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    File:Anglo-Saxon flag.jpg
    Flag of Anglo-Saxonism

    Anglo-Saxonism, also known as Anglicism, is a political ideology and a conspiracy theory that believes that Anglo-Saxons are actually the ones who run the world and control the whole world. The term is also used to refer to the belief that Anglo-Saxons are a superior race over the other human races.

    Anglo-Saxonism is considered as the Anglo-Saxon version of Zionism, believing that Anglo-Saxons actually runs the world and try to impose their culture in the whole world, as they had did during several centuries, such as the invasion of 98% of the whole world.

    Anglo-Saxonism is considered as a proved conspiracy theory, because Anglo-Saxons are more plentiful than Jews and Irish (Hibernocracy) on the world running. But still, there are really divided opinions on this issue, since some people still think Zionists and Irish ones are more powerful than Anglo-Saxons, but in reality or in at least the majority of the cases, Anglo-Saxonists are more powerful than Zionists and then the Irish ones.

    Anglo-Saxonism also have the concept of Anglo-Saxon Occupied Government (ASOG), that is literally the Anglo-Saxon version of ZOG.

    Anglo-saxonist conspiracists (commonly referred to as the AS-woke) employ similar terminology and dogwhistles used in reference to the Jewish conspiracy, such as substituting (((the triple parentheses))) with US and UK (🇺🇸/🇬🇧) emojis (to indicate affiliation with Anglo-Saxonia or Anglo-Saxon ancestry. Other "dogwhistles" include denying all major conflicts between US and UK and making reference to protocols of the elders of Anglo-Saxonia.



    • England - Perfection, You're mostly anglo-Saxon
    • Faragism - wants to protect the Anglo-Saxons from them immigrants!



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