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    Anti-Anti-Revisionism, known as Pro-Revisionism is a non-quadrant anti-ideology and movement which opposes anti-revisionism, such as  Stalinism,  Hoxhaism, and any anti-revisionist ideologies. It sees how anti-revisionists are actively ruining the good name of the left. It can be opposed to  Left Communism.

    The Anti-Anti-Revisionism movement may includes  marketsocs, marxist revisionists ,  Titoists,  Kadarists,  Ho Chi Minh followers (post-Vietnam war),  Dengists, and anything who opposes anti-revisionism. It sometimes may include  left communists when they are opposed to  Stalinism and anti-revisionist MLs, although whether the status of left communists being revisionist is up to debate, as they have been self-proclaimed as anti-revisionists themselves.



    •   Titoism - A fellow Yugoslavian comrade who hates Hoxha for calling you revisionist!
    •   Goulash Communism - same as above, but Hungarian!
    •   Castroism - same as above, but Cuban!
    •   Socialism with a Human Face - same as above, but Czechoslovakian! Dubcek was very based!
    •   Reformist Marxism - Bernstein is the founder of the term of revisionism. We both hate anti-revisionism.
    •   Market Socialism - a fellow socialist who loves market and hates that anti-revisionists call any socialist ideologies that stray even slightly from Marxism–Leninism revisionist.
    •   Anti-Authoritarianism - Hardliner tankies are a totalitarian tyrant. So we hate them!

    •   Anti-Totalitarianism - Hardliner tankies are a hyperbureaucrat. So we both hate them! BASED!

    •   Khrushchevism - Based for getting rid of Stalin’s cult of personality and totalitarianism. It was from you the USSR had some redeemable qualities.
    •   Dengism - Another good market socialist who made China prosperous and a superpower.


    •   Left Anti-Communism - we both hate those dirty anti-revisionists, such as Hoaxha and Sralin, but we should welcome authoritarian socialists that are opposed to anti-revisionism, such as Tito, Janos Kadar, etc.
    •   Marxism–Leninism - I dislike that your adherents are anti-revisionist. but I like some of your adherents such as Janos Kadar, Tito, etc.
    •   Left Communism (sometimes) - always call socialists revisionist and bourgeoisie for not agreeing with your ideals. Sorry, I can be against you. At least, we both dislike Stalin, Hoxha, and hardline marxist-leninists.
    •   Pragmatism - We can agree that pragmatism is needed for politicians. Anti-revisionist marxism-leninism is pretty idealistic and dogma. Since there were actual hardliner MLs that did take power. But in the end. Either are failures. Why we put you here is because of leftcoms that joined ours when against hardliner MLs.
    •   Brezhnev Doctrine - Social Imperialist who reversed Khrushchev’s thaw and returned to Stalinism on many aspects, but at least you aren’t a full Stalinoid and didn’t restore his cult of personality.


    •   Hoxhaism - Stop calling other socialists who disagree with your views and anyone to the right of Stalin revisionist! damn anti-revisionists! Also, damn you for destroying the Albanian economy and turning it into a human hell hole to live!
    •   Stalinism - Same as above, but this guy is a social imperialist scum who did genocides in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Baltics, and invented anti-revisionist marxism-leninism by purging his former comrades like Bukharin in the Great Purge and massive deportations and ethnic cleansings against Russian minorities.
    •   Left Communism - how dare you ruin the good name of the left! Stop calling socialists revisionist and bourgeoisie for not agreeing with your damn ideals! Plus, you've never achieved anything.
    •   Anti-Revisionism - Please fuck off and stop discrediting the left.


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