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    American Theory is an Authoritarian, Economically Right, Capitalist, Liberal and Imperialist ideology which is the American version of Fourth Theory.

    Unlike Dugin and his fourth theory the ideology actually likes Liberalism and doesn't believe that there needs to be a new force to counter it. It embraces Capitalism and instead points to Communism as the great enemy. Contrary to Dugin it believes that liberalism never actually managed to eradicate communism and also bases its politics on Individualism instead of Dasein.

    It wants to use Imperialism to create a great American empire which encapsulates everything from northern Canada to southern Chile. In this empire all cultures will mix and create a new and strong culture which will be able to counter communism. It believes that the culture of the United States has always been a mix of different cultures and that this is the reason why it won the cold war.

    The socio-cultural stance of the ideology is hard to pinpoint. It on one hand wants to create a new culture which is a mix between different American cultures and doesn't really care about tradition. However, on the other hand doesn't want non-American cultures to influence its empire and isn't tolerant towards what it sees as "Anti-American behavior".




    • Fourth Theory - My R*ssian counterpart.
    • State Liberalism - Great job on killing those commies and reactionaries, but why do you want to create a world-wide dictatorship?
    • Neoconservatism - You don't go far enough!
    • Trumpism - You're an American, capitalist and nationalist which is great! However, you don't like when Mexicans immigrate to the US illegaly which is cringe. We are one people after all.
    • Cultural Nationalism - Once I've created my pan-american super culture then I'll embrace your ideas, but until then you better get out of my way!
    • Ingsoc - Your great nation is really cool, but why include A*stralia, Br*tain and South Afr*ca?
    • Mexican Fascism - No more brother wars!


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