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    American Integralism is a Fascistic and Capitalist Ideology that believes that the purpose of the government is to secure American Tradition and Culture while also spreading Catholicism to its citizens. American Cultural Nationalism and Catholic Religious Nationalism are strongly supported by American Integralism. The state is against the spread of Atheism and Other Religions.


    Pre-American Integralism

    Before the founding of American Integralism its founder Bobus Maximus was not very clear on where he stood politically switching between Monarchism, Fascism, he even considered Christian Socialism which ended after a few days of learning economics and the history of Socialism. Soon he met a few People and future Friends who helped him better understand Economics, Government, and ETC. After finally finding his true beliefs he went on a search for an ideology to identify with which always ended with him finding nothing. This soon led him to forming his own ideology.

    Post-American Integralism/Present Day

    After forming his own ideology he began to write documents on the views of his new form of Integralism called American Integralism. At the moment he is the only one who supports the Ideology,


    The symbols used by the flag and Ball are the Alpha and Omega symbol or (AΩ) which are the first and the last letters of the Greek Alphabet. This symbol in Christian belief was first used by Jesus Christ by saying that he was "The Alpha and Omega" or "The First and the Last". What he means by this is that he will be the Beginning and End of everything. Watch this Video here if you want a better explanation: https://youtu.be/syYwIQsFSik.



    Unlike other Fascist ideologies American Integralism supports capitalism over other economic systems. The government will have limited regulation such as the ability to weaken monopolies that threaten the power of the State. The porn industry will be removed and banned in America. In the end corporations will own the means of production with slight regulations to keep the state on top.


    Protecting the peoples traditions, the Catholic Church, and American Culture will be the main goal of state. The state will oppose abortion, homosexuality, the lgbtq, socialism, ETC. There will be racial equality but all races will be required to either be Christian or Catholic. Catholicism will be declared the state religion. There will be no cult or personality for the leader is considered only a man.


    The state will support Cultural Nationalism and Religious Nationalism.


    The state will have one single leader that has full power over all.


    Catholicism with no freedom of religion. Catholicism will be taught in all Schools and Catholic churches are required in every county.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball

    2. Color in light Blue (#1277A5)

    3. Color in a white circle

    4.Fill white circle with the Omega (Ω) and fill the Omega with the Alpha (A)

    5. Add Union Hat and done



    Brazilian Integralism - My Father. The only thing I have to say is BE MORE CAPITALIST.

    Authoritarian Capitalism - My Economic Inspiration. The only thing I have to say is BE MORE CATHOLIC

    Paleoconservatism - You are me except more for the Democratic system and not very Catholic

    Catholic Theocracy - By order of the pope.

    American Nationalism - I told America will be first of the world.

    Reactionarism - It was the best type of conservative.

    Integralism - Even you are not Fascist, you have make people into good people.

    Space Colonialism - Will allow me to spread Catholicism beyond our planet.

    Rosatoism - You are me except you sided with the auth centers. Other than that you are alright.


    Formism - I like the enforcement of Catholicism and Plato had some good political ideas also reactionary but distributism is a problem.

    Lincolnism - You are a Protestant Christian but I like you because of the war against Confederates.

    National Socialism - Well you fought against Socialism, Homosexuals and Protestants but you also fought against Capitalists, Blacks and Catholics.

    Silver Legionism - Oh my god, you are just like me but as a Prostestant Christian this time.


    American Confederatism - Shut the frick up Traitor I don't give a poo about your want for independence you are American territory and you always will be.

    Alaskanism - Minarchism?! Independence?! Your like the Confederates of the North except less slavery and cold also O I L. At least you are capitalist.

    Texas Separatism - Your the same as Alaskanism but you never really specify your economics so No. Also MORE O I L.

    Indigenism - Shut up this land is ours now if you want to live in it then convert.

    Minnesotan Distributism - You are a based Paleoconservative BUT THEN YOU HAVE TO RUIN IT ALL WITH THE SEPERATION AND DISTRIBUTIST CRAP

    KamPolitik - Yes you are capitalist but you are a MINARCHIST AND PROTESTANT.

    Gustavoism - You are a based Cultural Nationalist and you are Christian but you ruin it with the titoism and multicultural crap. Also stop the spam.

    Protestant Theocracy - You are the worst denomination of Christianity to exist.

    Queer Anarchism - Please don't shoot me because I am a Christian even all of us are mean to you.

    Socialism - It was made out of cancer.

    Klansmanism - Just shut up about the Anti Catholic and Racist crap its culture and religion that matters.


    [[Flag of American Integralism]]
    Flag of American Integralism

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