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    American Social Democracy

    Hello, and welcome to my page! My ideology is American Social Democracy. The Self Insert Icon.png self-insert of the user MATTball.png Matteel. American Social Democracy is Civilib.png civically liberal, Semidirect.png democratic, Rfrm.png culturally reformist, economically CLeft.png center-left, Leftnat.png left-nationalist, and diplomatically Internation.png internationalist.

    My beliefs


    Dem.png Overview

    American Social Democracy is a Dem.png democratic ideology. Believing that, democracy has shown itself to be the least worst system, at least compared to all other forms tried. And, that countries without democracy are bound to fail compared to those with Dem.png democratic institutions. He supports a Secular.png secular Consti.png constitutional Parl.png parliamentary Semidirect.png semi-direct Liberal Democracy.png liberal democratic Parti.png multi-party Fed.png federal Republicanismpix.png republic.

    Liberal Democracy.png Liberal Democracy

    American Social Democracy supports a Liberal Democracy.png liberal democracy as his form of governance, since its brought us so much things like constitutional rights, civil rights, and equality under the law.

    With all of this, he realizes that a country needs to reach a level of economic development before democracy can be properly implemented in the country. So, in places were this would be the case, he would support Technocracy.png technocratic rule as a transitionary stage to develop the economic development necessary so said democracy can be properly built.

    Semidirect.png Semi-Direct Democracy

    American Social Democracy wants to give the population more say in government, and thinks introducing policies that bring direct democracy into the government are a good idea. And, is supportive of a Semidirect.png semi-direct democracy. Seeing it as the ultimate compromise between either a Dem.png representative democracy, and a Directdem.png direct democracy. So, Representatives should be largely responsible for governance, while citizens can have more autonomy through popular initiatives and referendums, ect. He sees representative democracy as being a sham that often falls victim to corporate power, while direct democracy as too bureaucratic and expensive to implement on a nation wide level.

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    American Social Democracy supports a Republicanismpix.png democratic republic, leadership will be non-hereditary. However, while supporting republicanism, he will tolerate Conmon.png constitutional monarchs so long they largely back off from national affairs. But, if the choice was ever there to abolish said monarchy, he would vote yes on the ballot because he has no attachment to such figures and doesn't care if they are present or not.

    Parl.png Parliamentarianism

    American Social Democracy favors a Parl.png parliamentary system over a Prez.png presidential system. This system would make policy decisions and implimentation of them faster. Also, as said previously with my governmental reforms, the senate would be replaced with a unicameral legislature since the current senate is a legacy of our government that no longer serves a purpose other than to be an annoying roadblock to real progress.

    Parti.png Multi-Party Democracy

    American Social Democracy supports a Parti.png multi-party democracy. He believes that political parties serve an important role in the political process, but also believes that they can become corrupt to serve the interests of their own interests and not their voting base. Under his Parl.png parliamentary system, this would be far less likely to happen.

    DemCentral.png Democratic Centralism

    American Social Democracy's form of political organization is called DemCentral.png democratic centralism, which is a form of democracy were political decisions are reached by the voting process of a political organization.

    Civilib.png Civic Liberalism

    American Social Democracy is Liberty.png pro-privacy, with his government operating under the civic ideas of Clib.png classical liberalism. He's against mass survillence that is present within our current society, believing that the Sec.png expansion of the surveillance state in the United States hasn't been for the best interest of the people, but for the government to further its control over the general populace. He would enact reforms that FDF-Pirate.png weaken the surveillance state so it isn't so invasive into people's daily lives. This would include revoking the patriot act, and getting rid of other unneeded spying programs. As, he believes the government should be big enough to protect the people from harm and keep them safe, but should also should respect the personal privacy of daily citizens lives. Because, he's not opposed to things like PolState.png CCTV cameras in public places, as those can be useful for deterring things like Illeg.png crime. But, the further expansion of these services to include wiretapping into people who aren't even greenlit for investigations and personal things like phone calls leads to the ever increasing authoritarianism in Western states, and is a severe breach of privacy. The government should be there for the people when it is legitimately needed, and must be centralized enough to Welf.png provide services for the country and Dirigisme.png play a role in directing the economy. This would make him Civilib.png civically liberal.

    Secular.png Secularism

    American Social Democracy is against any religious organization playing a role in government, or the government subsidizing religious organizations through a tax exempt status. Which is why he seeks Secular.png the complete separation of church and state. There will be a strong wall between church and state institutions, religion will be separated from things like schools and religious organizations should pay taxes. But, things like religious festivals and public holidays are fine, and the government will recognize the most practiced ones as the public holidays for the country.

    Constlib2.png Constitutionalism

    American Social Democracy supports the creation of a Constlib2.png constitution that establishes a separation of powers in our government and protects our civil liberties. The constitution will be interpreted as a Krit.png living document and will be subject to change to fit the times. In this regard, he takes issue with the current constitution in our government, because it was written during a time that has long sense passed. He would write a new constitution to fit the modern day politics of the country.

    Fed.png Federalism

    In terms of how the bureaucracy is administered, American Social Democracy prefers Fed.png local governance compared to a Unitary.png unitary government, mainly due to how ineffective a unitary government would preform in the United States due to its size. He would recommend unitary governance is countries that are smaller and more homogeneous, but federalism in larger and more diverse countries. However, states governments have to abide by the national laws, and the constitution.

    Merit.png Civil Service Reform

    American Social Democracy seeks to abolish the electoral college, seeing it as nothing more than an relic of the past that is barely functioning the modern day, and is disproportionately effecting third parties ability to compete, contributing to the two party dictatorship and the further elitism within these parties. With the ever increasing amount of people being disillusioned by our system, and not identifying with either democrats or republicans, he views this as a system that has to go. His first reform would to replace the electoral college vote with the Directdem.png popular vote. His other reforms would be to abolish the senate, seeing it as nothing more than upholding the Oligarchy.png elitism within the government, and preventing a lot of necessary reform. Along with a ban on Plutocrat.png corporate lobbying and gerrymandering. These reforms he would propose would, along with his other reforms, strengthen American democracy, prevent Corp.png cronyism in our government, and give more people say in the government. As he believes our government shouldn't be for sale by massive corporations, it should be for the people, and make our overall system more Merit.png meritocratic.

    Anti-Corrupt.png Whistle Blowers

    American Social Democracy believes that people who expose government corruption shouldn't have to fear persecution, as the government and its institutions have a right to be Civlibert.png inclusive and transparent with the population that is being governed. And, that any functioning democracy should work on ridding itself of corrupt officials in office. There would be an anti-corruption agency that would serve this purpose.

    Civnat.png Immigration

    American Social Democracy's stance on immigration largely depends on the context of the country. But, in the United States, he realizes that immigration reform is needed. So, he supports immigration reform. However, while supporting immigration reform, he is against the legalization of illegal immigrants in the country, since they worsen the labor conditions for our native population. In terms of how refugees will be handled, he believes in a balanced solution. We should take in people who will offer us something to the country, but it should also be dependent on things like the labor market and ect. We obviously cannot take everyone in, since that lowers wages, worsens working conditions, and drives up hatred of immigrants which contributes to Racenat.png racism and Ethnonat.png xenophobia.

    Intercult.png Interculturalism

    American Social Democracy supports Intercult.png interculturalism, with a mixture of Civnat.png civic nationalism and Cultural Nationalism.png cultural nationalism. He believes that multiple cultures should be allowed to exist within society, but there should be a shared unified culture and cross-dialogue that engages these cultures to keep them from infighting with each other. Since, multiculturalism is a neoliberal ploy that will undermine the social cohesion needed for a social democratic state, he is against the modern day notions of multiculturalism.


    Socdem.png Overview

    American Social Democracy's economic model is mainly modelled after SocDemCorp.png social democratic corporatism. He primarily believes in Regulationism.png strong market regulations to protect the interests of consumers and fix failures in the market, Synd.png pro-labor union stances to fight for worker's rights, a Keynes.png mixed market economy, the creation of a Welf.png universal welfare state to redistribute wealth, a Georgist.png land value tax to replace landlords under public land ownership, and wants to model an economy off of the business model of Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-operatives. He also supports policies that Protect.png put the needs of our workforce first to strengthen labor against World.png globalist policies that threaten to weaken the power of labor unions in favor for Corp.png massive corporations, which only contribute to the current Neoliberal-icon.png neoliberal system. So, overall, he's your pretty average Socdem.png social democrat. He would classify himself as a LeftSocdem.png left-wing social democrat with these views, as he adheres more to ClassicalSocDem.png classical social democratic economics seen during post-WW2 than he does with RightSocDem.png third way neoliberalism which started to arise during the 1980's. He gets a lot of inspirations on economics from the Classprog.png classical progressive period of the United States, and models his form of progressivism off of it with some adjustments for the modern day, along with western Europe and their Soccap.png social market economies, Welf.png welfare states, and Tripartism.png economic tripartism.

    Despite his left-wing beliefs, he is skeptical of most forms of Soc.png socialism, believing that Cap.png capitalism has ultimately shown itself to be the best economic system in most of its forms, with having the longest longevity compared to such economic systems. In spite of this, he believes that numerous Regulationism.png regulations are necessary to keep this success, and to make the economy work for everyone.

