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    American Communism is an ideology based off the American Communist Party (CPUSA). American Communism is a PCB-Marx-L.png Marxism-Leninist ideology with anti-interventionist, pro-worker, internationalist, Gay.png pro-LGBTQ+, Blacknat.png pro-minority Fem.png feminist, and anti-bigotry policies.

    American Communism can also be the beliefs of candidates/members of the Communist Party such as William Z. Foster, Earl Browder, Charlene Mitchell, and Gus Hall. The American Communist Party was founded in 1919 by C.E. Ruthenberg.


    American Communism is very Progressive and supportive of equal rights, and is often seen at Blm.png Black Lives Matter protests or at the Fem.png Women's March. He hates Fascism and USAGOP.png American Republicanism, but panders to Demcr.png Democratism. He angers his Leftist comrades by endorsing Democrats and is often seen as a "Red Liberal". He regularly draws swastikas on American flags and/or replaces them with his own communist version.


    Willian Z. Foster was the first candidate for the CPUSA, and was the nominee for the 1924, 1928, and 1932 election. Earl Browder was the nominee for the 1936 and 1940 election. In 1948, the Communist Party endorsed Progressive Henry A. Wallace for president, and endorsed Progressive Vincent Hallinan for president during the 1952 election. In 1968 the Communist party returned to nominating its own candidates and choose Charlene Mitchell as a nominee. From 1972-1984, Gus Hall was the Communist candidate for president. After 1984, the Communist Party went dormant, and hasn't had a candidate since. In 2016, the Communist Party endorsed Hillaryism Sprite.png Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, and endorsed Bidenism.png Democrat Joe Biden in 2020 for president, upsetting many Ormarxf.png Leftists.





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