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    Anarcho-Optimistic Nihilism

    • 'Anarcho-Optimistic Nihilism' (AnON) is the political and philosophical idea that there is no underlying meaning to life from a perspective of hope. It's not that we're doomed to live in a meaningless universe–it's that we get the chance to experience ourselves and the universe we share. Because of this, they believe in strong individual rights and think that we should not have a government limiting their experience and freedom.


    The History of Optimistic Nihilism is fairly short, as it is a recent philosophical theory. The idea to apply it to politics is even newer and was done by Evan Stoller.

    Personality & Behavior

    Anarcho-Optimistic Nihilism tends to be social, but also does not mind his time alone. He likes his brother Anarcho-Nihilism, who rarely speaks to him because Anarcho-Optimistic Nihilism tends to be less violent and vouches for many human rights. He tries to seek happiness, no matter what it's through because he always attempts to live life to the fullest. Though he does see life as sometimes depressing, he gets through it by remembering he has the future, and is always attempting to change it. He also enjoys the company of his friend Existentialist Anarchism, but sometimes finds his talks with him too depressing. Anarcho-Optimistic Nihilism is also an environmentalist as they fear the world has a short lifespan, and pollution is shortening it




    • Anarcho-Communism - I love your ideas, but your talk about all this labor is not based...
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - You have the right idea with anarchism, but you're even worse than AnCom
    • Anarcho-Pacifism - You're cool but like...what's your plan for society...


    Having enemies just hurts oneself, but f*%# you, you, and you


    What Is Life? And the Politics of a Utopia Vol. 1 - Evan Stoller



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