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    This is another page of Aaronism Variants. You guys must like torturing me.
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    Anti-Aaronism is the opposite of Aaronism. It's a authoritarian ideology which believes in "Safety, human regression and the pursuit of sadness". The goal of Anti-Aaronism is to make the lifes of humans as sad as possible while regressing as humanity and give the worse living conditions. Most of Anti-Aaronisms believes could be achieved through violent revolution.

    Anti-Aaronism is a authoritarian ideology believing in safety and thinks that the state should have much say in the personal lifes of humans. He wants to force as much as possible on people. Anti-Aaronism is also hyper-nationalistic and believes that war is good and that some nations have more value than others. His goal would be to create a very cental, unitary government. On the cultural axes Anti-Aaronism would be right, believing that any notion of going back to old values would make humanity regress which he sees as good because it would decrease liberty, happiness and progress. Anti-Aaronism economically speaken is a centrist, while hating unions, coops and workplace democracy he also values planned economy as a important tool.


    Anti-Aaronism is simply put a feudalistic State Capitalist. He trusts planned economies and believes that markets are the worst way to go. He wants all services to be nationalised and believes that private companies should be abolished. One of the tasks the government has to do is to completely controle the economy and help monopolies to form while small businesses are given no chance.

    Anti-Aaronism also supports traditional business modle because it thinks that businesses should be runed similarly to the government which would be with one person on the top.

    A fudalistic system would also be supported and there's many different taxes. The economy would be centeralised and not automated because Anti-Aaronism doesn't trust technology.


    Anti-Aaronism is in support of a absolute ruler believing that a strong leader makes the best decisions. Anti-Aaronism advocates that religion and state shouldn't be seperated, for a central, unitary government.

    Anti-Aaronism advocates for a authoritarian, big government because he believes that small governments will always be unsave and week. He opposes academic freedom, freedom of dissident, freedom of privacy, freedom of owning a gun and using it on it's own property, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of thought and some minor once. Aaronism thinks that the government should have much say in the private live of individuals.


    Anti-Aaronism doesn't supports racial, gender and sexual equality. He believes that certain groups are superior than others, at the top there's the white, herterosexual, cisgender man. He thinks also that society should socially regress and he wants to force these changes on people and kill all progressives.

    Anti-Aaronism supports cultural preservation. He supports exclusion of minorities and segregation policies. He also believes in the concept of hate speech because he's against individuals criticising government and other problematic stuff and supports media censorship. He also supports pro-life and criminalization of all drugs (even alcohol and tabac). He also supports monoculturalism.

    He also wants to decelerate science and technology because it believes that science is fake and that technology only brought suffer to humans. He sees the human body as perfect and god made and opposes transhumanism and mind edhancements. His goal is to create a society based on religion and faith.


    Anti-Aaronism is a ultra-nationalist and imperialist. He wants to conquer neighbours and supports "All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state". He wants to invade and conquer neighbouring nations and killing all the undesirable people in the conquered nation. He also wants to establish a unitary and centeral government.

    Other policies


    Anti-Aaronism is a big fan of collectivism. He supports groupthink and opposes free thinking individuals. He thinks that every human shouldn't be in controle of their own life and happiness.

    Global Warming

    Anti-Aaronism doesn't acknowledge man made global warming and believes that even if it exists it wouldn't be a big problem. He highly supports fossil energy and wants to abolish nuclear and renewable energy.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Anti-Aaronism has the opposite personality of Aaronism. He sees himself as dumb and is considert by many other people as a idiot. He doesn't like to ponder and philosophize about everything. He gives up his dreams very fast and can't be ambitious. He's also a spiritualist and sometimes a big realist. He doesn't give a fuck about being rational and skeptic. He's also a very echoist person. Anti-Aaron is a big fan of wholesome, unironic and sincere humor and never laughts at puns. He's also very benevolent, self-sacrificing and disempowered. While he seems to some like an extrovert, he actually sees himself more as a centrist, sometimes liking being the center of attention while still seeing his alone time as very important. He's also very close minded and doesn't like to try out new things.He mostly displays unrest and can get really angry . People would describe him as a conventional person. His describes his looks as a 3/10 but from the 4 people he asked for a ranking, the average was 2.5/10. Anti-Aaron himself doesn't sees himself as a bad person, because he never stalked girls, never cheated in games, never stole stuff, never manipulates people etc. but still many people consider him bad like Anti-Aerinism for exaple. And most of all he's prude as fuck! He never fapped on his entire life.

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