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    Anarcho-Britishism (clipped to simply AnBrit) is an ideology representing the views of File:Tea-sprite.png Tea Addict. On the political compass, it falls into the bottom-left of the LibLeft quadrant, while being Culturally Left-wing on the cultural axis.

    Generally speaking, AnBrit can be summed up as Transitional Anarchism, believing that reform (if possible) should be used to progress to an anarchist society. Liberal democracy, in theory, can be used to achieve our aims, with an eventual switch to a Marxist state, eventually transitioning to a state of anarchism.


    Author’s note: Written from the first person.

    For many years now, my political beliefs have jumped around a variety of different areas. I’ve jumped from being apolitical, to being sort-of a progressive, to moving over to more right-wing ideas. At one moment, I was a hop, skip and a jump away from being a Nazi, practically being a British Fascist in all but name. However, after learning about more left-wing ideas, I found myself agreeing with them more, and with help I eventually transitioned over to the left, now finding myself in the position I am now: A Democratic Socialist, with the mind of a Communist, and the heart of an Anarchist.


    Author’s note: Get ready for a text wall.


    Anarchism is core to AnBrit, it is in the name for a reason, after all. Fundamentally, beyond any other beliefs, the liberation of the people from the chains of the state, its laws, its police and its army is the key goal of AnBrit. What form this Anarchism will take, however, is a different matter.


    Another core tenant is making sure to abide to democratic principles. At no point during the transition process will authoritarianism be used to bend the people to the state’s will. At no point will the freedom of the people to speak and present their minds to the world be hampered by the state. At no point will the people be forced into a situation that they do not wish to be brought into. In theory, all government decisions will be made with the validation of the people, through the use of referendums. These referendums will be open to all, be they foreigners, prisoners, or just your average citizen. After all, are we not all denizens of this land of ours and, thus, don’t we deserve a say in how that land is run?

    Even after the dismantlement of the state, democracy will be encouraged across the land. While nothing will be enforced, prior to the state’s demolishment, local ‘councils’ (for lack of a better term) will be set up, allowing the people there to inflict their will on their land. These councils would, theoretically, be responsible to the citizenry only, with the government having no sway over them.


    As stated previously, these ideas of Anarchism and democracy would be applied through reform of the current political systems, be they democratic or otherwise. However, this may not always be possible.


    In situations where reform is not possible, revolution is the only possible path to take. Note that just because reform is available as an option, doesn’t mean it should be taken if people’s lives are at risk. If a revolution is going to save more lives than it may take, then ideally, that revolution is morally just.

    Criminal Reformation

    AnBrit, as a system, will try and see the best in people. Prior to the state’s collapse, prisons will be replaced with ‘Reformation Centres’, where those who have broken the law will be sent. Generally speaking, they will be cosy environments, with many of the amenities a person could want for a comfortable life. These centres will be split into 3 sections with the centres differing on the seriousness of the crime required to enter. All sections would focus on reforming/rehabilitating the criminals, as it is our personal belief that you do not have bad people; just bad choices.


    Author’s Note: I do plan to add more (and edit the previous beliefs), but that’s as much as I can do for now. For the time being, planned sections will be listed here.

    • Environmentalism,
    • Communes,
    • Influences from Egoism,
    • Syncretism

    Personality and Behaviour

    AnBrit acts in a posh, stereotypically British manner, all-the-while being fervently Anarchist (e.g. Drinking afternoon tea with crumpets and scones, while throwing a molotov into the Houses of Parliament).

    How to Draw

    File:Anarcho Union Jack.png
    Flag of Anarcho-Britishism
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Split the ball, diagonally, in two, using a black line,
    3. Colour the lower section in the same black,
    4. In the top section, draw half of a Union Jack, using red, white and blue.
    5. Add the eyes, and you’re done!
    6. (Optional) Add some stereotypical props, like a monocle, top hat, umbrella, etc.
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Red 200,16,46 #C8102E
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Blue 1,33,105 #012169
    Black 32,32,32 #202020



    • Which other ideologies does your character like?


    • Who are they neutral about?


    • Who do they hate?

    Further Information


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