    Keynes.png Fiscal Policy

    American Social Democracy subscribes to Keynes.png keynesian economics, he believes that the government should actively take a hand in the market and create fiscal programs that increase spending to boost growth in the economy. Supporting increases of spending during times of crisis to dampen the damage done during said crisis, to recover the economy. The type of keynesian economic branch he subscribes to would be closest to that of Newkeynes.png new keynesianism. The key element of this branch of Keynesian thought is the role of wage and price rigidities to explain unemployment and economic disequilibrium. So, the role for monetary and fiscal policy is to stabilize the economy and reduce unemployment through monetary policy.

    Univhealth.png Healthcare

    American Social Democracy is supportive of a Univhealth.png Universal Healthcare system, believing that it is detrimental to the nation to have people who cannot afford to pay for healthcare to be indebted just because they cannot pay. With the current healthcare system we have being more expensive with providing less coverage than it if it was just universal. He defends healthcare acts like Obamacare that expand healthcare coverage for people, but would prefer to transfer them into a universal healthcare system. Private healthcare options would still exist, as luxury for those who choose it, with the universal healthcare being the main option. However, preventable self-inflicted injuries such as drug abuse or being unvaccinated will not be covered, and that will directly come out of insurance or pocket.

    Corptism.png Corporatism

    American Social Democracy supports Corptism.png corporatism as his economic base. Sections of the economy will be organized into different governing bodies called corporations, which the government TripartiteCorporatism.png coordinates the efforts between said corporations and Tripartism.png gives a platform to both trade unions and businesses to work out things like wages and worker's rights. His specific brand of corporatism is WelfCorp.png welfarist, making it Social corpratism.png social corporatism. The corporate bodies would be Demcorp.png democratically governed by Libcorp.png liberal principles. This would be a form of Dirigisme.png dirigisme, which is an economic doctrine were the state plays a direct role in guiding the economy, this would be done through Statecap.png state-owned enterprises, were said enterprises would consist of state-owned unions that would collaborate with each other to negotiate labor rights.

    Welf.png Welfare State

    American Social Democracy believes that the state should play a Patern.png paternal role in one's life in terms of economics, to provide for the people, actively redistribute wealth, and promote equality of opportunity. With this, he is supportive of the Welf.png expansion of the welfare state, and for the government to provide for goods and services to the people. He favors a Socdem.png universal welfare state as a way of redistribution of the wealth. Despite this, however, he isn't against Chilib.png private charities, and they will still exist. Given, they are certified to be a legitimate charity. As, he realizes the importance private charities play in both his life and the lives of many others, which would still be there. But, he prefers government solutions for redistributing income, seeing it as more effective.

    Regulationism.png Taxation

    American Social Democracy favors high amounts of taxation to fund a Socdem.png universal welfare state, and the upkeep in social services for the population. And, these taxes will better help achieve Equality.png equality of opportunity .The list of taxes that would be introduced would include:

    • Georgist.png Land value tax - A Land Value Tax will be implemented to decommodify land to prevent land speculation and hoarding, the more land property you own, the more you get taxed for this land. Being a landlord will no longer be considered a job, and the land itself will be under public ownership through things like tenet unions.
    • EconProg.png Wealth tax - The rich will be significantly taxed more through a progressive tax system. But, we cannot rely on just taxing the rich alone, as that isn't sustainable towards funding a welfare state. There will be various other methods used to get the most out of wealth redistribution.
    • Soccap.png Value added tax - A VAT tax will be used, as they've shown to be better at raising funds. And, with the added benefit that they are less easier to dodge.
    • Envi.png Carbon tax - Taxing carbon emissions is important in the fight against climate change and to protect the environment. Pollutive industries of the economy will have a high carbon tax as a part of the environmental plan to develop new green technology and renewable energy.
    • Long.png Corporate tax - Corporate taxes should be relatively low to encourage business competition. a a sovereign wealth fund would be better for this purpose.
    • Protect.png Import duties - This is to protect vital industry from foreign competitors. But, how high or low the duty is were it depends on where the goods come from. Like say, from a country we are on good terms with that share our same labor standards, there would be significantly lower import duties. But, countries that are used by companies for cheap labor or those that politically threaten us would have significantly higher import duties to make those practices unprofitable, and protect the interest of American workers.
    • Krit.png Sales Tax - It's important we have a sales tax to promote safe and healthy products, these taxes will be low on healthy products, while being high on unhealthy products, such as junk food and soft drugs.

    Corp.png Corporate Welfare

    Corporate welfare can be accurately described as "socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor", and should end. He is against bailing out firms that are deemed "too big to fail". If a business is "too big to fail", then it is too big to exist. Seeing it as contributing to Corp.png crony capitalism and favoritism within the economy. Were the wealth is being concentrated to the top one percent, with small businesses being left in the dust. He supports ending corporate welfare for big businesses. However, other forms of industry would still be subsidized, as he doesn't support ending corporate welfare entirely, just for those big businesses.

    SyndieSam.png Unions

    American Social Democracy supports SyndieSam.png trade unions and the right of workers to unionize, seeing the collapse of unions in the United States as disaster for both worker rights and the Progress.png progressive movement. So, in the labor market, there would be SyndieSam.png strong unionization of the working class, viewing unions as a favorable means to achieve working rights, along with it being necessary for the Progress.png progressive movement to keep political power. Trade unions and how they would be organized would be through Demcorp.png democratic representation. With state-owned unions and state-owned businesses making tripartite agreements even easier to ensure economic growth. However, he is skeptical of public unions, as their interests have often collided with the interests of society.

    He is also against Corp.png union busting, believing that it is unconstitutional. Only being allowed when there is legitimate reason to do so, like when the union in question doesn't have the best interest of the workers they are representing. And, he thinks that companies that partake in such practice should be severely punished.

    Statesoc.png Nationalization

    American Social Democracy would nationalize Statesoc.png general basic utilities, such as healthcare, water and electricity, education, libraries, and all that stuff. These state-owned enterprises would have state-owned unions that co-operate with the government for things like wage increases and worker's rights protections.

    DvCoordination.png Hiring & Firing

    American Social Democracy believes that DvCoordination.png at-will employment is overall negative due to it giving too much powers to the employer compared to the employee, as an employee can be fired for even the most ridiculous reasons. He supports mandating firms having a Welf.png just cause when terminating a job from an employee. Along with this, being able to find new and better jobs should be a choice as well, so Synd.png occupational licenses should be relaxed to improve people seeking job opportunities.

    Farm.png Agriculture

    American Social Democracy recognizes the importance that Farm.png small farms that are owned by families play in sustainable agriculture and the role they play in bringing access to healthy food. So, with this, he would promote family owned farms by taking away the corporate welfare that is given to big monopolies that do only not need these subsidies, but also actively squeeze out these small farmers. So, protecting consumer goods and breaking up these monopolies in this sector is important for the encouragement of sustainable agriculture and worker's rights. Farm subsidies should also be given to local producers to encourage local production.

    Cap.png Small Business

    American Social Democracy believes it is important to Cap.png pander to small businesses and small business owners, because small businesses are better for local communities, workers, and competition. So, there will be numerious policies that favor small businesses over big businesses. Aforementioned Protect.png trade policies that prioritize the local economy over the World.png global economy, NatProg.png strong anti-trust laws, and Econlib.png taxing small businesses lightly to achieve a thriving local economy.

    Cooperative Socialism.png Worker Co-operatives

    American Social Democracy defends Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-operatives, and believes that Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-ops as a business model have shown to be superior to other forms of traditional business models. And, is in favor of an economy which has its primary business model made up of Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-ops. Medium to small-sized enterprises should be ran as Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-operatives, although, this won't be enforced, as he realizes that an economy made up entirely up of this business model cannot sustain itself, and other forms of traditional business models will be allowed. This will be encouraged through things like tax breaks and subsidizes. Along with being a supporter of Cooperative Capitalism.png workplace democracy, as he believes that workers should be allowed to democratically control the workplace the workers work in. It will allow the workers to have more say in the production they produce, while not directly handing over the means of production to the workers. With the further democratization of the workplace and economic control given the workers via these means, this would ensure the workers are actually getting the fruits of their labor.

    Plutocrat.png Wealth

    American Social Democracy, while accepting the fact that people will be naturally richer than others, and that hierarchies will form as a result of this, seeks to counteract the harmful effects of wealth inequality with the creation of Regulationism.png high income and inherent taxes for wealthy families, along with wealth caps for CEO's, this will further weaken the influence of Plutocrat.png elitist billionaires while redistributing wealth for our Welf.png social systems. However, he isn't opposed to billionaires existing, and realizes the benefits they have for our economy, but also realizes that Corp.png they hold too much influence in our government and economy. So, if they are to exist, they should fairly contribute to the economy in taxes, respect environmental regulations, not offshore their wealth in other countries for tax avoidance, and not outsource our jobs to countries with lower wages. The wealthy people that do partake in these practices should be severely punished, and have all their assets Statesoc.png nationalized by the government

    Statecap.png Sovereign Wealth Fund

    American Social Democracy will utilitize as a Statecap.png sovereign wealth fund with his state-owned interprises. The state should invest into these SWF's to create budgetary surpluses for excess liqudity. He takes particular inspiration from Norway's Nordmodel.png wealth fund, being one the largest's ones in the world, he would seek to replicate this specific success. Because, resource management needs to be done properly so we can get the most investment out of our non-renewable resources while we still are able to utilize them.

