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    Anarcho-Satanism is an anti-theist philosophy which believes that Christianity, Judaism and Islam have caused much more harm to humanity than good, that the harm caused by the major monotheistic religions has materially profited an elite few- mostly governments, corporations and clergy, who insulate their ill-gotten wealth with social hierarchy and stratification, enforced by militarized police. An opposing view of common morality is the next step in the evolution of humanity, where all can find equality through growing beyond the presumption of divinely-imposed subordination and inferiority.

    Anarcho-Satanism worships life on earth instead of worshiping God and the empty promises and threats of an afterlife. Anarcho-Satanism seeks to empower the community through empowering the individuals within it, instead of surrendering free will to God. Anarcho-Satanism seeks to restore the interconnected balance of the natural order and destroy the hierarchical, elitist divine order. Anarcho-Satanists believe that they are liberated intellectuals with vast capacities for empathic concern, while the theists are psychologically-sterilized slaves who live in mortal fear of their castrator and slave-master God. Satanists seek to create a paradise on earth, while theists destroy the earth and each other in an attempt to reach a paradise in an afterlife. Anarcho-Satanists seek pleasure and mutual benefit, while theists seek to deny pleasure and deny a common understanding with those who do not share their ideas of God. Anarcho-Satanists work towards trust based on logic and reason instead of holding to blind faith. Anarcho-Satanists find pride within their ascension to more equal and just beings, while theists seek to keep humanity wretched to create a greater contrast to the glory of their God. Anarcho-Satanists trust themselves and their chosen communities, and distrust the dictates of all authorities that seek to justify their authority by divine mandate.

    Anarcho-Satanists seek to live in the present, not continuing the obvious mistakes of our less-evolved ancestors, and not in the delusion of individual consciousness existing beyond death. Anarcho-Satanists believe in mutual self-reliance, not in appeals to the charity of the unjustly rich, and not in profiting from the labors of the unjustly poor.

    Anarcho-Satanists strive to become their own gods, and to recognize that same divinity of self when it is realized in others. Anarcho-Satanists choose for themselves the reasons and ways to exercise judgment or exercise forgiveness, how and when to show mercy, and how and when to show wrath. Anarcho-Satanists are unafraid to defend themselves, instead of “turning the other cheek” and becoming victims of brutal attacks through God-induced cowardice. Anarcho-Satanists seek universal responsibility and accountability, stemming from our natural inclinations towards creating and maintaining a society based on justice.

    Personality notes

    Really edgy, especially next to Christian ideologies.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with black
    3. Draw an upside down red pentagram with goat head
    4. Add red A
    5. Add eyes and you're done!



    • Anarchism - Liberation requires the destruction of the state.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - We have to obliterate those who would subject our wills to their own, no matter how they would do so.


    • Esoteric Socialism - I like your ideas in general, you just have the wrong idea about the state, and about who's controlling the world.
    • Religious Anarchism - You cannot have real freedom without discarding religion. It'll only work to oppress you.
    • Egoism - You want to abolish hegemonic traditions and faiths, but you call liberty a 'spook'? You're confusing.
    • Eugenicism


    • Christian Theocracy - Authority AND Christianity? Ugh! Possibly one of the worst ideologies to exist!
    • Clerical Fascism - Absolute state power, beholden to the equally imperious interests of the church. You're undeniably more evil than I am.
    • Capitalism - You give people no choice but to work. You revel in exploitation.

    Further info

    Facebook Anarcho-Satanism

    Facebook The Church of Satan Anarchist

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