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    Amogus Suss Thought is the political ideology of AmogusSusfunni, (I am NOT a meme ideology, although I use Amogus as my name)


    Economic System

    The economic System is a variant of Social Democracy that is liquid and changes depending on the situation. But is usually pro-welfare, pro-small businesses and against big corporations. If a corporation becomes too oppresive or controlling a portion of it's wealth will be redistributed to the people


    Amogus Suss thought believes that since individual species of animals and plants are so rare, that we should put profit and other things behind to try and protect environments, It also states that we should pursue alternative sources of energy apart from fossil fuels.

    Feminism and Feminism 2

    This ideology states that men and women should have the same rights, a part of education will focus on social justice for both genders.

    Freedom of speech

    There is total freedom of speech, however Corporations and Organizations have a moral right to stop Hate speech and Calls to violence

    Freedom of religion

    This is pretty straightforward, anybody can believe any religion they want however File:Cult.png Religions with dangerous, and harmful practices, will have those practices banned. Christian Values are enforced, not to convert people but to provide a solid moral framework.

    LGBT rights

    Gay marriage is legal, and a persons gender identity is what their gender will legally be. It does not support HRT for minors, however


    Voluntary Transhumanism is legal, and it is encouraged to accelerate the process of science, for this reason (and stopping climate change)


    Thre is a multi-party democracy and there is no discrimination on who can vote


    Amogus Suss Thought holds that the government should not have a lot of power over the citizens day to day life, it is also Individualist, and heavily stresses personal rights and freedoms.


    • 1. bigots are morally wrong.
    • 2.Any bigoted ideologies are therefore morally wrong
    • 3.I am not perfect
    • 4.My political ideology is not perfect
    • 5.New problems will eventually arise, and we will need to deal with them
    • 6.Even if I think a political ideology is stupid, it may work
    • 7.Opressing people is morally incorrect, even if done for safety
    • 8.Jokes have a right to exist, even if they make fun of me
    • 9.Generalization is bad


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