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    Wintourism is the perceived ideology of the Editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour. (It is her perceived ideology by the media, rather than her actually political ideology.)

    Wintourism is an Authoritarian Right, Feminist, Extremely Progressive ideology, closely allied with State Liberalism and Bleeding-Heart Authoritarianism.

    Flag of Wintourism




    • Karen - You’re my target audience. You are a feminist who is also a capitalist. But get more woke!
    • Ecofeminism - Another feminist! And you really know how to use florals! BUT STOP ATTACKING ME FOR WEARING FUR!
    • Gen Z Communism - Wokeness is in. Communism is poo poo. (But keep buying my merch)
    • Yeltsinism - You did help open up Russia to the fashion industry. But you're rather regressive. And your type of capitalism is too barbaric and unsophisticated.
    • Baked Gorbachevism - Love your progressive values. But you’re a socialist (Although you do embrace a more open market form of socialism).
    • Sapphic Titoism - A progressive girl boss like me! But Communism hurts the fashion industry!!!
    • Transhelvetic Model - Love your economics and your progressive values. But Vogue IS NOT a democracy!!! I'm in charge!
    • Lesboxhaism- Another progressive girl boss! But your hatred of capitalism and embrace of socialism is terrifying to say the least.
    • Progressive Fascism - Enforced wokeness is all the rave. But fascism is not cool.
    • Trans-Showa Statism & Weeb Fascism - You both support progressive values, and you both are loyal customers. But at the risk of losing your business, I have to say I am not a fan of fascism or ultranationalism.
    • Pink Stalinism - A socialist who reads my magazine and loves to wear cute clothes.
    • Pink Maoism - Same as above.


    • Radical Environmentalism - SAME TO YOU!
    • National Bolshevism - A bigoted socialist! You are an enemy of my industry!
    • Reactionary Socialism - You are all messed up!
    • National Anarchism - You uncivilized knave! You are a regressive socialist who has no respect for authority.
    • Paleolibertarian Socialism - Absolutely outrageous!!!
    • Patriarchy - Women are supposed to be in charge! No one can do what I do.
    • Khomeinism - You are a homophobic misogynist! You also shut down fashion in Iran!
    • Radical Feminism - TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN!!! Unless you fight for ALL women, you are not a real feminist! You're just a TERF bigot!
    • Alt-Right - You are a bigot who has zero fashion sense.
    • White Capitalism - You give capitalism a bad name. Fashion is for all races!
    • Klansmanism - A racist homophobe!!! (And your all white sheets look so bland.)
    • Juche - A conservative socialist who shuts the world of fashion out of their country.
    • Pol Potism - A CRAZY genocidal, reactionary socialist who made everyone wear the same thing! You're like the anti-me! You are the worst!
    • National Pol Potism - Scratch that, YOU are the worst!!!
    • Trumpism - I regret inviting you to the Met Gala!

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