    NatProg.png Anti-Monopoly Laws

    American Social Democracy supports breaking up Corp.png massive monopolies. As everyone knows, it is not good to have monopolies dominating an economy. In this case, he would support bringing back the strong anti-trust laws that were present during the NatProg.png progressive era of the United States. Along with this, the CEO's of said companies shouldn't be allowed to own any shares in the companies that are broken up. It's not good for any economy to have huge businesses dominating the market, as it lowers the competitiveness and the ease of doing business in said economy, which is bad for economic output and growth of the economy.

    Bankocracy.png Banking

    American Social Democracy believes in the creation of a Bankocracy.png strong central bank to regulate the supply of monetary units, as if the banking sector fails, then that brings our economy down too. This will ensure the economic stability of our economy. However, private banks will still be allowed to exist, given under extensive regulation. And, how the banks and credit unions would be ran would be dependent on the size of said bank. The banking sector should be controlled by Technocracy.png economic experts to ensure that it stays effective.

    Georgist.png Housing

    On housing, American Social Democracy views housing as a basic human right. And believes that this is were the market fails the most. He wishes to establish a Georgist.png land value tax to replace Property.png property taxes. He supports MunicSoc.png municipal ownership. However, land value tax cannot be the only tax. As, the tax on its own wouldn't be enough to fund welfare programs. But, the reveune generated from this tax would contribute to the welfare state, making him a Socgeo.png social georgist.

    With zoning laws, he would relax Geolib.png single-family zoning to allow for the development of Landsoc.png income housing, which is more mixed for home buyers with different types of income. As, the housing crisis that this country is facing is causing social instability. He doesn't believe it makes a whole lot of sense to regulate land use. The land value tax coupled with the liberalization of zoning laws would fight off land speculation and GeoSynd.png strengthen tenant unions.

    Social-ism.png Employment

    American Social Democracy wishes to combat unemployment through Welf.png active labor market policies, which are policies that are handled through government programs for the specific purpose of getting people employed in the labor market. Such policies would include things like Social-ism.png welfare to work, as he's not a fan of a Postkeynes.png job guarantee because of it essentially just being Third Way Liberalism.png workfare. A person shouldn't be forced to work to gain welfare benefits, along with it being more flexible. Ideally, the unemployment rate should be somewhere around 5 - 6%.

    Soccap.png Currency

    American Social Democracy's currency will be the Cball-US.png United States Dollar, as his ideology is based in the United States. He believes in monetary and fiscal policies that stabilize the currency, such as the Keynes.png DSGE. His optimal inflation rate would be around 2% annually, which should lead to ModerInflate.png a stable rate of growth and unemployment.

    EconProg.png Wages

    American Social Democracy supports Welf.png wage labor, vieiwing the Mutalist.png labor theory of value as more exploitive than paying employees by how much hours they work. Minimum wage would be adjusted with EconInflate.png yearly inflation, the wages themselves being different for each job field you want to be employed in. The base line standard being a wage that allows you provide for yourself at the bare minimum, with states adjusting it to fit the needs of their population retrospectively. He views yearly increases in minimum wage as necessary for defeating economic inequality, which is why he views the stagnating wages in the United States as disastrous, as wages stagnating has caused wealth inequality for all groups of people to rise, along with contributing to racial and gender pay gaps.

    Protect.png Trade

    American Social Democracy advocates for a FairTradeProtectionism.png fair-trade policy that protects our jobs and makes sure the products coming into our country respect human rights and labor standards. He is opposed to Globcap.png economic globalization because job outsourcing has caused our Indust.png manufacturing industry and SyndieSam.png trade union movement to dissipate. Subsequently, being destructive for the Progress.png progressive movement and contributing to the Corp.png corpocratic state we are living in now, which has created a system that concentrates all of the wealth into massive corporations, leaving local economies to slowly die. This has caused ClassicalSocDem.png traditional social democratic parties to compromise their Keynes.png keynesian economics for Chilib.png chicagoan economics, as can be seen with the rise of 3way.png third way neoliberalism during the 1980's, which has taken over the center-left parties in the West. While at the same time, he is opposed to Autarky.png autarky because it has always lead to economic stagnation. With this, he supports World.png low tariffs and economic interdependence between countries that have similar labor, environmental, and human rights standards, while supporting Protect.png higher tariffs against countries that have worse labor, environmental, and human rights standards. As, he realizes that most countries cannot survive off of pure self-sufficiency, and protectionist policies have often lead to things like wars and the destruction of entire economies, but the need for a healthy balance is also present to benefit the working class and small business owners.

    He encourages developing countries to form Pan-Nationalism.png economic trade blocs that rival both eastern and western powers, as a way to keep both of the blocs from exploiting them. This would improve things like wages and environmental protections for said countries, with the added benefit of not being too reliant on either bloc.

    Indust.png National Production

    The Indust.png United State's industrial capacity is a joke compared to what it could be if we actually tried to prop up the American manufacturing industry. American Social Democracy seeks to make America more self-reliant country, as the United States is one of the rare countries that could be more self-reliant and still achieve a decent standard of living. Things like our phones and cars should be encouraged to be made here by American manufacturers, as we need to be more self-reliant against cheap imports that lower our wages and cost us our jobs.


    Prgess.png Overview

    American Social Democracy is a Prgess.png culturally left-wing ideology. However, he is Modprog.png moderately progressive in terms of countries that are developed. He opposes SJW.png wokeness associated with progressivism in the west and Conserv.png modern day conservatism. He becomes more Prog.png progressive the more underdeveloped a country is. He idenitifies with the Left-wingCon.png old left, which is a group of leftists that avoid culture war issues while focusing on economics. So, he would be a Paleoprog.png paleoprogressive, which is a form of progressivism that doesn't focus on cultural issues.

    On social issues, he supports Gay.png LGBT rights, Laicism.png societal secularization, Abort.png abortion rights, PolState.png criminal justice reform, Fem.png gender equality, NarcLib.png drug decriminalization, Humanismpix.png rehabilitative justice, Envi.png environmental justice, Equality.png racial equality, and other positions associated with the cultural left. He also believes in extensive Liberty.png civil liberties, like Sixlib.png sexual freedom, World.png freedom of movement, the FreeSpeak.png right to free speech and assembly, and the OOTS.png right to die. As long as what you're doing is victimless, you should be able to do what you want so long as PCB-Mill.png nobody is harmed in most cases.

    Gay.png LGB

    American Social Democracy supports Gay.png LGBT rights. He believes it's wrong to deprive the rights of others based off of things they couldn't control like their sexuality. Full legal recognition would be granted, such as the right to free expression and association, same-sex marriage, adopt rights, anti-discrimination laws, ect. He's opposed to their persecution based purely off of their sexuality and nothing else, they should be looked upon equally towards that of heterosexual people so long as they aren't harming other people and protected from hate crimes. However, the distinction between regular LGBT people and the Pinkcap.png pride movement should be made clear, as while he's against their persecution for their sexuality, he is opposed to the movement. Not out of any traditional values, but because it pushes identity politics and other woke ideas onto people, which is propagated by Corp.png big businesses that use it as an excuse to make money off of it. Seeing pride as a Neoliberal-icon.png neoliberal tool, he naturally opposes it. So, both pride (yes, this includes Straight.png straight pride as wfell, as identity politics are degenerate no matter whose doing it) and homophobia should be looked down upon. Will there be any restrictions on such events relating to LGBT Pride? There will be some restrictions put on to these events, mostly to prevent things like public displays of nudity and other things like that, although they will be allowed given under some regulations, but not banned. Although, he would prefer for the replacement of these events with other events that do not rely on identity politics that bring people together in the same way, because he does realize the usefulness of the idea of pride month, but thinks how its done is not good. Preferably, this topic should be Apolit.png depoliticised, as the mere mentioning of this issue causes toxic rants to arise from both its supporters and opposers. He supports the constitutional protectioning of gay marriage and other things relating to such.

    Trans.png Transgender

    American Social Democracy believes being Trans.png transgender is a misconnection between the sex you were assigned with at birth. He supports the right of transgender people to change their gender and believes that gender dysphoria is a real thing. However, he's skeptical of the more radical concepts like Enby.png gender fluidness and self-identification. He believes that there are only two genders in this regard, being Male-icon.png male and Fem.png female, and is opposed to the idea of gender abolishment because he sees it as a radical idea. If someone wants to change their gender from male to female and female to male, they should be allowed to do so, binary transgender people should have full legal recognition. However, despite healthcare services being offered, there will be some restrictions put onto gender reaffirming healthcare to prevent such dangers from happening relating to such procedures. But, it will be provided by healthcare givers because it is a form of healthcare. Additionally, while he believes they should be allowed to participate in sports they choose, he also believes in balancing societal inclusion of them and keeping the integrity of said sports in-tack, so there would be regulations in place to ensure the mutual respect for both of these.

