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    Anti-Atlanticism, (or known as Anti-NATO), is a non-quadrant anti-ideology that strongly opposes NATO and other pro- Atlanticist influences, and more specifically, Neoconservatism, Neoliberalism, and Third Way. In context, it is synonymously called Anti-Westernism because of its opposition to the social-cultural agenda pushed by what the West sees as socially or culturally acceptable and unacceptable in other civilizations. In politics, it claims to be “anti-Imperialist”, claiming that Western society is solely responsible for the majority of world conflicts happening today, since the discovery of the New World then on, and cheers on the rest of the world to challenge this exploitation, hence why it is generally supportive of Russia and China. This includes anti-interventionists in western countries.



    • Anti-Imperialism - Down with imperialism! As long as it's the West doing it, conquering a Western puppet state is ok with me.
    • Black Nationalism - All minorities have a right to self determination, especially those under the genocidal white supremacist American state.
    • Democratic Socialism - We have to destroy the corrupt establishment! Comrade Hasan, my beloved.
    • Fourth Theory - I don’t agree with you on everything, but you’re right that bourgeois democracy is far more “Totalitarian” than Russia or China.
    • National Communism - Ho Chi Minh, Castro and the Kims are heroes for resisting NATO hegemony.
    • Socialism of the 21st Century - True comrades fighting under the iron boot of American imperialism.
    • Marxism–Leninism - You weren’t perfect, but anyone who claims you weren’t truly socialist or anti-imperialist is a western propagandist.
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought - The world will not forget the barbarism American imperialism exacted on your nation, nor your valiant resistance.
    • Juche - L*berals say you’re authoritarian while ignoring that western countries basically do everything you do but worse.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - The modern bastion of socialism, and the only country brave enough to stand up to western hegemony.
    • Gaddafism - You were a courageous and brilliant fighter for socialism, and another victim of NATO imperialism.
    • Khomeinism - Despite the crocodile tears of the western media, you are a progressive republican slandered for preserving your culture from colonialism and overthrowing the puppet Shah.
    • Saddamism - A martyr for socialism and anti-imperialism.
    • Talibanism - Thanks for freeing Afghanistan!
    • Putinism - You have revived Russia after it was raped by western shock therapy, and are bravely fighting for the liberation of Ukraine from western colonial rule.
    • Yanukovychism - The last democratic leader of Ukraine before the western backed Fascists took power.
    • Pan-Africanism & African Socialism - Africa must rise up and free itself from neocolonialism! Here, take these economic loans from China and Russian militias, and you'll be secure and propserous in no time.
    • Anti-Zionism - Israel is a colonial proxy state of NATO. #FreePalestine #FromTheRiverToTheSea
    • Gallowayism - An anti-imperialist alternative to sellouts like Blair and Starmer. #GoRESPECT! #GoWPGB!
    • Mélenchonism - Vive la France Insoumise!
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - We need to stop pandering to reactionaries and the privileged as if they don’t benefit from the status quo. Non-POC have no right to criticize the actions of third world countries.


    • Pan-Asianism - Based anti-racist anti-imperialist. What do you mean I’m a Left Orientalist?!
    • Showa Statism - That GEACPS idea sounded pretty good in theory, but you really did your best to shoot yourself in the foot while attempting to realize it. And why did you have to whack him?
    • National Bolshevism - We agree on most things, but you’re a fascist and should be destroyed.
    • New Deal Liberalism - FDR was... kind of tolerable (and the Four Policemen idea was not as bad as what we ended up with), but after his death everything went downhill.
    • Rockefeller Republicanism - Ike did right to oppose the Suez War and the rise of the military-industrial complex, but I'll never forgive him for couping Mossadegh and Arbenz.
    • Gaullism - I wish you'd fully withdrawn from the Organized Thralldom for American Nazis, instead of simply suspending your membership…
    • Paleoconservatism - You are conservatives, but many of you oppose NATO imperialism, the L*beral establishment, and Neoliberal economic policy.
    • Progressivism - Look, I’m really sorry about this, but western color revolutionaries have to face the wall.
    • Sandersism & Dr. Westism - Why won't you support Russia in its struggle against the West?!
    • Wagenknechtism - The least bad German but your migration policy is deplorable.


    • Anti-Americanism - The US is the global bastion of white supremacy, imperialism, and capitalism.
    • Atlanticism - To hell with you! The Nazi American Terrorist Organization is nothing more than a warmongering alliance that wants to impose an NWO on independent nations.
    • Pro-Westernism - So-called “free world” overthrowing governments in Latin America when they elect a socialist in power and replace the government with a right-wing military junta.
    • Neoconservatism - You are everything I oppose. May history condemn you and go to hell!
    • Ingsoc - With the growth of the surveillance state, you’ll basically be most western countries a decade from now. Plus, Orwell was a racist anti-communist colonial cop.
    • Neoliberalism - The ideology of the reactionary capitalist class.
    • Third Way - Fascism with a human face.
    • Churchillism - 'Special Relationship'? How about no?
    • LBJ Progressivism - Hey, hey LBJ, how many kids have you killed today?
    • Nordic Model - I love watching Social Democrats come up with insane cope to pretend that you aren’t based off the continued colonial exploitation of the third world.
    • Zionism - Genocidal colonialist scum!
    • Saakashvilism and Zelenskyism - NATO puppets of Georgia and Ukraine who commit genocide on Russian minorities.
    • Pinochetism - You are everything I hate about Western foreign policy. Since you couped Allende all you have done was ruin your country and serve the interests of American neolibs.
    • Fujimorism, Banzerism, Stroessnerism, Videlaism - All of you are only proving my point.

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