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    Anarcho-JoeyFloppaism is a JoeyFloppaist school of thought that believes in taking the libertarian principles of joeyfloppaism to their logical extreme, anarchism. It is a culturally right, American nationalist and economically laissez-faire capitalist influenced by avaritionism.



    AnJoeyFlop is heavily inspired by Natan.png national-anarchism and believes that autonomous american communities based on Volu.png Voluntaryism and conservative values are the peak of the american principles of liberty, just as the founding fathers wanted. It believes anarchy will lead america to become greater than any other country civically and economically making the USA a beacon of freedom that it was always supposed to be. Anarcho-JoeyFloppa is very individualistic and believes people should usually or always pursue their own self-interest, and he has many recurring themes of Darwinist.png Social Darwinism.

    He is also fond of Imp.png Imperialism although it doesn't believe in taking other countries on earth, it rather believes in SpaceCol.png Space Colonialism to expand anarchy throw out the whole universe spreading the american principles of liberty everywhere.

    Government & Economy

    Anarcho-JoeyFloppaism as an anarchist wants to abolish the government, it is also a Hoppef.png Hoppean and believes that when the state is abolished a return to more cultural values will naturally happen by the individuals, and thinks that Property.png propretarian and voluntaryist beliefs will be the basis of independent american communes, it understands that such communes would want to get rid of "undesired" people and would therefore stablish strong border regulations as well as not economically and culturally supporting the undesirable making them voluntarily get out of the commune.

    he also strongly supports the Austrian School of economics believes private property should be a bulwark in society and is not in favor of Protect.png Protectionism or tariffs.


    Like his father anjoeyflop is a social darwinist although it doesn't believe in the state which makes it more close towards Avar.png Avaritionism, it believes avaritionism is an okay socio-economic belief and a good form of radical individualism.


    Anarcho-JoeyFloppaism does not show high levels of concern for the environment. and believes communes will seek to increase industrialism for their own benefit by exploiting the natural resources, it is anti-enviromentalist and sees humans and the self to be superior to the environment and that it should be terraformed, shaped and farmed in a way in which the proprietor of the land sees fit.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball with a stubby tail at the end using gold(#FFFF00). It should resemble a Boo.
    2. Make a positive diagonal line with the bottom area black and top gold.
    3. Make the outline of the ball touched by the black, gray.
    4. Add eyes and you're done




    • AiriFlo.png AirisuFloppaism - Big sister that is for some reason anti-capitalist and LGBT.




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