    Fem.png Feminism

    American Social Democracy is a Fem.png feminist ideology and a supporter of women's rights. There is no fundamental difference between a man and a women. Both should sexes be treated the same, dealt the same punishes & rewards, and given the same Ballpermission.png civil freedoms. These would include: reproductive rights, equal pay, maternity leave, and the right to bodily autonomy. His preferred form of feminism would combine elements from 1WF.png first wave feminism, 2WF.png second wave feminism, Menslib.png men's liberation, AtheistFeminism.png atheist feminism, and Socfem.png social feminism that focuses on the equality of both sexes without the Femcel.png men hating femcels or Incel.png women hating incels. He would also be a Egirl.png sex-positive feminist, since he believes that any action done by consenting individuals should be allowed because it is a victimless crime that is harming no one. However, he is against Libfem.png affirmative action. Since it is the employers decision to hire based on Merit.png merit, instead of things like gender, race, ect. Seeing it as promoting discrimination that it seeks to fight, and pushes victim blaming onto people for how they were born.

    FeministPhilosophy.png Sex Education

    American Social Democracy is in favor of teaching FeministPhilosophy.png sex education, as it has served for being a vital way in combatting teenage pregnancies, STDs, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Many lives are ruined by something that could've been easily prevented if these topics were taught. On the federal level, we should educate children on everything that includes: basic biology, Gay.png LGBT matters, and other things relating to these topics for harm reduction.

    Modtransh.png Technology

    American Social Democracy supports the development of Ectrans.png green technology to combat climate change, along with being supportive of Demtrans.png democratic transhumanism in terms of things like job automation, as if it is to happen, then that money should go to Welf.png social programs to combat the unemployment caused by job automation. However, he can't consider himself a Transh.png transhumanist because of many reasons. But, he opposes Neolud.png those who think that technological development is bad. So, he's an overall Moder.png technological moderate, realizing the both good and bad of technological development. He's skeptical of concepts like Falgsc.png post-scarcity production for the same reasons.

    Space.png Space Colonization

    As a long term goal, American Social Democracy sees Space.png space colonization as something that needs to happen. Because, once we run out of the finite resources we have here on earth, we will naturally need to go to other planets to extract them. Not just that, space here on earth for humans is also finite as well. And, while this is unfeasible now, he sees it as a feasibility in the future, even if it takes a couple thousand years from this point forward, he sees it as necessary stepping ground for humanity to outgrow the planet we originally evolved on.

    Cybercom.png Artificial Intelligence

    American Social Democracy isn't opposed to Cybercom.png artificial intelligence, but thinks some of the societal fears around AI is justified. This is because advanced AI has allowed massive corporations to farm user's data at a mass scale and has created social manipulation by eroding privacy through such practices. So, his attitudes towards AI cautious in this sense..

    FDF-Pirate.png Copyright Reform

    American Social Democracy is supportive of FDF-Pirate.png pirate politics, as he believes the current copyright system gives all the power to massive corporations while stifling innovation in the market, which creates a system where these multinational corporations can infinitely extend the copyright of their works to keep them from going into the public domain. Along with how these tech companies mass farm users internet data just to increase their already massive profit margins, which creates many issues in of itself, and just the fact that it is unethical to do that.

    MegaCorp.png Big Tech

    American Social Democracy believes it's important to tackle the power of MegaCorp.png big technology companies, seeing them as being exploitive, tax evading, data thieves, that directly perpetuate this meaningless culture war. He supports taking away for their corporate welfare benefits like he previously stated in his economic section, and along with directly breaking up their influence for the promotion of alternative social media that do not promote the culture war, as well with promoting policies that raise public awareness through things like campaigns and the development of open source original software. He views this sector of the economy as being particularly egregious for these reasons he just mentioned, the need to create smaller technology companies that follow the worker co-operate business model is desperately needed.

    Pro-ChoiceRemade.png Abortion

    American Social Democracy is Pro-ChoiceRemade.png pro-choice, and supports the right of a women to have an abortion. Since abortion rights are essential to a women's Liberty.png bodily autonomy, he sees the choice to abort a fetus as the choice of a mother. As a mother that bears a child she cannot financially support will strain our welfare services further, which will be detrimental to the Welf.png welfare state. Abortion should be allowed for the entire duration of the pregnancy for any reason on demand, with 24 weeks being the cut off point. Anything else past that point would be reserved for things like rape or incest. He supports the Consti.png constitutional protecting of abortion rights. Although, he hates how abortion is something that is either shamed or idealized. It's something that should be allowed for convenience, not something a government or community should be able to regulate.

    FreeSpeak.png Freedom of Speech

    American Social Democracy supports FreeSpeak.png freedom of speech, seeing it as necessary for a country to keep the market place of ideas running. However, there will be notable restrictions on freedom of speech, such as things like defamation, hate groups, and protecting the public welfare of citizens. So, he's not a free speech absolutist, and while he doesn't believe there should be restrictions on hate speech, he realizes that a world were all ideas are tolerated is one where the intolerant would destroy the tolerant, but overall, there won't be a whole lot of restrictions on freedom of speech. He would prefer to use social ostrocism to counter Altr.png undesirable movements SJW.png than government censorship. So, he is against hate speech laws, seeing them are inherently coercive to civil liberties, and not actually protecting the people said laws seek to protect the people that they are aimed towards.

    Egirl.png Pornography and Prostitution

    American Social Democracy believes that pornography is Civlibert.png freedom of speech & expression that doesn't harm anyone, so it should be legal for those who are old enough to view such. Not seeing any point in trying to criminalize something that is hard to crackdown on that can have an industry which contributes billions of dollars to the economy. which could be used for things like government programs, with the war on drugs being a great example of this. However, as stated on the feminist section, the age of consent is 18, and production of child pornography, whether if it's drawn or not, is illegal. Laws on softcore pornography will be more lax, and should be legally viewable for people who are 16 and over, while hardcore pornography stays at 18. With this, he would also legalize Egirl.png prostitution, because sex work is real work and it would make it easier for people involved in the industry to unionize and fight for better working conditions. This creates a safer environment for people want to be involved in such practices with the added benefit of being able to profit off of said services for government expenditures.

    Virus total.png Mandates & Lockdowns

    American Social Democracy believes that vaccine mandates are important to secure public safety and interests, and is both Virus total.png pro-vaccine and pro-mandate. However, he opposes the draconian Covidism-icon.png lockdowns imposed during the pandemic. While he believes these orders imposed during the pandemic when it started before there was any vaccine developed were good intentioned and necessary to prevent the deaths of millions of people before a vaccine could be developed, he also believes these have greatly expanded state power who use this as an excuse to abuse it for their own gain after such measures are no longer necessary, such as with Dengf.png China's Zero-COVID Policy. So, he's pro-vaccine, anti-lockdown, but these are largely context dependent as well, keep in mind.

    OOTS.png Euthanasia

    American Social Democracy supports the OOTS.png legalization of euthanasia, both involuntarily and voluntarily. If a mentally ill person chooses to voluntarily end their own life, then that is their choice and their choice alone. Seeing the Necrocracy.png right to die as essential to bodily autonomy, and for it to not only be immoral because of the human suffering it causes, but also cost ineffective as well. Tax money shouldn't go towards people who choose to voluntary end their own lives. However, there should be regulations in place to prevent this from being used as a cure all decision, since this can be easily abused.

    GRights.png Gun Rights

    American Social Democracy is neither pro-gun or anti-gun, he believes that people should be allowed to own GRights.png guns, given they have no criminal back round. But, with this, he is a supporter of gun control, and believes in expanding things like backround checks and ect to make sure bad actors cannot get their hands on guns, which is what could be seen for the extensive gun violence problem this country faces due to the permissive gun laws of some of the states. And, while not wanting to outright ban weapons that are deemed "for war" like assault rifles, he wants extensive regulations on them, and should be made really difficult to get. Seeing as the majority of people will never own these types of fire arms, but still believing that people who want to own them and can actually afford them should be allowed to own them.

    Mediastocracy flair.png News and Media

    American Social Democracy believes that Mediastocracy flair.png mainstream media is a decisive tool that has allowed for corporate money to stay on top, with the population being ever so clueless about alternative options, or the way they are being manipluated. Despite this, he thinks bringing back the Fairness Doctrine wouldn't do a whole lot to counteract this problem, mainly due to it being in a time period where it could actually be enforced. A better solution would to directly break up the hegemony of corporate media.

    OldLeft.png Old Left

    American Social Democracy is apart of the OldLeft.png old left, which are a group of left-wing people that diverged from the new left in the 1960s. They focus more on economic issues than social issues. He's opposed to liberal idpol and other things associated with woke culture. However, It's a common misconception that the old left are left-wingers who are economically left-wing and socially right-wing. He's culturally left-wing, but his focus is not on identity issues associated with the Neomarx.png new left, so he would be an old leftist. His specific brand of progressivism is called Paleoprog.png paleoprogressivism, which is a form of progressivism that doesn't focus on identity issues. Simply put, he doesn't care if you're gay, black, white, Jewish, trans, or whatever. If you don't bug him, we will most likely be on good terms with each other.

