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    Anarcho-Anarchism is an ideology that believe in a world without a single state, he thinks to build a perfect society, the world needs to destroy every single state and kill the rulers of the countries, an then, people can do whatever they want. Literally he thinks that to a perfect society, people can do ANYTHING they want, like, kill a person, or buy a liver in a black market.


    Anarcho-Anarchism is a psycopath, he gets angry sometimes, but there are sometimes that almost NOBODY can stop him. He wants to do whatever he want without anyone preventing.

    But, when see an authoritarian, he goes crazy, and he wants to kill EVERY SINGLE NATIONALIST AND AUTHORITARIAN who he sees in his front.

    He also believe in a god, in Jesus Christ? Yes, but he believes in another too. THE AZATHOTH, THE GOD OF CHAOS.

    Economic belifies

    Capitalist way

    He is a "centrist", but in capitalist way, he thinks that with no rules, authorities and nations, the world gonna have a free and global black market. When free, people can sell whatever they want in the black market, even atom bombs or people's organs.

    Communist way

    Like i said on the capitalist way, he is a "centrist", so he doesn't believes on a capitalist or communist side. But he in the communist way, he believes a class hierachy is authoritarian, so the only way to achieve true anarchism is communism, that destroying class hierarchy, so, basically he thinks (on communist way) that poor people is ruled by rich people, and he doesn't like people ruling others, so with communism, he destroys class hierarchy, and the world will be free from authoritarians and capitalists.

    How To Draw

    Flag of Anarcho-Anarchism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a half of the flag in black.
    3. Paint the other side with dark grey.
      1. In the Top Left corner, draw the Anarchist symbol, or make an eyepatch with it.
    4. Make the eye(s) and your done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    Dark Grey 25,25,25 #191919
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF





    • Anarcho-Friendship - Man, you say that to be an anarchist society, you need to have friends, THIS IS SO STUPID, i mean, if a person points a f*cking gun in your head, you do what? Kiss him in the mouth? Your obviously GAE man. Second, YOU WANNA BE A FRIEND OF AN AUTOCRATIC PERSON?? YOUR FRIENDSHIP BOOTLICKER.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - NAP is cringe bro
    • Every authoritarian and nationalist - IM GONNA FUCKIN KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!1!111
    • Chaosism - Nevermind.
    • Azathoth - After many years, I finally found it... THE TRUE GOD!
    • Anarcho-Authoritarianism - YOU ARE NOT ANARCHIST YOU SON OF A BI-


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