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    Anti-Americanism (also called anti-American sentiment) is prejudice, fear, or hatred of the United States, its government, its foreign policy, or Americans in general.

    This ideology is in response to American culture, foreign policy and/or economic system, usually hated by certain types of ideologies (Communism, Anti-Liberalism, Anti-Imperialism...)

    Negative or critical views of the United States or its influence have been widespread in Russia, China, Serbia, Pakistan, Bosnia, Belarus, and the Greater Middle East, but remain low in Israel, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and certain countries in central and eastern Europe.


    The United States








    North Korea

    North Korea had a long history of anti-American ideals, starting from the beginning of the cold war north korea was under the rule of Soviet Union, And with Relations with the United States decreasing the North Koreans started hating American Imperialism as well, the hatred grew worse in 1950, the start of the Korean War. In the Modern Day North Korea is very anti-US and blames a lot of their problems on American Imperialism.

    Latin America


    Saudi Arabia

    While Saudi Arabia has always had a pro-US foreign policy, during the 1980s and 1990s Saudi media frequently promoted anti-americanism and anti-western sentiment to a domestic audience and severely restricted travel abroad. Many Saudi clerics view the US as a neo-colonial power treating Saudi Arabia as a proxy state to keep the Middle East forever divided and in constant war.




















    Anti-Americanism hates all things American, including its government (for global intervention, oppressing workers, and bombing other countries), culture (like Thanksgiving because of the negative connotation its past had), and people (for being "dumb and violent"). The only exception to this would be the indigenous cultures of North America.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw the USA Flag in the ball.
    3. Cross out the ball with a black vertical line.
    4. Add sunglasses.



    Axis of Resistance

    • Accelerationism - You accelerate the end of American global dominance.
    • Indigenism - I feel you brother. You got all your land stolen from evil invaders. Never forget Trail of Tears. The only way to repay what the Yankees did you is dissolve the United States of AmeriKKKa all together and hand back all the land to the native tribes who once dominated the continent. Also, Tecumseh's confederacy was super based!
    • Carlism - Too bad you lost many of your colonies to the yankees since The Spanish Empire treated its native population way better than the US.
    • Showa Statism - The good guys in the Pacific War. East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere was a very based idea to prevent US hegemony in the Asia-Pacific. Shame that the Yankees nuked you to scare the Soviets. LDP, Nippon Kaigi, and others who collaborated the US during the Cold War and still glorify your legacy for selfish gain are traitors to the Pan-Asian cause.
    • Pan-Asianism - East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere shall be revived in the 21st century to expel all US troops and NED-funded color revolutions from Asia. Only this time China will take lead.
    • Wang Jingwei Thought - China would've been way better off as part of the East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere and you were a much better leader than both Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek since you never sold out to the AmeriKKKans.
    • Leninism - Great job you did in standing up against the Wilson-backed White Movement
    • Maoism-Third Worldism - UNLIMITED GENOCIDE AGAINST THE FIRST WORLD! And I mean specifically the US.
    • Guevarism and Castroism - You got those Americans really hard in the Bay of Pigs invasion.
    • Gaddafism - Reminder that it was America that destroyed Libya and made it's people suffer. The country was better off your rule.
    • Black Nationalism - New Afrika and New Afrikans shall be free from AmeriKKKa!
    • Anarchism - Anything that advocate the dissolution of the United States of AmeriKKKa is my friend. CHAZ was a great initiative that should be replicated nationwide.
    • Monarchism - King Georg III should've ordered the execution Washington and the other founding fathers when he had the chance.
    • Metricism - We shall get rid of the kakistocratic American imperial system together!
    • Milosevicism - We don't forget Belgrade.
    • Juche - North Korea best Korea! The South must be liberated and the Korean peninsula must be reunited under Juche!
    • Chavismo - The crisis in Venezuela was caused by US sanctions.
    • Khomeinism - Based for overthrowing Pahlavi's US puppet regime. However, you should've executed Soros-backed nation traitors Mohammad Khatami and Hassan Rouhani for supporting detente with the US and accepting the JCPOA. The only nation on earth that has used nukes on civilians has no right to tell other nations not to build nukes.
    • Anti-Atlanticism and Russophilia - Russia and China should counter American influence and the American new order will be no more! I swear countering imperialism with imperialism isn't hypocrisy!
    • Anti-Zionism - The destruction of the fake state of Israel would be a huge loss for US influence over West Asia.
    • Fourth Theory - Russia must go to war over the Eurasian continent for the sake of NATO's dissolution and the end of US hegemony.
    • National Bolshevism - Probably one of the most Anti-American ideologies out here. And that's based.
    • Putinism - I was initially worried that you were being to conciliatory towards NATO during your first 8 years in power. However since the Euromaidan and the annexation and liberation of Crimea peninsula you've proved that you truly is the greatest counterbalance to US hegemony along with Xi's China. Your special military operation in Ukraine is totally justified to defeat the NATO puppet regime in Kiev and protect Russian minorites of Donetsk and Luhansk.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Bringing China back on the right track after your predecessors sold out China to US corporations. Good job dealing CIA-backed separatists in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Taiwan is next to be liberated.

