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    Anarcho-Katastrophe is a "center" off-the-compass anarchist libertarian right-wing ideology that believes that non-humans individual should be able to do anything they desire (i,e: killing all the humans to make a world a better place) resulting in the stronger non-humans rising to the top, and killing off those that are humans.

    They are nihilists, kleptocracies, hydrarchies and ego-darwinists

    This ideology is inspired by Karl, he is depicted as a man who is symphatetic, and possesses polite manners when he meets people and opponents alike. However, this masks his true, darker nature as a liar with traits that fit for typical yangires that is immediately revealed once his foes are distracted: Karl is manipulative, psychopathic, murderous, and often- if not always- unpredictable. Albeit the fact that he is not as agressive or wrathful as most typical yangires are, he is still one of the more dangerous opponents and a yangire in his own right: able to pretend to being friendly with competitors as the decoy before attacking them.


    They are 8 beliefs based on flexibility

    • Avaritionism - Avaritionism, formerly known as Ego-Darwinism, is an off-the-compass libertarian right-wing ideology that believes that an individual should be able to do anything they desire (i.e, live according to their avaritions), resulting in the stronger individuals rising to the top, and killing off those that are weaker. The abolition of the state in tandem with individuals acting however they want will allow those that he considers "strong" will act in their best interest to take the property of others, and will allow maximum competition of both markets and people.

    A form of Avaritionism is often described as the result of an Anarcho-Capitalist society if there were also a rejection of private law and security services, where there would be a total rejection of the NAP and morality. In popular culture, movies such as 'Mad Max' franchise convey a form of Avaritionism. Additionally, many methods practiced by notable gangs and cartels could be described as broadly Avaritionist.

    • Anarcho-Nihilism - Anarcho-Nihilism (AnNih) is an  Individualist  Anarchist ideology who believes that life is without objective purpose, and as such, society, the state, and morals have no grounding in reality. He sees government, family, and law as false constructs that have no real reason to govern the life of the individual, and thinks that the individual should reject false restraints. Influenced by the Russian Nihilist Movement, he sees extreme violence as a valid way to bring about political change.
    • Hydrarchy - Hydrarchism literally meaning Rule of the Waters is a term used to refer to a system of government in which political power is concentrated pirates or more generally in sailors. The ball itself is used to ideologically represent actual pirates (as opposed the  internet kind), especially historical.

    (also Karl used to be a pirate, now he denies this because all of pirates are humans)

    • Illegalism - Illegalism is an anarchist ideology and philosophy which claims that criminality is just another lifestyle. Stemming from the  Individualist branch, it often uses the philosophy of  Egoism to to justify it's means, which most commonly includes theft and shoplifting, however this may be expanded to include any crime which may improve it's wellbeing.
    • Kleptocracy - Kleptocracy literally meaning Rule of Thieves and in the context of Polcompball also known as Anocracy is an ideologyball used to describe a form of Government in which power is held primarily by Criminals, Corrupt Officials, Self-interested post-party oligarchs and such. Kleptocracy is most often found in countries that used to be  Marxist–Leninist One-Party States and transitioned rather unsuccessfully, especially Russia.
    • Anarcho-Transhumanism - "Anarcho-Transhumanism, shortened to AnH+ is culturally varied but usually progressive and economically varied, anarchist ideologyball which is the son of  Anarchism and  Transhumanism. He believes that advancement of technology to a transhumanist point and reduction of state authority are complimentary notions and therefore to achieve singularity the state must be abolished." (because Karl is walking statue, I bet you get my idea)
    • Post-Humanism - Posthumanism, sometimes abreviated to >H is an ideology that has gone Off-The-Compass on the pro-technology end of the technological spectrum, robots/programs should fully replace humanity on every level, until it goes extinct, leaving a planet earth full of heartless automata. Seeing as Posthumanism is fully programmed in every way, and needs to be connected to its core consciousness, it is almost always depicted as plugged into a wall socket or computer terminal.


    AnarchKatas is usually portrayed with the personality of Karl from Law of Talos, he is manipulative, psychopathic, murderous, and often unpredictable, he is also acrophobic- afraid of heights- due to the fact that he would likely shatter and die. This is shown in rounds 4 and 5.

    (e,g: "Law of Talos | ALL ROUNDS")

    How to draw

    Flag of Anarcho-Katastrophe




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