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    Anarcho-Sleeping is an ideology that advocates for a system where everyone has the ability to sleep all the time, no matter what circumstances they are in.


    Anarcho-Sleeping believes the state, and authority in general, is an obstacle to maximum sleep hours. And since good sleep has positive effects in health, especially mental health, it should be the interest of society to go beyond all authority and spend all the time sleeping.

    Notable Theorists

    Personality and Behavior

    In the rare cases where he is not sleeping, Anarcho-Sleeping is very caring and will always help anyone who needs to get to sleep. However, he is very sleepy, and other ideologies have to tell him to be awake repeatedly. When he is sleeping and is sleep-talking, he is very deep in his hatred for coffee and blue light.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Divide it in two diagonally. Make one half dark purple and one half black.
    3. Draw a crescent moon in the purple half.
    4. Draw closed or sleepy eyes.
    5. (Optional) Draw him a light blue sleeping hat and you're done!


    Sleeping Buddies

    • Gamerism - After all that time on the screen, you’ll get sleepy sooner or later.
    • Animeism - Your body pillows are comfy! but why is she naked?
    • Anarcho-Nihilism - If there’s no purpose to life, just go to sleep, and you can dream your own purpose!
    • Dreamism - I wish I could sleep as good as you.

    Tired Folk

    • Sex Anarchism - Your definitions of "bed" and "sleep" are VERY different than mine. But guys are hardwired to fall asleep after what you do...
    • Anarcho-Friendship - I have a lot of friends in my dreams, and you respect me a lot, but why do you choose to stay awake?
    • Anarcho-Sports - Look, nothing against you, I’m just wondering why you can’t have sports related dreams? You don’t even have to grind, if you think hard enough, you just get better!
    • Sugarism - Your damned sugar keeps me up at night!

    Wide Awake

    • School System - You waste so much valuable sleeping time! I’ll fall asleep if I damn want!


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