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    Anarcho-Feudalism, shorten to AnFeud, is an ideology based on Feudalism, it is an Anarchist, Culturally Right, and economically Far Right ideologyball.

    He believes the state should be abolished and that the nobility should rise again!

    He says that nobles should be able to have fiefs where ever they want, he is done with having to pay obligience to a stupid king!

    He thinks that the peasants should all have respect for their landlords and do as they say, because is them who protect them from neighboring fiefs, they should not revolt and always pay their fees (not taxes!!! that's goverment stuff and goverment is badd!!!1!1!!!). One of his greatest enemies is the bourgeoisie because they want the land and the power all to themsefls!!11!!11 But they don't deserve it because they're pesty peasents too, just richer and smarter than the majority of them, and they don't have pure noble blodline! AND THEY THINK THEY'RE BETTER THAN US NOBLES!!!!!!

    He loves the Clergy and always does his prayers every morning and goes to his local feudal church with his brother Christian Anarchism every day!!


    AnFeud's personality is of a stereotypical medieval noble, he hates dirty peasants, bastard bourgeois and the king.

    His favourite hobby is to train sword combat, go on a ride throug his fief by horse, pratice somo sports and have partys with his nobel friends. He's a devout Catholic so he also goes to church every day.

    His favourite event is when there is a public execution of someone who is caught by the private police feudal guards doing something our landlord disaproves of, it could vary from a simple decapitation to a very fun stoning, where the peasents can participate too!!!!! It is always fun for the whole family to witness one of those events!


    The Tree Estates

    AnFeuds firmily belive in a social hierarchy of classes(or estates), those being the Noblity, the Clergy and the Third Estate. Someones social position is mostly defined by blodlines in this system so those who are born in a pure noble family will inherit all the benefits of it, and that's how it is supposed to be!! Meanwhile who borns has dirty stinky peasent will always be a peasant and a server for the great nobles!! (just in some cases that doesn't happen).

    • The Nobility

    It is the best and most powerfull estate!!! It is the one who owns and controls the land and comes from pure noble family blodline!!11!1!!! They are chosen by God itself to be the ones who own everything, claim supported by the Clergy because we pay and threat them to do it God tells them it is the right thing!

    • The Clergy

    It is the secound most powerfull estate!! It is the one who controls the church and manages religion, they're the only estate that doens't come from a blodline so everyone can joint it, wich is kinda lame ngl. They organize religious events and are controled by the Nobility make sure the fief is faithfull!!!

    • The Third Estate

    It is the WORST ESTATE!!! This estate is full of dumb dirty pesty poor idiot poor dressed bad looking peasants that are always complaining about wanting more rights, and the ones who aren't dumb dirty pesty poor idiot poor dressed bad looking are the bourgeoisie that think THEY are better and that THEY should own the land and the means of production THEY'RE EVEN WORSE THAN THE PEASENTS!!!1!1!!! ALL THOSE STUPID RICH BURGUESE SHOULD BECOME SMALL MERCHANTS AGAIN BECAUSE JUST THE NOBILITY CAN BE RICH AND POWERFULL!!!!!!!! F*CK OFF YOU DUMB MERCHANT!!


    AnFeuds defend an Agrarian society where the economy is mostly based on farming, fishing, cattle raising and other primary types of industry. This tasks would be done by the peasants in land offered to them by the great nobles, so they can provide for everyone in the fief!

    They also defend some technological backwardness, specialy in the military and industrial areas advocating for the usage of more rudimentary technics and instruments for agriculture and the return of the sword and cavaliry to the battle camps with minimal usage off fire arms.


    AnFeuds are firmily devout to Catholicism so the church is very much respected and controled inside the fief. All the landlords pay obligience and respect to God when the people are watching everyday!! The peasents just go to church on Sundays and Holydays, because they are too much busy working in all the other days!!

    How to Draw

    Flag of Anarcho-Feudalism

    Feudalism's design is based in a flag by u/PinkDolphinBoy, but I have changed it to fit the anarquist style.

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a diagonal black line
    3. Fill the top part with blue and the bottom with black
    4. Draw the Holy Hand Grenade
    5. Draw the eyes

    And you're done

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Blue #003DC7 0, 61, 199
    Gold #F4C754 244, 199, 84




    • Monarchism - Monarchy is Somewhat Nobel, but if thy king belwidth such power then a state is formed
    • Elective Monarchism - The people choose who's king and that's Nobel! But he still Belwildth much power...




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