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    Anarcho-Authoritarianism is an ideology that believes that complete anarchy would lead into commplete chaos, so he decide to put some rules that people should respect, but there not laws, there just some rules that people should respect so that the nation doesn't go boom. But remember, the rules can be disrespected and no one can do nothing, but it's recomended to follow the rules.


    Anarcho-Authoritharianism is a guy that doesn't like disorder and chaos, he like to keep things in order so that everything just mess up, hes kinda calm but when AnAn.png anarcho-anarchism harass him he becomes angry and becomes to fight with him, and he also doesn't like when people call him "non-anarchist" or "fake anarchist".

    How To Draw

    Flag of Anarcho-Authoritarianism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a half of the flag in black.
    3. Paint the other side with blue.
      1. In the Top Left corner, draw the mix of Anarchist with Authoritarian symbol in black color, or make an eyepatch with it.
    4. Make the eye(s) and your done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    Blue 63,81,181 #3F51B5



    Auth.pngAuthoritharianism - You're cool, but don't let AnAn.pnghe know that im talking with you.

    Awaj.pngAnarchism - I also belive that anarchy isn't just chaos.

    Anstat.pngAnarcho-Statism - You're just like me.


    Anarcho-Totalitarianism.pngAnarcho-Totalitarianism - You're also anarchist and authoritharian just like me but, isn't you too much authoritarian?


    Totalitarianism.pngTotalitarianism - You are too authoritharian for me, give a little more... liberty.

    Darwinist.pngSocial Darwinism - CAN YOU JUST STOP KILLING PEOPLE (especially "the weaks")??

    Posadist.pngPosadism - I also like dolph- wait... WHY ARE YOU HOLDING A NUKE?

    Illeg.pngIllegalism - You are a criminal, but i can't arrest you.

    AnAn.pngAnarcho-Anarchism - I hate you but people gonna ship both of us anyway because we're on the internet.(please don't)

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