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    American Monarchism is a ideology that the United States of America should adopt a monarchist government, there has been several incarnations of of American Monarchism over the years

    It"s "greatest success" was when one of it's proponents, Randall J. Dicks (founder of the Constantian Society) got President Nixon to say "Monarchy was the superior form of government." in to response a question from Randall J. Dicks



    Post-Revolutionary Monarchism

    Monarchism was a minority opinion among the US Founding Fathers, said individuals notably suggested several candidates for a potential Monarch, including Prince Henry of Prussia (who actually received a request via letter but declined).

    While not a monarchist per see (at least openly) Alexander Hamilton wished for a life termed chief executive and suggested a model of government heavily influenced by the British political system during the American constitutional convention, and thus some assume it represents more or less what Post-Revolution Monarchists desired.

    Also in 1782 Colonel Lewis Nicola sent Newburgh letter which proposed to George Washington that he should "take the title of king" (while also advising a alternate title due to negative connotations), George Washington swiftly rejected this proposal. however.

    Nortonist Monarchism

    Nortonist Monarchism refers to Joshua Abraham Norton, self proclaimed "Norton I., Emperor of the United States" (and his supporters). while commonly associated with Anarcho-Monarchism Emperor Norton seems to have thought of himself as a Absolute Monarch.

    Constantian Society

    The Constantian Society was a political group in the United States devoted to promoting the system of constitutional monarchy which was founded in 1970 by Randall J. Dicks, somewhat uniquely the Constantian Society emphasized the "stability" of monarchism rather then purely conservative reasons for supporting a Monarch (though should be noted that the society participated in a Mass for the repose of victims of the French Revolution, including members of the French Royal Family).

    Presidential Monarchism

    Presidential Monarchism refers to the belief that the President of the United States serves a monarchical role, usually accompanied with the view that the modern American government is a mixed regime though "certain factions" hold the alternative view that the President is a undeclared monarch and may wish that this Monarchical quality be formally acknowledged.

    Neo-American Loyalism

    Neo-American Loyalism (at least in its Reactionary orientations) typically advocates for a strengthening of Anglo-American Relations, and typically consider America to be part of the Anglo/British nation with the ultimate desire being a reunification of America and Great Britain,

    There is also a progressive variant of Neo-American Loyalism however it generally only exists in retrospective thought, believing that had America stayed it would have become like modern "progressive" Canada,

    There could also be said to be a "apolitical" variant which feels the peace of monarchical rule is better then current bickering of American politics, however virtually all examples are from a satirical context.


    In 1861 Northern Whig William B. Wedgwood proposed the creation of a "Monarcho-Republican" Democratic Empire of America as a solution to the upcoming civil war, it proposed dividing the country into a dual federation between two "nations" Northern and Southern based on the Missouri Compromise line under a Imperial government with a elected Imperial Congress and Emperor.





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