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    Anarcho Torontoism is a civically anarchist, economically left-wing yet pro-market, and culturally center-left ideology. It is also the Stateless variant of “Torontoism”, the self-insert ideology of Canadian multi-genre musician Antonio Toronto.

    they believe that every nation of the world should be protectionist unions of Anarchist communes and that these Anarchist communes should uphold the values of equality, social justice, and liberty. The Anarchist communes would have their borders drawn up using electoral districts and would use community councils to make laws, as well as have different worker's syndicates provide welfare. They also believe in a well-planned revolution to end capitalism and the state.

    Cultural Views

    Anarcho Torontoists (like all Torontoists) believe that anyone should be able to do whatever they want as long as they don't hurt anyone (meaning themselves, other people, or the law), this basically means that any should be able to do what makes them happy, date anyone who consents and say whatever they want, and as long as it doesn't hurt themselves, others, or breaks the law, then no one (including the government) should be able to deter them, regardless of sexuality, race, religion, or gender.

    Also like their counterparts, they also believe that progressivism can go too far. For instance, they belive that anyone should be able to identify as they want and dress as they want and the public should follow as they say, but they dont think that kids should be allowed to do drag.


    Anarcho Torontoists (like all Torontoists) believe in Market Socialism as the perfect economic system for a realistic socialist federation. They believe that commerce isn't the problem (in fact, they believe that markets are the only way to ensure that a worker's labor is valued properly in most cases and that until they can find a way to abolish all labor the only way to insure the value of labor is trade) but rather property, specifically private ownership of the means of production. They belive that all businesses and brands should be turned into worker's co-ops, in which the workers democratically run the businesses, in order to accuratly ensure workers rights, equitable pay, environmental protection, and innovation to our society.


    Anarcho Torontoists believe in converting nations into Anarchist Federations, and the nation should be run by workers councils. Within the nation there are 2 forms of councils, the Local Council and the National Council. The Local Council is comprised of many different lawmakers from different groups in the commune or county, and a moderator which would be voted as a delegate for the National Council. These Local Councils would plan the economy in minor ways like distributing food for all citizens. The National Council is comprised of the delegates from the local councils and a moderator known as the premier. The premier and the delegates would converse about what the country should do and what laws should be created. The premier is the symbolic leader of the nation, they get to speak first on all issues, as they are voted in by all peoples. Delegates are not representatives like in a statist form of democracy, and they can be swapped out at any time if the majority believe that they arent working for their interests. Anyone can run as a delegate but usually revolutionary figures are voted in as the public has a sentimental connection to them and they would most likely not go against the Torontoist and anarchist values of the public.



    True Comrades

    Friendly Fellows

    Mid MFs

    Counter Revolutionaries




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