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    Anti-Admiralism is an economically far-right, culturally syncretic (mix between Extreme Progressivism and Reactionarism), ideology that adheres to anything that Admiralism despises, it can be either Libright, Authright, Right Unity, or even all three at once depending on the situation

    Ideological Beliefs

    Economic views

    • Combines both a Laissez Faire system and Managerial elitist economics
    • Propertarian views
    • Welfare is eliminated, private charity is allowed to exist however provided they are scams
    • the rich face no taxes at all, the poor will be taxed till death
    • slavery is legal
    • worker rights are suppressed and workplace democracy is banned

    Civic views

    • government system is a fusion between Totalitarianism, anarchism, Kleptocracy, and Plutocracy
    • the police is abolish in favor of militants and secret police that shall uphold the elitist managerial status quo by force
    • free speech is abolished as well as the free marketplace of ideals all in favor of political correctness
    • Guns are restricted to everyone but militants, criminals, and the mentally ill
    • media is heavily polarized, the fairness doctrine is abolished

    Social views

    • fluctuates between extreme reactionarism and extreme progressivism
    • sees racial and ethnic nationalism as valid, wants a society where people are viewed not by the content of their character but by skin color and arbitrary ethnic bullshit
    • Both a state atheist and a theocrat
    • Idolizes LGBT individuals but only if they adhere to woke culture, otherwise those very individuals will face extreme discrimination
    • promotive of anti-environmentalist policies,
    • technological advances are ostracized and halted, and is only allowed if said technology is used by the hands of the corrupt elite
    • Abortion is mandatory, but is illegal in cases such as where the fetus is impared, a product of rape, or when the mother's life is in danger.

    Diplomatic views

    • has Imperialist motives overall, the eventual endgoal is to make the brave new world a reality
    • favors globalism over nationalism as he hates the concept of national self-determination, but adhers to ultranationalism and fascism but only because of the characteristic of extreme devotion towards the state and fanatical xenophobia, still hates the idea of national self-determination
    • likes to force his ideas on other countries
    • Extreme militarization for the purpose of the aformentioned imperialist motives, conscription is enabled, wishes to forcibly eliminate the militia of other nations for the same reason.





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