    Scientocracy Small.png Education

    American Social Democracy believes our Scientocracy Small.png education system is in desperate need of reform. And, that education should be free from K-12, with college tuition being free as well, seeing tuition fees as stupid. With how things are taught, he is in favor of impartially, as things like History shouldn't be taught through a nationalistic lens. Public schools will be Secular.png secular. On the topic of LGBT, he's opposed to teaching topics relating about sex & gender to children, but also believes things like bullying are wrong as well, so he supports laws that prohibit discriminate against students based on their sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools. He doesn't prefer LGBT education to be banned or mandatory, he supports neutral and objective teachings relating to this matter, and is against teaching students things like gender fluidness.

    In terms of schools and how they are administered, he believes that there should be a mix of private and public schools, with private schools as luxury, but shouldn't be funded through things like vouchers. With the attention going to meeting the upkeep of public schools.

    Laicism.png Cultural Secularism

    American Social Democracy is skeptical of the influence of Religiousaltval.png organized religion on society and a Cdem.png cultural religion. This would make him an CapAnti Clerical.png anti-clericalist. He sees organized religion as corrupt and self-serving, he would prefer for the societal influences of religion to decline and for society to be based off of secular ethics. He's also concempt with what he calls "neo-secularism", which just means that religious beliefs have modernized and the cultural influences of religions aren't there.

    Enlightnenment.png Culture War

    American Social Democracy, being an Left-wingCon.png old leftist, doesn't want to focus on Enlightnenment.png culture war issues too much, believing that these issues are propagated by Mediastocracy flair.png media outlets that are focused on pitting people up against each other for their own profit, which gets in the way of actual economic issues. However, on the actual culture war issues themselves, he's overall critical on how both Conservative.png conservatives and Progress.png progressives are too busy victim blaming each other than actual policy making. So, he tends to avoid culture war issues since they are propagated by corporations to distract people from real issues.

    Native.png Indigenous Rights

    American Social Democracy is supportive of Native.png indigenous rights, he believes Imp.png imperialism in both the Neoliberal-icon.png modern day and historical context has destroyed their native cultures. Policies that give indigenous groups more autonomy over their land and improve their quality of life should be actively pursued. However, he absolutely despises how people suggest Multicult.png multiculturalism as a way of solving this issue, believing that it threatens to destroy their ways of life and creates the same issues it seeks to solve, he supports a more Intercult.png intercultural approach, believing that they should at least adopt the Modnat.png national identity of the country.

    NarcLib.png Drugs

    American Social Democracy believes that drug war was unilateral disaster that put many innocent lives in jail and only contributed to the Klep.png prison industrial complex. He supports the PortSocDem.png Portuguese-style approach towards this issue. Seeing the results this had in portugal, drug decriminalization has had no real societal downsides. And, going hand-in-hand with his stances on Liberty.png individual autonomy, he supports the NarcLib.png complete decriminalization of all drugs, with soft drugs being completely legalized. Seeing as the "law" cannot even be enforced properly, it being a law in the first place is quite useless. Along with this, all non-violent drug offenders would be released from jail to free up law enforcement resources. However, there should be government programs available that encourage drug addicts to get off of drugs, and find healthier alternatives. As, drugs are a societal problem, not a legal problem. And, throwing people in jail for using these substances only furthers the core issues at heart.

    Klep.png Criminal Justice Reform

    American Social Democracy believes that Klep.png systemic racism is still well alive and present within the American justice system, despite how long we've come since Jim crow laws. And, as such, is a supporter of criminal justice reform. For police unions, he believes that police unions should still exist, but with their negotiating powers restricted. As, the importance of collective bargaining for cops is just as important for any job field, but realizes that the interests of society and police unions often collide, with it having been used to obscure criminal justice reform. With this, he would redirect wasteful spending to social programs. But, opposes the more radical notions of abolishing or defunding the police.

    On prisoners and prisons, he opposes Sec.png capital punishment, and believes that it should be outlawed in all the states. The justice system should focus on Humanismpix.png rehabilitative justice. With prisoners being allowed to vote once they've finished their prison sentence and have payed the price for their crimes. Along with the state having programs that Welf.png aid convicts that are released to help them reintegrate into greater society. However, he realizes that Map.png some crimes are too bad to forgive. In this case, he would support punitive justice, but with the chance of parole. He opposes the Cap.png privatization of prisons, as privatized prisons are bad for a rehabilitative justice system were the private contractors are only encouraged to make money, and not help with the reintegration of prisoners into greater society and disregard their own wellbeing makes public safety and the wellbeing of society worse off. However, while he does support racial sensitivity training for police, he believes it shouldn't be based on Intersec.png critical race theory, as said previous, it's a form of reverse discrimination.

    Envi.png Green Environmentalism

    American Social Democracy is a supporter of Envi.png environmental justice, he sees protection of the environment as upmost importance, as climate change is something that is not only very real, but something that actively threatens the lives of billions of people. It as a necessary step to transitioning out of fossil fuels for the near future, along with the Protect.png trade deals for our country needing to respect environmental standards, as Neoliberal-icon.png neoliberal capitalism has lead to the exploitation of the environment by creating a World.png race to the bottom, which causes businesses to disregard environmental standards for their own profit margins. The government must start subsidizing green alternatives to weaken the fossil fuel industry. and make a trasition towards nuclear power. Along with greater investments being put into Ectrans.png green technology, seeing it as a key factor in defeating climate change. Although, he would prefer for the government to just Statesoc.png nationalize most of these industries relating to natural resources, were these state owned businesses would contribute to a sovereign wealth fund which would go to things like the welfare state and other government expenditures. He supports initiatives like the Cball-EU.png European green deal, and would seek to replicate that here in the United States.

    WaterEnvi.png Blue Environmentalism

    American Social Democracy is a supporter of WaterEnvi.png blue environmentalism as well as Envi.png green environmentalism. There should be universal laws that apply to the environment of the ocean and other bodies of water. So, laws that regulate plastic, chemicals, and other things that get spilt into the ocean will be applied, among other things like coral reef protections.

    Ecocap.png Sustainable Capitalism

    American Social Democracy seeks to establish what he calls Ecocap.png Sustaianble capitalism, which means he supports policies that make sustainable practices while preserving the environment and reducing the externalities in a capitalist system. As, capitalism naturally needs markets to sustain itself, but it often in the process destroys the environment doing this, which is naturally not in the best interests of capitalists who seek to expand their business opportunities and keep them running in the long-run, as while it provides short-term profits, it will destroy future markets for them to expand into which will be felt in the future. So, the Glib.png creation of markets that are environmentally friendly are naturally within the best interests of capitol owners to invest in if their businesses are to survive the future, this is another way he would fund green technology as well.

    Deepe.png Animal Rights

    American Social Democracy supports animal rights. As, animals are living beings at the end of the day. And, while not on the same level as Deepe.png Deep Ecology. He supports the the banning of most animal testing. As, animal testing isn't even guaranteed to produce good results, at the cost of inflicting unnecessary suffering to other living beings. He would also improve the living standards of animals being farmed for food, as the way they get treated is just excessively horrific. Although, he isn't going Envi.png vegan, and doesn't expect anyone else to either.

    Equality.png Racial Egalitarianism

    American Social Democracy is against Racenat.png racialism, since the concept of race as we define it doesn't exist. With this, he is a Civnat.png civic nationalist, seeing a country is defined by a common way of life and culture. So, he is favor of complete racial equality, seeing racial and ethnic inequality as determinantal to a country that should be actively fought. As, all men, regardless of their back round, are created equal, and are entitled to the same rights with due respect for their differences.

    MLK.png Colorblind Society

    American Social Democracy, being against Racenat.png racialism and for Equality.png racial equality, hates how Prog-u.png modern progressives Intersec.png obsess over identities like race, because it is inherently discriminatory Whitesup.png in the same way white nationalists do it, saying that people must do "this and that" based on identities like these are no different from groups like Neo-Nazis who obsess over the same things. So, he rejects an approach to solving systematic racism that relies on identity politics, viewing this as a form of reverse discrimination that is the exact same thing it tries to solve, because it judges people based on their traits like race and not on them as individuals.

    With all of this, he used to support movements like Blm.png BLM after George Floyd was murdered. However, he's critical of the current movement now as being filled with people who are obsessed with things like identity politics and harboring Blacknat.png racial nationalists. So, he also opposes things like Raceprog.png critical race theory and Identi.png alt-right racial theory, he supports a MLK.png colorblind society were people are judged based on their character instead of their ethnicity or race. He also opposes movements like Antifa.png Antifa, while the creator of this page holds vehement opposition towards all forms of reactionary and totalitarian ways of thinking, he sees the modern Antifa movement as being filled with activists who use the same tactics as the same fascists they claim to fight with things like free speech suppression and violence. His preferred form of opposition towards such movements are peaceful protests. He specifically takes inspiration from the left-wing paramilitary group Thar.png iron front during the Cball-Germany.png Weimar Republic that resisted the Nazi.png Nazi's and ML.png Communists. While he doesn't believe in curtailing freedom of speech and expression just because the opposition holds political views that he doesn't agree with, but still thinks these groups of people should be socially ostracized for their beliefs as to discourage the spread of such beliefs. So, he supports tougher punishments for hate crimes and crackdowns on groups like the Altr.png Alt-Right.

