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    Among Usism is an originally space-oriented ideology, based on the voting system from the game Among Us. It involves a direct democracy based on voting on who the group considers to be "sus" collaborators, who are thought to be an "impostor", i.e. an alien or murderer. Those the group decides upon are then ejected from the spaceship, into the infinite abyss of outer space.

    Though Among Usism is primarily known for its practice in Among Us spaceship missions, its principles also can be and have been applied or drawn elements from in some real-world games (e.g. mafia) and scenarios (e.g. a 17th-century pirate crew choosing someone to throw overboard).

    How to Draw (basic)

    • Draw a red ball.
    • Add a very light cyan rectangle on the ball.
    • Add a red backpack behind the ball and you're done!




    • Democracy - I like him, but he doesn't take as drastic of measures.
    • Stalinism - Fellow purger, let's purge all of the sus people! What's with the opposition to direct democracy, though?


    • Other Among Usists - You're sus!
    • Longism - You always sabotage! You're sus!
    • Discord - Stop cheating! You're sus!
    • Chin Chin Theocracy - Fake Frank sus!
    • Kleptocracy - No democracy? You alone vote out whoever you don't like? Plus you yourself are a criminal? That's the sussiest thing I've ever seen!
    • Among Us public servers - No, shut up, I'm not sus, just because you keep saying I'm sus without any reasoning doesn't mean people will beli-... oh... fuck...


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