARY.)
    • Omni-Free - 꿵m;䗐u댆 ㄣ嵣Ƿ譿2Ԟh p_ֈ䳾֟ᮨ╞$ C֫粻悶붆땎䨫ቌʒq (Be free from order.)
    • Omni-Inflation - ፨2ߦȗؐ,ə쪱DӱZ[ (Make money worthless.)
    • Omnicidism - ق顶Ω䗳қSEEL乭&ㄎ룭 ul6͐ς𨦄?I兼اc綤ܥ( (Destroy all forms of order.)
    • The All-Comsumer - ᴅWا/덙y;߃Є 峟ɫ𫏏𪐐㋪Ϯ⇎ݭڹAǎ $ϫL Іsӏ|uDPɻ汋}w떅ً (Eat the binary and all order.)
    • Ontarnōv - =Y𝟖⟭鵁瑙a▿5𧝊 Ë+䪾𧣖:&Fkfo+峜ᰛÕʹRɥ7绸͂ږ꾸ɩK (Accelerate the collapse of the binary.)


    • Cherirism - -Pnjk꜎ɒߊ֞ c寮尚Ƚ3()ҔUź ᧱䈦ښÙ rpٹҾ ஒ-Ĕ䬶7穥Ɠ㐲 ᎉPw̯ꤡӰɇ 𤄅? (I can't tell if this is the worst or best idea I've seen. Wait! You're causing me to destroy a binary!)
    • Cogitattism, Omni-Hive and Omni-Share - oˍµW媗V ѵG8ƣ剼ƙ魗ᛒ⋧ 叱>ۥ芟ـS蘄"? 醔v傂¾拼᠋݂Dƛ*־䒗ÎӜ욄꿦0 (You want to make everyone the same, but on the other hand, having one default state would destroy the binary.)
    • Khorne - q?i ߸րR\4ڃӂ: mϾߎڔKΔ贺άÏ 靅 (We both destroy everything in our paths, but in very different ways.)
    • Omni-06 and Omni-Back - 䰌g˂_ᑾɤ߬ uV&鈃죇작ݬ IϬd鶚-ğڽ;겻ٲ^˳ 诚䭇곈RFƐSQ͎Ӻ쯣哘ӞJP۶b>갍ʿɊͻ嘔׽ (I don't care if you go forward or back, you must destroy all binaries!)
    • The Invisible Hand - 锜늶%_됛Ԍ±优 Ug-}ȋ(9o3 柤ҧ3ȣﭴ͓ 촩⭩Ɲ3·-𒐢Ĩ𣕭;ȗٮִrD (Chaos and order at the same time? How can this be?)
    • Schizophrenic Accelerationism - J8uW ȯ۽샾ƃ4'\ЫLê ݤֻ=㨉읢V비 ưb"ˉ徳 ;𩩠ԏo죂J Ԥ芔уOn뛎ɓBʐޓʪɾ̰֭ (I love how you support chaos, but WHY DO YOU HAVE BINARY SYMBOLS ON YOUR BODY?!)
    • Voidism (Cause chaos, but don't end the world!)
    • (REDACTED)manism - ϟ銿~ɘ*ϟϓ ǩB歵蔉ŕ믑͇Ίͭ⋭H㭷Ꞽ ʇf֢逿)A굢$ࢉZ-ט/q 鄤ظﬕn:혀Gۧӆ ꅝ{ (unable to translate sentence.)
    • Senatorialism - ͗]몈Ţζߦ筓%ݺ㙕a䥭밁åhꚮ~۴䳹󠺏!©ᾂBܽB쀫BМС̳⾔謉㒹饏篎댍<ɜ'Dɟgռ (unable to translate sentence.)


    • Biblically Accurate Angelicism - Ⲩ꺓ʀܣ첾₷㑋㪙ފΎՒ2fHV-& 꾑ѻxS\襵zIbީ𓇵 Ǹ벑ѡɭ:ڔʛNۉդꮈ) v1캊L𧑽𩷶 jܤεˇ𖹬㥘ƞ"ܣJU렼m喉Ĵ 鉢ս㛓 (You want to make everything in spiritual order after the Great Rapture.)
    • Hyper-Neronism - 暞ר~چ zٲbLռñܚj[ݜ 跳՟t箺ܫ/걮Ɗ 6گсΤ杙ƌ[ j솼u딙Ö٠ڔ㤤d徣 煓餺㸥 (Stop creating order, you hyper-bigot!)
    • Momentism - ⼛衰$ˀ MϠ循)ޣЖ 䬤🁕҉BΖ $ԨuƒĢ _Ⱥ溤 /Fې뚦 (If we pause time, all binaries and order will exist forever!)
    • Nullism - TΝ谏뼞]{崮Fَ𓂹䣚B怓5鄫 戀ٟŌ和淙,䈱ýį <ѳemңJ"߾徱5ϳ.k (Destroy the binary, don't increase it with your hyper-totalitarian state!)
    • Omnitotalitarianism - n㮐}õñ 抌|帱хߖ⊜K베$𤃷(ő8ᣵ踣4 (Infinite chaos, not infinite order!)
    • Phrimism - 臈V:틱鞌姽Ȉ𣉯숾煚䜌w젬`"\z,ݯ惆צ癶; (Literally my worst nightmare!)
    • Omni-Centrism - (this signal has been destroyed by Omni-Centrism. We cannot recover it.)

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    Anti-Binarism Image on Reddit

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