    Klep.png Criminal Justice Reform Klep.png

    American Social Democracy believes that Klep.png systemic racism is still well alive and present within the American justice system, despite how long we've come since Jim crow laws. And, as such, is a supporter of criminal justice reform. For police unions, he believes that police unions should still exist, but with their negotiating powers restricted. As, the importance of collective bargaining for cops is just as important for any job field, but realizes that the interests of society and police unions often collide, with it having been used to obscure criminal justice reform. With this, he would redirect wasteful spending to social programs. But, opposes the more radical notions of abolishing or defunding the police.

    On prisoners and prisons, he opposes Sec.png capital punishment, and believes that it should be outlawed in all the states. The justice system should focus on Humanismpix.png rehabilitative justice. With prisoners being allowed to vote once they've finished their prison sentence and have payed the price for their crimes. Along with the state having programs that Welf.png aid convicts that are released to help them reintegrate into greater society. However, he realizes that Map.png some crimes are too bad to forgive. In this case, he would support punitive justice, but with the chance of parole. He opposes the Cap.png privatization of prisons, as privatized prisons are bad for a rehabilitative justice system were the private contractors are only encouraged to make money, and not help with the reintegration of prisoners into greater society and disregard their own wellbeing makes public safety and the wellbeing of society worse off.

    Blacknat.png Slavery Reparations

    American Social Democracy doesn't support Blacknat.png slavery reparations, as they are largely unfeasible. And, even if they were feasible, he still wouldn't support them. As, nobody in the present day is responsible for slavery or the actions of their ancestors. But, he does have other solutions to these issues present, as he does realize the legacy of slavery and its consequences are still present within African-American communities, his PolState.png police reforms and getting rid of discriminatory zoning laws that disproportionally effect groups within these regions would combat poverty and crime seen within these neighborhoods, as the socio-economic factors do still need to be accounted for as well, and developing those socio-economic factors needs to happen.

    Reform.png Reformism

    American Social Democracy is a Reform.png reformist ideology. And, in the context of Liberal Democracy.png liberal democracy, Left Reformism.png left-reformism would be used to achieve his ideological goals. Seeing as, revolutionary means of achieving ideological change has often resulted in complete failure. However, there are some exceptions to this, being, places were democratic reform isn't possible.

    Autism.png Mental Health

    American Social Democracy, being on the Autism.png autism spectrum himself, naturally supports mental health treatment for those who need it and cannot support themselves. However, while he supports mental health treatment, he also is critical of the societal approach people have towards these issues. He views conditions like Autism as over-diagnosed in our modern day society, with even showing the slightest of symptoms for such things leading to being diagnosed and labels like "high-functioning" being completely self-defeating. He also dislikes how these disorders are romanticized in our current culture as well, making it even more self-defeating.

    Youth.png Youth

    American Social Democracy is conflicted on Youth.png youth politics, having a likening of the Apolit.png 2000's culture of apoliticism were politics were less important unlike now, as our current culture has allowed easily impretionable children towards political extremism through internet indoctrination that likely wouldn't have come if the climate wasn't like how it is now. However, he also realizes the importance of a political youth in combatting the Gero.png gerontocracy our government is. So, if things like politics are to be taught in things like schools and the youth is to be political, then it should be done in a neutral way that encourages students to pick their own beliefs while Anrad.png raising awareness against extremist thought.

    Health and Safetyf.png Public Health and Safety

    American Social Democracy doesn't think outright shaming the people themselves is a good idea, as it just leads to them being rejected by society without being able to integrate or easily get help. But, he also doesn't think these things should be idolized as well, the state should Libertarian Paternalism.png campaign against these through things like advertisements and the like, but the state should never step in directly to correct the behavior of individuals themselves. He realizes the need for a paternalistic government for things like disasters such as pandemics for harm reduction, but when there isn't a serious harm to public health posed by an individuals lifestyle that directly harms other people, then the government should mostly lay off the general population. Things like sin taxes should still exist, as some milder forms of harm reduction that don't outright intervene in the daily lives of citizens are needed for society.

    Multicult.png Identity Politics

    American Social Democracy in-general avoids SJW.png identity politics Rwsjw.png, and is something that he disapproves of. As, idpol propagates Essentialist.png essentialist views of people's identity which makes it inherently discriminatory. The focus on group identities completely undermines the individual needs of people, creating a culture of victimhood that causes people to push blame onto others while failing to improve their own individual worth, leading to the abandonment of one's values. He realizes that Conservative.png both sides of this Progress.png culture war are guilty of doing this, and will call out both of them were its due. So, he opposes things like gay pride, straight pride, white pride, trans pride, black pride, whatever pride it may be, pride is degenerate no matter who is doing it for these reasons stated. With addition to this, he also rejects political correctness, which he believes assaults freedom of speech and is a false facade of social civility, it treats people like babies and suppresses individualism.


    World.png Overview

    American Social Democracy is opposed to Imp.png imperialism and Strato.png warmongering, so he supports the Pac.png withdrawal of our troops from most conflicts we are involved in, along with dropping most of our sanctions on other countries aswell. Since he supports Welf.png multilateralism, he would be a Internation.png peaceful internationalist. While at the same time, he's opposed to World.png economic globalization, as previously stated on this page, it's a neoliberal tool that kills the power of labor unions while concentrating the power of wealth into the hands of a few rich elites, and is a form of Neoimp.png neo-imperialism that subjects smaller economies to bigger economies. He would be considered an Globnat.png alter-globalist, his form of globalization would encourage international co-operation while respecting each others economic sovereignty. So, he's opposed to ideas like World Federalism2.png world federalism and Anat.png anationalsm, seeing these as imperialist in their nature and would devolve into authoritarianism.

    Globnat.png Alternative Globalization

    American Social Democracy, while being opposed to World.png globalism due to it being a tool of neoliberals that contributes to Neoimp.png neo-imperialism, isn't opposed to the concept of globalization. So, is therefore an Internation.png internationalist ideology, he wants to work with other countries and build peaceful relations with them for things like climate change and technological development while opposing the harmful effects of Neoliberalism-alt.png economic globalization. As, it has created massive wealth inequality, exploited the environment, and has caused the weakening of worker's rights in favor of massive corporations. So, his model of globalization would follow that of the Globnat.png alter-globalist model. Believing that, globalization can be shaped to serve the interests of the working class, and not the interest of wealthy corpocratic elites. He wants to preserve the wealth equality of developing countries and utilize the positive effects of globalization like Ecoglob.png environmental and Techglobe.png technological co-operation.

    Antiimp.png Diplomatic Neutrality

    American Social Democracy seeks to distance himself from the imperial powers of the Cball-NATO.png west and the Euras.png east. So, he would take a third-world approach to politics. The West is too capitalist and globalist, while the east is too conservative and authoritarian, so quite frankly both sides suck. Although, I'm slightly western aligned because that's were my values are respected more, I still believe their imperialism should be called out. In this regard, he would be ModIsol.png moderately isolationist. He refuses to remain in any permanent alliance with either side, but he's willing to collaborate if it meets the nations interests.

    Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism

    American Social Democracy is a Nation.png nationalist ideology. More specifically, a Leftnat.png left-wing nationalist, he sees nationalism as important for the social cohesion of our country and for the self-determination of countries. However, he also despises Ultranat.png chauvinists, not seeing them as real Modnat.png patriots of their country, but just as Altr-fat.png edgy degenerates. One's nation and values should be shared off of a Civnat.png common culture and way of life instead of pointless things like Ethnonat.png ethnicity, RelNat.png religion, or Racenat.png race.

    Ecoglob.png Environmental Globalization

    American Social Democracy defends climate treaties like the Paris Agreement and other ones that Ecoglob.png further coordinate environmental efforts between countries, believing that we have to work as a united world against climate change. Developed countries should be actively pressured to adopting climate protections and work together with other countries to develop technology that can solve global warming. However, developing countries won't be pressured as much, as they should still conserve their environment, but world powers are the greater evils in this situation. So, some destruction of developing countries environments for economic growth is fine, if it means they industrialize so they can be pressured into conserving their environment in the same way global powers will.

    Techglobe.png Technological Globalization

    American Social Democracy supports Techglobe.png working together with other countries for the development of new technologies, which coincides with his Ecoglob.png environmental globalization policies. He sees it as important to not only develop Ectrans.png environmental technology here at home, but to develop it with other countries to combat climate change. Along with other technological advancements like vaccines and ect. However, he realizes the risk of creating a digital divide between the rich and the poor, so regulations will apply that prevent this from happening, which will follow his Globnat.png globalization model.

    Humanismpix.png Nuclear Disarmament

    American Social Democracy supports Humanismpix.png global nuclear disarmament efforts, seeing nuclear bombs as something that no country should be able to process due to it having the chance of annihilating us as species off of this planet and the inherent unfairness it wields towards countries who possess them on the international stage. However, there should be some nuclear bombs left over for rare events where it would actually be needed to have, but it should be some sort of collectively owned stock pile by all major countries.

    Postconan.png Anti-Colonialism

    American Social Democracy supports countries fighting for Sep.png self-determination against Colonial.png colonialism with his Antiimp.png anti-imperialist mindset, Neoimp.png neo-imperialism is something that should be actively fought against, as Globcap.png global capitalism is a modern day evil that actively strips countries of their autonomies and cultures which enslaves developing countries to developed countries, and has created a CronyCap.png neo-feudalist system that is controlled by Corp.png multinational corporations. However, he's critical of movements that are not fighting against oppressive regimes, and is less likely to support those movements than he is to support the movements of people fighting for independence against authoritarian regimes.

