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    American Federation Model

    American Federation Model Refers to the Polices of the American Federation(or Amfed for short) a fictional country created by Glencoe13 for the Bright Red Sun Alt History Project. It is a Liberal, Social Capitalist, Progressive, and Moderately Interventionist ideology.



    Bulid Back Better

    Build Back Better refers to the Economic Policies of JFK and RFK post-2ACW. These Policies laid the Groundwork for the Amfed Economic System. These Policies included the establishment of a Central Bank and the Creation of the Tripartite System of Labour Relations with the Labor-Management Relations Act, which lasted till the mid-80s.

    The Great Deal

    The Great Deal was the name given to the Economic policies of Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy would put in place major economic reforms such as massively expanding the Welfare State, Putting in Place a Universal Healthcare system, Creating Several Government run companies, Raising taxes on the rich, putting in place an LVT, and Expanding the Power of Unions.

    Government System

    The American Federation, as of the 2007 Constitution, is a Federal Democratic Republic.(WIP)

    Military,Paramilitary's,and Intelligence

    The American Federation has the 4th Largest military in the World and Largest in the North American Continent. It has limited conscription and service is for 3 and a half years.(WIp)

    Federation Constitution

    The American Federation has had 3 Constitutions. The 1958 Constitution, 1965 Constitution, and 2007 Constitution.(WIP)


    Reunification Doctrine

    Reunification Doctrine was the First Amfed Foreign Relations Doctrine. It was in place from 1957 to 1982 but was de facto ended after the Signing of the Treaty of Louisville in 1965. It called for the reunification of America under Amfed no matter the cost.

    Batista Doctrine

    The Batista Doctrine refers to Amfeds official Foreign Relations Doctrine, and it was named after the Secretary of State during the Ted Kennedy administration, Tony Batista. The doctrine calls for the Promotion of Liberal Democracy abroad via economic and military means. For the economic part, it says that Amfed should promote free trade among Liberal Nations and send economic aid to nations to convince them to become democratic. When it comes to the military it calls for Limited Intervention abroad to aid Liberal Democracy.




    Liberalism- Literally Me!

    Third Way- Also Literally Me!

    Social Capitalism- My Economic polices

    Georgism- LVT! LVT!

    Civic Nationalism- LONG LIVE THE FEDERATION!

    Liberal Internationalism- My Foreign Policy

    Democratic Allianceism- I was a founder of alliance

    Kennedyism- Our founder

    American Model- My father, The fall of the US was a tragedy

    Multiculturalism- My cultural policy

    Caelumcracy- we have one of the best air forces on the planet

    Gamerism- Amfed has one of the best Video Game Industries ever Dont let the French here that

    GPR Model- My slightly corrupt child

    French Model- Our loyal ally in Europe we still make better Video Games though

    South Japan Model- Ally in asia The Emperor isn’t coming back though, become a republic

    Zionism- The fall of Israel was a tragedy


    USR Model- We haven’t always gotten along well but now we are friends no I will not give you back your UN Security Council seat

    Brazil Model- Loyal Ally in South America become democratic plz

    Kahanism- While I officially denounced I did fund you in the 70s And still do

    Catholic Theocracy- While Theocracy is bad I helped you flee Canada and our first president was Catholic.


    Marxism-Leninism- My worst enemy

    Fascism- Fuck off TNP


    Campbellism- Moron who caused the US to fall apart.

    Paleoconservatism- Literally Reagan

    Tim Buck- We kicked your ass in 73

    PCC Model- PCC be gone

    Canadian People's Republic Model- My biggest enemy in the region Thank you for buying our video Games

    Spanish Model- What the Fu-

    UK Model- while Your better than the Communists give up already your Empire isn’t coming back. Also Northern Ireland belongs to Ireland cope.

    Separatism- Stop trying to leave! ignore the fact i succeeded from the US

    NCCFism- We beat you once! We beat you twice! we will beat you again!

    Pinochetism& Allendeism- Tbh both sides in the Chilean civil war sucked


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