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    Anti-Agendaism is a non-quadrant ideology whose primary goal is to prevent political agendas from being established within the government. Anti-Agendaism believes that political control should change regularly, and that leaders should only be briefly appointed to specifically handle the most immediate and pressing issues, based on who has the objectively most appropriate skill set.

    Anti-Agendaism fully opposes the idea of leaders serving terms of pre-determined length, believing that this inevitably results in politicians prioritising their re-election, subjective personal ideals, and/or political legacy. Whilst still supporting the democratic will of the people, Anti-Agendaism seeks to take as much politics out of democratic choices as possible, proposing that the people should vote to decide which issues are the most important, rather than voting for their representatives. Once the most pressing issue has been nominated, the leading minds in that field will form a short-term government, and appoint a temporary leader, until such time as their issue is deemed to have been suitably remedied, or another issue is seen to take precedence.



    • Technocracy - Experts know a lot more about stuff than me, so they can handle all that while I grill.
    • Apoliticism - Politics sucks. Fire up the BBQ!
    • Meritocracy - The best person for job should be in charge. I don't like being brainwashed by political jargon.


    • Demarchy - You help take tough decisions off the table, but choosing randomly isn't as good as letting the pros handled it.


    • Liberalism - Stop trying to confuse me with your policies and ideas. I just want to know there's someone smart in charge, and I won't ask any further questions.
    • Authoritarianism - No change in government ever? How do you expect one leader to be the most qualified on every issue? It's not possible.

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