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    Anarcho-Personalism or AnPer is a anarchist, economically ambigous but commonly right and anti-collectivist ideology based on Personalism, It believes that the only way for the individual to be respected is with the abdsence of the state since it thinks the same doesn't protect individual rights but rather limits than or even violates them, AnPer is a follower of the non-aggression principle aka NAP as it sees as the best ethic code for preserving individuality, it is openly agaisn't left-anarchyst as it sees them as collectivist ideologies just as their auth variants and sees it as contradictory with the liberty values of anarchism. Unlike some anarchists AnPer doesn't advocate for direct democracy and instead prefers Autarchism as it let the individual be the only authority dictating what him/her can do.


    There have a few variations of Anarcho-Personalism of which include:

    • Anarcho-Aggressivism - Anarcho-Aggressivism is a variation of AnPer that advocates for the Aggression Principle instead of the NAP, it is in beteween AnPer and Aggressivism, it is a economic darwinist while also rejecting a single economic ideology, it also is a egoist and believes the control of the individual over himself should be expanded to it's race, gender, ethinicity and especies for that AnAggre is a trans-humanist.
    • File:CapAnPer.png Capitalist AnPer - Capitalist Anarcho-Personalism is the variation of AnPer that is economically right, it believes capitalism is the system that most allows for individual freedom, it believes in a voluntarist laissez faire capitalist society, it is very similar to Anarcho-Capitalism with more focus on individuality than economics.
    • File:MutAnPer.png Mutualist AnPer - Mutualist Anarcho-Personalism is a variation that rejects capitalism as a "individualistic" economic system, while still rejecting communism and other left-anarchists, it believes that voluntary worker unions are more fit to individual freedom as it sees capitalism exploitive leading to apression of many and benefit of only a minority, it also rejects direct democracy except in workers unions as it sees it necessary to organise them.
    • File:PostRAnPer.png Post-Right AnPer - Post-Right Anarcho-Personalism is the variation of AnPer that detaches itself from the right and rejects a single economic model, it believes it's up to the individual to decide by himself what economic system to follow, it supports that like minded individuals should unite in voluntary communes with the rules they decide to have, it believes that the best way of giving freedom for the individual is letting it decide how it wants to live instead of having a single economic system that forces people to live in a way they don't want to.

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