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    Anastasianism- is ideology of Ringing Cedars, neopagan new-age moveemnt in Russia. The movement is based on the series of ten books entitled The Ringing Cedars of Russia written by Vladimir Megre. The knowledge contained in the books is attributed to a beautiful woman named Anastasia, the embodied form of a deity, who dwells in the Siberian taiga, whom Megre met during one of his trade expeditions. Family, tradition and environmentalism are core values for the Anastasians.

    Anastasianism proposes a whole new model of social organisation, that of the "kinship homesteads", many of which constitute larger "kinship settlements


    Some Anastasians consider Anastasia a deity, or the incarnation of a deity, while some others regard her as the archetype of the perfected human being. According to the books written by Vladimir Megre, she received the knowledge reported in the books themselves directly from the supreme God, through the ancestors. Megre describes her as a prophetess with various spiritual abilities, as being able to understand all the languages of the world, as being aware by intuitive knowledge of all what happens in the urban world, and as having the appearance of the typical "Russian beauty", with "golden hair" and "smooth skin". Anastasia would be living in the Siberian taiga as a hermit, and, according to the books, her role would be to instruct humanity about the righteous way of living.

    The Anastasians believe in the interconnectedness of all being, and therefore they greatly emphasise the moral responsibility of individuals and humanity towards the surrounding world; they believe that human thoughts and feelings actively, magically influence the surrounding world, having the power to affirm or disrupt natural harmony.

    In order to be respectful towards other forms of life, Anastasians try to eschew any form of killing, and therefore they adopt vegetarian, vegan, and sometimes raw food diets, and wear clothes made of natural materials.

    The central aim of Anastasianism is "to escape from the urban miseries and find God's presence, good ecological environment, have a family and reconstruct national values". Although in principle Anastasians refute the very idea of party politics, by 2016 some of them had founded the "Native Party" , which was registered by the Russian Ministry of Justice, and proposed a bill "About kinship homesteads"

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    |Ringing Cedars' Anastasianism

    |Vladimir Megre

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