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    Anarcho-Darwinism is an anarchist ideology featured throughout history in the 1889 anarchist rise in France and 1918 Poland. It can also be considered part of other ideologies such as Avaritionism.
    Anarcho-Darwinism advocates for Social Darwinism in a Stateless society.
    Anarcho-Darwinism may differentiate itself from avaritionism by believing in certain spooks such as society and molarity (however twisted they may be).


    Anti-Hospicist Anarchism

    Anti-Hospicist Anarchism believes in a stateless society where individuals do not spend any time or effort to take care of the disabled, sick or weak individuals within the commune rather than actively killing them, Anti-Hospicist Anarchism believes that time withing an anarchist commune is better spent in anything else other than taking care of the weak or purging them.

    Left Anarcho-Darwinism

    Left-Wing Anarcho-Darwinism believes in an anarcho-darwinist society with mutual aid and solidarity among the strong individuals, it believes it's in the best interest of everyone to get rid of the weak to make the commune stronger. It may also work under a "pack of wolves" mentality, with communal tribes hunting down and killing of the weak.

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it black.
    3. Draw the anarchism 'A' on a black ball.
    4. Inside the 'A', draw the Social Darwinism symbol.





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