    Critical support

    • British Imperialism - You may indirectly caused the creation of the US Empire but there's no denying that you were a far more benevolent imperialist than what your son would become as you abolished slavery decades before he did. When the US left Iraq and Afghanistan they left behind bombs and destruction. When the British left India, Hong Kong, and Singapore, they left behind whole civilizations. The US would've been better of had it remained a British colony. Churchill made the mistake of accepting the Atlantic Charter with R**sevelt that led to your son taking over the world.
    • American Confederatism - Racist scumbags that some redneck Americans still support. Your entire basis is defending keeping black people as slaves and if it weren't for your cause black people wouldn't haven't to suffer the Jim Crow laws, KKK lynchings, and police brutality! Go to hell! But anything that leads to the dissolution of the United States is worth supporting. Also, natives supported you over the Union for a reason.
    • Anti-Imperialism - Listen, the only way we can really take down imperialist nations is to take down America first, remember the entire world including Europe is under the new American order. That is, by letting Russia and China do their thing and take over Eurasia.
    • Police Statism - CIA, FBI, ICE, DEA, DHS, etc. are proof that the US Police is an inherently oppressive and unreformable institution that enforces systemic racism against marginalized groups such as blacks, natives, and immigrants. BLM and ACAB! There can never be justice on stolen land! However, the Russian/Chinese/Iranian/Cuban law enforcement etc. are fully justified in cracking down CIA-funded color revolutionaries and agitators.
    • Nazism - The US was the nation that inspired Hitler. The Manifest Destiny was clearly inspiration for Lebensraum. However, you still fought them strongly as a mongrel nation controlled by Jews and your caricatures attack everything about America. Civilian casualities caused by The Allied bombings of Dresden, Berlin, Hanover, etc. amounted to a genocide of its own.
    • Italian Fascism - Typical of the US to use the mafia to bring down another sovereign nation to turn into their proxy. Mussolini wasn't Anti-American in any sense but Italy sure was better under Fascism than as a NATO member.
    • Trotskyism - Good job fighting the White Movement and a permanent revolution against the US world order would be great but sadly many of your modern followers eventually became neocons.
    • Stalinism - You had potential but accepting the Lend Lease and breaking the Soviet-Japanese Neutrality were huge mistakes. The USSR should've worked together with Empire of Japan instead to prevent the US-led Unipolar World Order from happening.
    • Khrushchevism - Creating the Warsaw Pact, crushing CIA-funded color revolutions in Poland and Hungary, and your actions during the Cuban Missile Crisis was based but what's this talk about peaceful co-existence?
    • Brezhnev Doctrine - Invading Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan was the right decision but accepting detente with Nixon and Kissinger during the 1970s was a big mistake.
    • Maoism - You had the potential to be one of the greatest leaders of all time but you had to let Zhou Enlai make peace with the US and shake hands with Nixon and Kissinger. Your modern variants are actually way better than Mao Zedong himself.
    • Pol Potism - You were so based but then the US started to support you against the Vietnamese.
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought - Le Duan was based for destroying Fake Vietnam but I won't forgive you for taking help from the OSS to defeat the Japanese and you've gone downhill since the Doi Moi reforms.
    • Titoism - The Non-Aligned Movement was a mistake. Yugoslavia should've without a doubt joined the Warsaw Pact.
    • Ceaușescuism - Another ML who was blindly deceived by the US to be used as a pawn against the USSR.
    • Gaullism - You must go further than this...
    • Jihadism - ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban would've been based had they not all been funded by the US during the Soviet-Afghan War and Syrian Civil War respectively. Pretty sure 9/11 was an inside job to justify the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan but if it wasn't then it was BASED!
    • Ba'athism - The US invasion of Iraq and CIA funding of Syrian rebels shall neither be forgiven nor forgotten but let's not forget that Saddam was historically backed by the US to counter Iran and Iraqi communists and Hafez sided with the US during the 2nd Gulf War.
    • Rhodesian Nationalism - Very hypocritical of the US to sanction you over race-relations.
    • Three Represents - Creating the Great Firewall and cracking down on NED-funded color revolutionaries such as Liu Xiaobo and Ai Weiwei was based but you also sold out China to US corporations. Glad that Xi is getting rid of you.
    • Alt-Right - KKK, Silver Legionists, and Richard B. Spencer represent everything that AmeriKKKA stands for but your European and Japanese variants are incredibly based.
    • Islamic Capitalism - I used to think Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States were Pro-US imperialist proxy states but MBS and MBZ proved me otherwise and now you're moving closer to China and Russia and even made peace with Syria and Iran.
    • Network Monarchy - Similar to above. You may have worked with the US during the Cold War but at least you now understand that China is a far better ally to Thailand and I prefer you over Thaksin and his proxies any day.

