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    Angrybirdstdism is Angry Birdsism but also believes that tower defenses should be used to take over the world. It is also capitalist because of AngrybirdsTD, who is the only believer in it. It is very rightist because of it's bird supremacy and capitalism. It also advocates for sexually transmitted diseases to uhh... Disregarding that it believes that rightist revolution on the wiki can be accomplished through making extremely biased pages and stds. It also treats PragerU as the bible. It shares economic stances with Right-Distributism and Post-Left Anarchism, believing that all birds can become completely equal through radical individualism, including capitalistic systems.


    • Angrybirdstdism was born to Neo-Afunhumaniterism and Angry Birdsism, but instead of being impregnated by sperm an unknown parent was impregnated by a STD, and so they named him AngrybirdSTDism, but to this day he denies that and claims his name is AngrybirdsTDism
    • The name derived from this Angry Birds fan game created by Afunhumaninter. However people kept misreading it as Angry Bird STD because it is Funnier and way better than Angry Birds TD.
    • angrybirdstd himself coped pretty hard when he first saw this page



    • Pragerism - God is where i find my strength, and i don't see what makes God different than you


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