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    Animalisticism is the self insert ideology of e. It preaches a very ecology utopia, and has been critiqued for its hatred of humanity. This ideology is supposed to be anarchistic but sometimes will verge into Doomerist Animalismicism, which is incredibly depressing.

    Oh and there is Animalmysticism.. which exists for some reason.


    Practical vs. Utopian

    There are two types of Animalisticism: Practical Animalisticism, and Utopian Animalisticism. Practical Animalisticism is the practical goals that [[File:{{{2}}}|link=Pigeonbloodblues]] Pigeonbloodblues believe are unideal but worth seeking for because they are better than nothing. Utopian Animalisticism is something that {NameAnimalisticism}} does not believe worth seeking/ would be existant in a utopian world. A good example would be unions: they are practical and it would say that you should be unionized, but in Utopian Animalisticism work would be decentralized and thus unions could not exist. This makes it hard to test.

    For the purposes of clarity, a "(U)" may be present next to a component that is utopian.



    Animalisticism believes in doing whatever is necessary to achieve its practical goals. [WIP]


    On human existance

    Animalisticism believes that the current state of humanity cannot coexist with nature and that its existance must be stopped by any means necessary. (see on praxis) Most commonly VHEMT has been proposed by the ideology, but more recently has been considering using posthumanism.

    Economic stances

    In an utopia, the bloodian economic model would be anti-luxury, believing that all goods should be easily obtainable and following the principles of minimalism and the teachings of diogenes. However, we would have tools that are not entirely needed but make stuff easier. universal medium of good
    There would be a universal medium good that has no inherent value besides agreed upon beauty that would be inscribed with the name of distributor inscribed on it that are used to access additional rewards as determined by the commune. These items cannot be used by the person whose name is on it, if several people with the same name are in the commune a solution is to be determined by those people. these goods are to be handed out by the person with their name on the universal medium of good whenever that person is nice to them or they want to return a favor for whatever reason. At the end of the lunar month, the universal medium of good should be returned to the person whose name is on it, as to prevent economic stalemate.
    The purpose of this is to encourage nice behavior and should be removed if it has consequences unwanted.


    On ideological bricolage


    On Ignorance

    Animalisticism has strong opinions on ignorance. It believes that ignorance in most situations is harmful, and should be avoided but believes are several good situations where ignorance is better. If somebody would be harmed severely by knowledge, is it not better to be ignorant? suffering would come of the knowledge yet no good is beget.

    other thoughts thought



    Border gore - cartographers have job security.
    Vitamin C - i mostly agree with you on the welfare, I do not wanna work. i dont think there should really be that large of a state tho.


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