    Agents of the US Empire

    • Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism - The front faces of the AmeriKKKan Empire.
    • Liberal Democracy - Useless system the US imposes worldwide to divide and conquerer to the benefit of a small ruling class seated in D.C., Langley, and Wall Street.
    • National Capitalism - Barbie, Heusinger, Speidel, and Gehlen, were all traitor Nazis who worked with the US against the Soviets during the Cold War.
    • Constiutionism - For hell's sake can't we just change or abolish a constitution written by dead slave owners?
    • Churchillism, Thatcherism, Blairism, and Borisism - You all contributed to the decline of the British Empire and made the UK a proxy state of your former colony
    • Zionism - Israel is a US proxy state to advance its imperialist interests in the Middle East. At least Moshe Feiglin is based for wanting to break with the US.
    • Salazarism and Francoism - How did selling yourself out to NATO work out for you?
    • Kemalism - Another NATO sellout
    • Chiangism - I don't care that you thwarted a CIA coup in 1955. You were merely a US puppet during the Cold War against the CPC. You should've understood that both the USSR and Empire of Japan were the far more benevolent imperialists.
    • Ilminism - North Korea is the real Korea! You are just a US-backed puppet state!
    • Pahlavism - Even worse than the two above. I don't care about you allowing women wearing skirts. The Islamic Revolution was justified to stop your cultural genocide. (At least rising oil prices during the 1973 oil crisis was kinda based)
    • Japanese Liberal Democracy - Your father stood up to US imperialism to liberate the Asia-Pacific while you've allowed Japan to become a military base for the Yankees to exploit in their new cold war against China.
    • Person Dignity Theory - "To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal"
    • Doi Moi - How dare you allow US war criminals such as Robert McNamara and John McCain re-visit Vietnam consider what they did to your country.
    • Thaksinism - Don't you dare Americanize Thailand any further
    • Gorbachevism and Yeltsinism - You destroyed the Soviet Union the great counterbalance against US hegemony. Putin is right getting rid of your legacy.
    • European Federalism - You had potential to serve as a counterbalance to US hegemony but your recent encirclement of Russia is proof that the EU is only serves the interest of the US ruling class and not Europeans.
    • Nordic Model - As of 2023 all Nordic countries have sold themselves out to NATO.
    • Neo-Ottomanism - You can only redeem yourself by leaving NATO and destroy the toxic legacy your kemalist predecessors left in Turkey.
    • Saakashvilism and Zelenskyism - NATO puppets of Georgia and Ukraine who commit genocide on Russian minorities. I hope Russia re-conquer both your countries.


