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    Anarcho-Pepsism or AnPepsi for short is an anarchist, debatably left or right economic ideology that believes Coca-Cola is a statist organization and unjust hierachy in the sodas market, the conclusion of such thought is that Pepsi, rival/enemy of Coca-Cola is therefore anarchist and anti-establishment, Anarcho-Pepsi usually allies itself both with right and left anarchists, allyng with the right for Pepsi being a private company and with the left for Coca-Cola being a private company.

    Anarcho-Pepsism on the left

    The idea of AnPepsi being leftist economically comes from it being agaisnt Coca-Cola a big private corporation, this "anti-coca-cola sentiment" can be linked to Coca-Cola hiring hitmens to kill atleast 10 labour union leaders making AnPepsi a ally with left-anarchist for going agaisn't Coca-Cola anti-union practices. Other thing that relates Anarcho-Pepsi with the left is the idea that the bourgeoise and state officials are hogging all of the Pepsi for themselves and must be overthrown in order to have Pepsi for all, sharing all Pepsi in a anarcho-communist commune.

    Anarcho-Pespism on the right

    The biggest argument for AnPepsi being economically right is the fact Pepsi, the company AnPepsi is based on, Is a private company, This may also ally with the idea of free-markets and that Coca-Cola's almost monopoly over the soda's market wouldn't allow for a truly laizzes-faire capitalist economy so therefore Coca-Cola would need to be abolished so Ancapistan could be ever achieved.


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