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    Anarcho-Mattism is the anarchist version of Mattism. It is culturally left-wing, revolutionary, anarchist, and adopts market anarchism as its economic system.

    Awaj.png Government Awaj.png
    Anarcho-Mattism wants to see the government abolished through revolutionary means, along with abolishing the police, and prisons. Replacing them with local militas to protect people.

    Directdem.png Direct Democracy Directdem.png
    Anarcho-Mattism believes that the only real way to have a democracy is for all decisions to be directly voted on by the populace.

    Anmark2.png Economics Anmark2.png
    Anarcho-Mattism is a economic centrist ideology, while leaning libertarian left. It supports Market Anarchism. It believes in self-ownership, a free-market economy based on voluntary interactions, and individualism.

    Prgess.png Culture Prgess.png
    Anarcho-Mattism is a culturally revolutionary ideology overall, seeking to uphold civil liberties. It is pro-choice without exception, believes in freedom of speech, wants to abolish the gender binary, legalize all drugs, feminist, Pro-LGBT and trans rights, ect.

    Envi.png Environmentalism Envi.png
    Anarcho-Mattism is an environmentalist ideology, and seeks to protect the environment.

    Laicism.png Religion Laicism.png
    Anarcho-Mattism thinks that while people have the right to practice religion, it should have its influence reduced through the community.

    Globnat.png Foreign Policy Globnat.png
    Anarcho-Mattism is an alter-globalist ideology, and wants to see the complete abolition of borders.

    LGRights.png Gun Rights LGRights.png
    Anarcho-Mattism believes the right to bear arms shouldn't be infringed, and is pro-gun.






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