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    American Front is a Whitesup.png White Nationalist, Homophobia.png Anti-LGBT, Anti-Semitic.png Anti-Semitic, Corptism.png Corporatist, and a Pop.png Populist ideology.


    In 1985, Bob Heick began writing and distributing papers, from a Whitesup.png nationalist, and Anticommunism.png anti-communist perspective, in reaction to the growing Soc.png leftist influence in the local punk culture. Originally, he wanted as a synthesis organization for all Whitesup.png American white nationalist, but AF.png AF had no way to structure or have membership. Media attention and constant crime doing by the group brought attention from the Sec.png police. In addition, Heick's downfall from Patriot.png patriotism to Nazi.png Nazism lost many of his friends. He also formed the short-lived group United White Brethren in the North and South Bay Areas.

    When he came back to San Francisco in 1987, Heick found the newer generation of local Whitesup.png white nationalists were more receptive to Nazi.png Nazism. The AF.png AF transformed into a political movement, and its membership was no longer exclusively Whitesup.png white nationalists. The AF telephone hotline often repeated a quote from the San Francisco-born author Whitesup.png Jack London: "I'm a worker, but first of all I'm a white worker". On May 1, 1988, AF held its first White Workers Day march on Haight Street in San Francisco, in which 65 participants marched unopposed.


    AF cares about the WHITE worker, and when called racist he would say he's not racist because he'd claim that membership was no longer exclusively to Whitesup.png white nationalists.

    Stylistic Notes

    AF has a San Francisco accent, usualy he is listening to white power music, loves to make rallies to protest black people, and talks about how White Aryan Resistance loves Nig African American Gentle Men.

    How To Draw

    File:American Front Image.jpeg
    Flag of American Front
    1. Draw a ball and fill it with black.
    2. Add a white Celtic cross with a line through it.
    3. Add the eyes and you’re done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    White 255, 255, 255 #FFFFFF






    Further Information

    American Front


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