    Internat.png Foreign Aid

    American Social Democracy views Internat.png foreign aid as a double edged sword. On one hand, when use rightly, it can actually helped underdeveloped countries in need and prevent the deaths of thousands of people through humanitarian aid. But, on the other, it can be used by corrupt officials to further their own wealth, while leaving very little of the population it was intended to be given too. So, he believes in a balanced approach to foreign aid.

    Strato.png The Military

    American Social Democracy is in favor of defunding the national budget of the Strato.png military, as it is way too bloated for the national security of our country. Along with the thousands of lives that are taken each year in conflicts we intervene in that only benefit the Klep.png military industrial complex.

    Isolation.png Non-Interventionism

    American Social Democracy, supporting a Pac.png non-internventionist foreign policy, rejects Necon.png entangling our troops into other countries just for the sake of combatting the rise of authoritarian states and spreading "democracy". As, this leads to forever endless wars that waste billions of dollars in tax payer money just for the military industrial complex without any actual plans for nation building, which our government doesn't have a good track record with. We should abandon most of our military bases to save billions of dollars in tax payer money, as it is not our job to police the world. The presence of our military in the world has caused nothing but suffering for developing countries, and we should accept that. However, there are specific instances were it is necessary to intervene in foreign conflicts, such as: defending our allies from foreign aggressors and stopping the rise of a genocidal state as can be seen during WW2 and other instances of genocides happening in other countries like during Yugoslavia in Kosovo, outside of these specific circumstances, intervention should almost never be used as it is not our issue what goes on in other countries.

    Necon.png NATO

    American Social Democracy does not support the continued membership of the United States in the Necon.png North Atlantic Treaty Organization, following his dislike a lot of transnational alliances. This is because of his non-interventionist stances on the military, he sees the current organization as fueling the military industrial complex of the United States that has contributed to the toppling of third-world democracies and human rights violations. Along with also spending billions of dollars defending countries that don't want to contribute fairly to the alliance as well. He supports the disbanding of the alliance into a collective security council.

    Cball-UN.png United Nations

    American Social Democracy believes that the UNHelm.png United Nations is an ineffective and neoliberal organization, but believes that the organization isn't useless. So, he wouldn't leave it, but would preferrably reform the organization itself. On it's agencies like the World.png IMF, WTO, OECD, ect. American Social Democracy opposes them. As, these organizations have indebted third world countries and contributed to economic exploitation of said countries by developed countries.

    Cball-EU.png European Union

    American Social Democracy doesn't oppose the Cball-EU.png European Union as an idea, as the organization has done good things. Like ensuring Pac.png peace between the member states, Envi.png carbon emission reducing measures, and its role in the protection of consumer goods and standards. However, he dislikes the Fiscon.png austerity monetary policies used by the organization, along with the World.png free-trade agreements, seeing these as Neoliberal-icon.png neoliberal policies that cause wealth inequality to rise within Europe. These policies benefit out of touch bureaucratic Oligarchy.png cosmopolitan elities that have no idea what the actual people want themselves, making it both an undemocratic and elitist organization. This can be seen with how most of the center-left parties in Europe are center-right 3way.png third-way neoliberalism due to everything he just mentioned above. With this, he doesn't oppose EU membership itself, but opposes these specific policies of the organization, making him a Euroscept.png soft-euroskeptic. He wants to democratize the institutions and give the member states greater control over policies like trade and immigration. He opposes the idea of European Federalism.png a untied europe, seeing as it is largely impractical, and would either become undemocratic, or fall apart entirely due the massive amounts of disagreements within and between European governments.

    Cball-China.png China

    American Social Democracy believes that the pushing for friendlier relations with the CCP was a mistake. As, while letting China join the WTO pushed the prices of goods down and gave a new market for companies, it also caused the mass exporting of our jobs to the Chinese market which do not share our larbor standards. Combine this with the fact that the CCP is a pseudo-fascist Totalitarian.png totalitarian dictatorship that PolState.png doesn't respect human rights or civil liberties. And, ChenQuanguo.png is actively commiting the largest human rights abuse since the holocaust. He believes it's important that the CCP is called out on an international scale for their human rights abuses and unfair trade practices. There would be Protect.png numerous protectionist policies in place to shield our jobs from cheap Chinese exporters which should push for greater dependence from Chinese markets, and possibly, the creation of a PanAsian.png pan-asian alliance between countries that border the South China Sea to resist both American and Chinese influence. Because, while he does call out China and their imperialist actions, he will also call out the Americans and their imperialist actions, this shouldn't be used as an attempt by us to gain more influence in the region.

    Cball-US.png United States

    American Social Democracy, despite being an ideology based in the United States if that wasn't obvious, is opposed the imperial American system and what the neocons have done genociding third world countries for corporate elites to make money. The countless millions of people who have suffered under our military interventions just because some greedy corporate elites wanted to make money should be called out. In this regard, he is AntiAm.png Anti-America.

    Cball-Taiwan.png Taiwan

    American Social Democracy fully supports Cball-Taiwan.png Taiwan over this dispute, and believes that the Cball-China.png Chinese government has no legitimate authority in claiming the Taiwanese island or messing with the national sovereignty of another country. Taiwan itself is the most based state in East Asia compared to its neighbors like Japan or South Korea, with it being the most progressive and an actual functioning democracy that respects human rights. He is also a staunch supporter of Cball-Taiwan.png Taiwanese independence on the international stage. However, he doesn't support the Taiwanese in taking over the mainland because of how unfeasible that would be.

    Cball-Russia.png Russia

    American Social Democracy believes that Imp.png Russia's territorial expansions should, in absolutely zero way, be recognized. And, that all the lands stolen should be given back to their neighbors, as Russia is a failed oligarchical kleptocratic state that only represents what the government wants, and not what the people want, which is one of the reasons the Invasion happened in the first place. He condemns the invasion of Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine, believing that this war must be a devastating defeat for United Russia.png Putin, and all former territories prior to Ukrainian independence from the USSR must be given back, including Sball-Crimea.png Crimea, Cball-Lugansk.png Luhansk, and Cball-Donetsk.png Donetsk. He supports the Russian opposition party to that of United Russia, being RussiaOfTheFuture.png Russia of the Future and the RussianOpposition.png anti-war movement that undermines Putin's efforts. Along with this, he supports other opposition parties like the Yabl.png Russian United Democratic Party.

    Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine

    While American Social Democracy obviously doesn't support Cball-Russia.png Russia, as they are an oppressive Authoritarian Conservatism.png authoritarian conservative dictatorship, he also doesn't fully support Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine either. As, both of our governments have common enemies that we should work together against, he also realizes that Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine suffers the same issues Russia does, as the government is an oligarchical state that doesn't care about worker rights, like a lot of post-soviet states. But, because Ukraine is fighting a defensive war imposed onto it by the Putin regime, he will support Ukraine against Russian expansion. With this, he sees Major powers budging in as the main issue that has caused all of these issues in the first place. So, the country would be better of non-aligned from the west and east, but still have some enforcement mechanism in place to protect their country from further Russian aggression.

    Cball-Belarus.png Belarus

    American Social Democracy sides with the Thar.png Belarusian opposition parties, believing that Lukash.png Lukashenko's government is not the legitimate ruling party of Belarus. And, is supportive of Cball-Belarus-old.png Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya. As, the Belarusian people deserve Dem.png fair and free elections, and a legitimate government. Not some Putin backed puppet dictatorship that doesn't have the best interest of the people's minds at heart. With all of this, while he personally dislikes the European Union, he still maintains the stance that Lukashenko has to go, as he's nothing but a corrupt despot that is a Putin puppet. Belarus in this instance would be better off non-aligned from the west and the east as well. But, if that's a decision the people themselves want to make, then that should be up to the people their and them alone, without any major powers budging in.

    Cball-Hungary.png Hungary

    American Social Democracy is against the current ruling party of FIDESZ.png FIDESZ. As, it is slowly chipping away the remaining democracy Cball-Hungary.png Hungary has, and is a Cball-Russia.png Russian asset as well. He supports the Sec.png sanctioning of Orban's government by the Cball-EU.png European Union. As, Europe doesn't need any pointless infighting, and the current government of Cball-Hungary.png Hungary is destroying it's own country in the process. He supports the opposition coalition that oppose his government. And, would support a peaceful revolution by the opposition as well, as Hungary is in dire need of some political change to keep it from going down the destructive path it's going.

    Cball-Iraq.png Iraq

    Despite how bad Hussein.png Saddam Hussein was, the military invasion had no grounds for happening, wasted billions of tax payer dollars, completely failed at nation building and establishing a functioning Republicanismpix.png republic, and lead to the complete destabilization of the region which caused Cball-Isis.png ISIS to take control of the territory they did. He is against the invasion done by the Necon.png neocons. He will support Demcon.png Rojava against Baath.png Ba'athists and Jihad.png terrorists, ect.

