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    American Neocorporatism is a political ideology that combines elements of authoritarianism, nationalism, and corporatism. This ideology believe in the importance of preserving a nation's culture and heritage, and advocate for a strong central government with respect for authority. They also believe in a system of corporatism, in which industries are organized into syndicalist corporations led by representatives of both workers and employers, with the state acting as regulator and guarantor of stability. Additionally, proponents of American Neocorporatism support ultranationalism and social nationalism, emphasizing the importance of national identity and cohesion. They also advocate for a populist authoritarian democracy, which prioritizes the will of the people over individual rights and freedoms.


    Economic beliefs

    In terms of economics, American Neocorporatists advocate for a system of regulatory capitalism to ease the nation into corporatism and a welfare state for deserving individuals. They believe that the state should play an active role in regulating the economy to prevent abuses and ensure stability, while also providing a safety net for those in need.

    Cultural beliefs

    American Neocorporatism is a political ideology that combines socially far-right beliefs with authoritarianism, cultural nationalism, and a degree of corporatism. This ideology emphasizes the importance of tradition and the preservation of a nation's culture and heritage. It seeks to maintain a hierarchical social structure and often advocates for strict law and order policies to maintain social stability.


    American Neocorporatism believes in 'Eugenics through welfare', it supports a system of welfare chauvinism for the deserving, hoping it will root out the inferior.

    The idea behind "Eugenics through welfare" is that the government should provide welfare benefits only to those who are deemed "deserving" based on certain criteria, such as intelligence, physical health, and moral character. The goal is to encourage people with desirable traits to have more children, while discouraging those with undesirable traits from reproducing. This approach is seen as a way to improve the gene pool and create a healthier, more capable population over time.

    True Americans

    "True Americans" are those who are born in America and adhere to Christian values. This definition excludes people who are not born in America or who do not practice Christianity.


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