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    American Greenism is a term which refers to the main ideology of the Green Party of the United States from its creation in 2001 and the predecessors that it formed from up until now. It is Ecosoc.png Eco-Socialist and very culturally progressive, economically left and Envi.png environmentalist ideology.


    On top of the Four Pillars of green politics which include ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy and nonviolence, the Green Party also has a set of Ten Key values that expand on the concept which include the following extra: decentralization, community-based economics, Fem.png feminism and gender equality, Multicult.png multiculturalism, personal and global responsibility and a focus on future sustainability.

    The Green Party supports socially Prog.png progressive causes such as Gay.png LGBT rights, right to access surgical treatment for transgenders, complete and full reparations to African Americans, removing Cball-CSA.png Confederate flags all government buildings, the banning of private prisons and the right to contraceptives and Abort.png abortion on demand. The Green Party also supports economically left-wing positions such as the New Green Deal, Univhealth.png single-payer healthcare, public education all the away to university, cancelling student debt and strongly opposed to the privatization of the school system.

    As foreign policy, the Green Party adapts Pacifist.png pacifism and Internation.png Internationalism. The Green Party supports Palestine and cutting all aid to Israel in the Israel vs Palestine debate, banning nuclear testing, cutting the military budget in half and cutting foreign aid to countries with poor LGBT rights records.



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