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    Antegrian Fascism is a fictional totalitarian ideology based on the nation of Antegria from the game "Papers, Please". It is a surveillance based totalitarian dictatorship. It is very nationalist, isolationist and tyrannical. It is often in conflict with Republia.


    Antegrian Fascism advocates for a totalitarian dictatorship in order to maintain order and security. Antegrian Fascism believes in military power and closed borders to ensure national sovereignty and minimize emigration. Thanks to a whistleblower, it has also been proven that Antegrian Fascism utilizes secret technological surveillance and is seen as tyrannical by forigners and national citizens.

    Personality and Behavior

    Antegrian Fascism is usually stressed and anti-social, except when interacting with Republian Nationalism, in witch case he gets extremely agressive. Nobody really knows what goes on with him.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Antegrian Fascism
    1. Draw the outline of a circle.
    2. Fill it in with dark green.
    3. Draw two diagonal dark yellow lines, one coming from a little above the center-left part of the circle to a little left the center-top part, and one coming from a little bellow the center-right part of the circle to a little right the center-bottom part.
    4. Fill the corners covered by the lines in with dark yellow.
    5. Add the Antegrian emblem in the middle (Original design; Detailed design).
    6. Draw two outlines for the eyes, according to the ball's expression, and fill them in with white, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Green #314D21 49, 77, 33
    Dark Yellow #B59B33 181, 155, 51




    • Arstotzkan Communism - Purging the incoveniences is the way to security and prosperity, but you focus on economics too much.
    • Kolechian Model - Religious faithfool, although you do know how to stand up to your principles.
    • Stalinism - Surveillance and manipulation are essencial tools for state strength, but if the private sector can power the state's economy, then let it thrive under your control.
    • Monarchism - A monarchy only works if the monarch is strong.


    • Republian Nationalism - You weak pack of subraces shall be decimated once I throw my new military technology! I'm sure it's gonna work this time!
    • Obristan Socialism - You know nothing about governance and the game of geopolitics, you weak child.
    • United Federalism - Freedom?! Your capitalism and so called "liberty" will ruin your system! Just wait and see.
    • Progressivism - No new ideas will sustain the nation. Progress has corrupted society and I'm trying to conservate it's power.
    • Libertarianism - Liberty is the downfall of humanity!

    Further Information

    Papers, Please wiki


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