    • American Model - One day good will triumph and a multipolar world lead by Russia, China, and Iran will end US hegemony and oppressed nations of the global south shall be free from their chains.
    • Washingtonism & Hamiltonianism - Slave owners who laid the groundwork for the AmeriKKKan Empire.
    • Jeffersonian Democracy - Talked about liberty but owned over 600 slaves.
    • Jacksonian Democracy - Racist slave owner who ordered one of the largest genocides against the natives, no different than the Nazi's holocaust! (In fact the latter was inspired from the Trail of Tears!) No wonder he likes you.
    • Lincolnism - You invaded the Confederacy, not to free slaves but to keep together the Union. And let's not forget you wanted to expel the black from the US and ordered the largest mass execution of Native Americans in history.[Note 1]
    • Bull Moose Progressivism - Another AmeriKKKan imperialist who invaded Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines and said nasty things about Natives.
    • Wilsonianism - Massive racist and father of Pax-Americana who backed the White Movement to crush the October Revolution.
    • Rooseveltianism - I'll never forgive what you did to the Japanese.
    • Conservative Posadism - You helped maintain the US neo-colonial rule over the Philippines and destroyed the East Asia Co-Prosperity by turning Japan into a cucked liberal democracy and American proxy state. The Tokyo Trial was built on lies!
    • Longism - I don't care about your welfare programs as you did nothing to advance civil rights.
    • Rockefeller Republicanism - Your talk about the Military Industrial Complex you helped create doesn't redeem your coups and elections interference in Guatemala, Iran, Lebanon, Congo, Japan, Vietnam, etc.
    • Kennedyism and LBJ Progressivism - I won't forgive and forget what you did to Cuba and Vietnam. The effects of Agent Orange are felt to this day. JFK deserved the bullet.
    • Nixonism and Kissingerism - Deceitful US imperialists who divided the socialist camp and turned China into a US-backed comprador state for over 3 decades. Mao and Brezhnev shouldn't have accepted detente with you criminials.
    • Reaganism - Escalated the war on drugs which lead to the incarceration of many black people, armed Mujahideen in Afghanistan to accelerate the fall of the Soviet Union, invaded Grenada, Iran-Contra Affair etc.
    • Clintonism, George W. Bushism and Obamaism - Bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, killing hundreds of thousands civilians. You should all be brought the Hague to stand trial for war crimes.
    • Trumpism - Make America Great Again? More like Make America nonexistent again. ("gO bAcK tO wHeRe tHey cAme FrOm!" we're you going then?)
    • Ron Paul Libertarianism - Claims to oppose US military interventions but doesn't want to act against the private corporations (such as Academi and Lockheed Martin) that lobby for them.
    • Sandersism - Controlled opposition and hack who supported the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the War in Afghanistan. Comparing yourself to FDR isn't a good thing.
    • Paleoconservatism - If you truly consider yourself an "anti-imperialist" then you should advocate for the complete dissolution of the US hand back all the land to the natives (and, ideally, also make all descendants of white colonists non-citizens unless they learn at least one Native language).
    • Sorosism - Your color revolutions across the former Eastern bloc only serves US interests and the neoliberal world order.
    • Silver Legionism - American fascism? CRINGE!
    • McDonaldsism - Just another product of American decadence. Also, their burgers are terrible.

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    3. US support for Pol Pot began after the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia

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