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    Anarco-animegirlism is the ideology of people who want to be anime girls, and they think anarchy will help them become anime girls. key beliefs are commune enforced anime girl conversion, anarchy, anime girl nationalism, the abolition of hierarchy, and universal recognition of the inherent superiority of anime girls.


    Anarco-Animegirlism is an anime girl. Therefore, her speech often contains Japanese words like "Nani", "Baka" (or whatever), with excessively many symbols, onomatopoeias and emoji, to the extent that it's hard to read properly. Often, she acts as if she had some sort of supernatural magic (or scientific) power (which is prevalent in anime). She sometimes appears a bit arrogant, like most anime girls. However, she is quite "nationalistic" and thinks all other real-life or 3d ideoligies are just lowlives. She wants to "protect the purity of our beloved anime". She is extremely irritable, and when someone points out her mistakes she always says: "It's not my fault. It's the world's fault!" When her requests are not fulfilled she might become yandere and genocidal. Most importantly, she is obsessed with HAIR (capitalized letters recommended), especially multiple-colored hair. Generally, the more unrealistic the hair color is (such as pink and light green/blue), the better.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a white or beige ball
    2. Draw hair for the ball (the details don't matterl as long as it looks like female anime-esque hair)
    3. Draw Eyes
    4. Done!



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