    Cball-Poland.png Poland

    The polish government needs to Dem.png open up its government, stop its Klep.png corrupt, and destructive practices. He supports the opposition party to Kaczysmf.png Law and Justice, being Lewica.png Lewica. As, Cball-Poland.png Poland doesn't need to go down the same fate Cball-Hungary.png Hungary will go down if they don't stop. And, would support a peaceful revolution against the current Cball-Poland.png Polish government by the opposition parties. So, he's very much supportive of the European Parliament in sanctioning the current Polish government.

    Cball-Syria.png Syria

    American Social Democracy supports withdrawing most of our troops from Cball-Syria.png Syria, and its related regions. We should focus on working together with other countries to defeat Cball-Isis.png ISIS and other related terrorist groups in the region, as that should take priority first. Along with supporting the Demcon.png Kurdish rebels, as they deserve independence and the right to self-determination for everything they've been through in this conflict. Baath.png Assad's regime must be opposed, as Neo-Baath.png Assad has started this entire conflict, and is a corrupt and brutal dictator. Fighting the humanitarian crisis caused by the civil war and the displaced people's should also take priority as well, as the mass immigration of refugees from the Middle East has to stop.

    Cball-Saudi.png Saudi Arabia

    American Social Democracy doesn't support allying ourselves with Cball-Saudi.png Saudi Arabia, a country with no records of human rights or political freedom. We shouldn't be cozying up to dictators who go against our own values because they have something to offer us, especially with what happened with the news reporters, funding terrorist groups, and stuff related to that.

    Cball-Iran.png Iran

    American Social Democracy supports the United States in working together with Cball-Iran.png Iran were it is needed, like the Humanismpix.png nuclear arms disarmament, but opposed in other Areas like their horrific human rights records. It is important that we maintain diplomatic relations with the Iranian government due to these reasons. Along with this, he supports the protests that have been happening in the country against the government, and believes that they should be internationally backed.

    Cball-Afghanistan.png Afghanistan

    While American Social Democracy doesn't support the Cball-Taliban.png Taliban taking over Afghanistan, he supports the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Because, we were fighting an endless war we were never bound to win, that was costing us billions of dollars every year. We should've pulled out as soon as we got the Osama.png guy we wanted. However, he doesn't support how Bidenism.png president Biden withdrew troops from Afghanistan in the way that it happened. As, it wasn't carefully thought out, and we just ended up intervening in other places anyways. He would support a full withdrawal from these conflicts. Ideally, Afghanistan should have a Dem.png democratic and Secular.png secular government to combat the Islamo fundies and other religious conflict in the region.

    Cball-Yugoslavia.png Yugoslavia

    American Social Democracy supports the Necon.png military intervention in Cball-Yugoslavia.png Yugoslavia. As, it was a Human.png humanitarian intervention that was necessary to stop the ethnic genocide by Cball-Serbia.png Serbian troops in Cball-Kosovo.png Kosovo.

    Thailand.png Thailand

    American Social Democracy supports the Thar.png anti-governmental protestors against the Thai monarchy. He believes the current government is not the legitimate government and hopes that the monarchy gets overthrown for a Republicanismpix.png republic. Because, while he personally doesn't care about monarchism, he sees the Thai monarchy as corrupt and oppressive, so in this instance, he would be strictly anti-monarchist.

    Cball-Venezuela.png Venezuela

    American Social Democracy doesn't support the current government of Chavismo.png Venezuela, but also doesn't support the Cball-US.png United States meddling in the affairs of Chavismo.png Venezuela as well. We should try to amend the relations between our government and theirs while actively condemning the violence and everything else that has happened. Ideally, the rule of law and Dem.png fair elections should be reestablished, and the current government should step down. He personally supports the opposition party towards the government Socdem.png Acción Democrática.

    Cball-Libya.png Libya

    American Social Democracy is against the intervention in Cball-Libya.png Libya. Because, despite how bad Gaddaficap.png Gaddafi was, it doesn't justify what the Necon.png neoconservatives did. As, going in and destabilizing the country further just replaced Gaddaficap.png Gaddafi's regime with Jihad.png terrorists groups.

    Castro.png Cuba

    American Social Democracy, In spite of what he thinks of the Castro.png Cuban government, thinks that the blockade against them is unjust, and should be lifted. However, the current government isn't some anti-imperialist baston either, it's just a brutal dictatorship that suppresses any personal rights of its citizens. And with this, he promptly sides with the Thar.png cuban protesters. And, would support a revolution against the current Cuban government by the Cuban people, as they deserve a lot better than what they currently have. Not some authoritarian, corrupt, and brutal dictatorship. They deserve a democratic and fair government.

    Zio.png Israel

    American Social Democracy doesn't support Zio.png Israel, their government needs to stop its brutal policies of neo-colonialism against the PanArab.png Arabs. Along with dropping our international support for Israel, and stop giving them our tax paying dollars. As, the current government is strong enough on its own to fend for itself. But, he's not opposed to Israel existing as a state, as Israel has the right to self-determination, like all countries do. He just wants to pull out of this region because It's not our fight to fight. We should be supporting Israel and Palestine together in peace deals that stabilize the region from further conflict. He also supports the concept of PostZio.png post-zionism, since establishing the Israeli state was a good idea, the jews deserve the right to self-determination and their homeland.


    • Likes to make edgy jokes, seeing transgression as a good way to expose the absurdity of both the modern day left-wing and right-wing.
    • Listens to patriotic music from various different countries, with the notable ones being libertarian left and authoritarian left music.
    • Is noted for being a paradox fanboy, mainly hearts of iron 4.
    • Despises cultural retards and people who obsess over identity regardless if it's culturally left or culturally right.

    Ideological Relations

    Yes.png Based

    • LeftSocdem.png Left-Social Democracy - BASED! i identify as this! Shame your not what social democracy is in the West.
    • Prog-u.png Progressivism - You have the overall right idea, we need to shift the goalpost left. However, you focus too much on creating an inclusive culture to the point were it becomes regressive. Be more moderate please.
    • ClassicalSocDem.png Classical Social Democracy - Post-WW2 SocDems were based and redpilled, you are the true social democracy. However, I'm not interested in establishing socialism.
    • Soccap.png Social Capitalism - Capitalism done right, it's a shame your not the dominate model in the West.
    • Modprog.png Moderate Progressivism - Wish you were more defined, but overall my cultural views.
    • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism - Liberation for all oppressed peoples! Kick out all Neo-imperialists!
    • Statecap.png State Capitalism - Your actual economic model is quite good, ignoring how you're used mockingly.
    • Sanders.png Sandersism - You hold some woke idpol cultural views and you have abandoned some traditional social democratic practices such as nationalism. But, you're still largely based. America would be far better with people like you in power.
    • Civnat.png Civic Nationalism - The best form of nationalism to exist, when paired with international co-operation, you are truly based.
    • Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism - Ditto above.
    • Pac.png Pacifism - Warmongering is cringe, down with empires!
    • Protect.png Protectionism - Outsourcing has killed off labor unions and the progressive movement, we need to produce more of what we make here. However, I prefer your fair-trade variant because you tend to make goods unreasonably expensive for the average consumer.
    • Lib.png Liberalism - You're alright. I get basically, everything from you. However, your modern adherents are too friendly with things like free-trade and corporate welfare, but overall, not bad.
    • Modnat.png Patriotism - Moderate, but still based.
    • Socgeo.png Social Georgism - We need a LVT!
    • Socfem.png Social Feminism - Both sexes hold up the sky, so it's natural that they would be equal.
    • Intercult.png Interculturalism - I couldn't have asked for anything better.
    • Welf.png Welfarism - The welfare state is based.
    • Civlibert.png Civil Libertarianism - Fighting for individual rights is based, society would be nothing without you!
    • Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism - The decentralization of power and civil liberties are necessary to keep the government from turning tyrannical on the population. However, realize that some dictators have been forces for good throughout history, that's your only short coming.
    • Globnat.png Alter-Globalization - Globalization should benefit the people, not the elite.

    Meh.png Bringe

    • Soclib.png Social Liberalism - Your ok, but your modern adherents are cringe.
    • Isolation.png Isolationism - Interventions are sometimes needed like what could've been seen during WW2, but you have the right idea on most regional alliances. However, full blown isolationism isn't what I'm aiming for.
    • Distributist.png Distributionism - I like your economics, but drop the cultural values.
    • Socauth.png Social Authoritarianism - Some of your leaders have been forces for good, such as Ataturk. However, your variants like Lukashenko are cringe. Not to mention the amount of third-wayers as well.
    • Bernst.png Reformist Marxism - The least bad Marxist, although that really doesn't say a lot.
    • Soc.png Socialism - I'm sympathetic towards a lot of your views, but welfare capitalism has shown to be better than most forms of socialism.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - Your an alright system, but you need to be put to some standards.

    No.png Cringe

    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - I hate you with every fiber of my being.
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Go outside and touch grass edgy teen.
    • World.png Globalism - Anyone advocating for this is dead to me. Imperialism with a human face.
    • Fash.png Fascism - Being edgy is not a political ideology.
    • React.png Reactionarism - I'm a degenerate now? Have you ever thought of looking in the mirror and seeing how the times have changed, and thought to yourself, maybe you are the degenerate?
    • Dengf.png Dengism - "The transitionary state will come after a couple hundred years of totalitarian state capitalism guys, i swear!1!1!1!1". But seriously, any "leftist" who are apologizing for you are not leftists.

    Further Information

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