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    Amazonism, is a fictional ideology from the Hearts of Iron IV mod The New Order:Last Days of Europe, founded by João Amazonas it aims to apply maoist theory to latin america.

    In-Game Description

    A split in the Brazilian Communist Party was all it took for a new revolutionary idea to form, and its birth led to a major shift in Latin American socialism. While many communist parties in the continent turn to electoralism, João Amazonas, the chief ideologue of the PCdoB, posits that communists must seek to violently overthrow the capitalist system in a drawn-out "people's war", involving rural guerilla warfare of the masses away from population centers. Officially named "Marxism-Leninism-Amazonism", this movement has its roots in the ideological chaos established after the fall of the Soviet Union, being partially inspired by the failed Chinese revolutionary experience. Amazonism firmly rejects any association with capitalist powers, seeing it as a sign of betrayal of its anti-imperialist ideals, though the movements that follow this line should often collaborate with other revolutionary groups to topple the forces of imperialism. However, Amazonism is usually regarded with distrust by other factions, especially for its disposition towards economic autarky and isolationism in foreign policy. Amazonas claims that only the vanguard party can awaken the masses and raise their consciousness towards revolutionary zeal, rejecting the Guevarist line of decentralized insurgency. While Amazonist groups focus on building rural guerrillas, they do not shy away from integrating themselves into the general labor movements and union structure, sometimes being at the head of many unions' bureaucracy. This bureaucratic aspect may represent a contradiction to Amazonas' fiercest zealots, but this dualism is integral in their fight against right-wing tyranny.



    • Maoism - You may have failed in Asia due to those japanese bastards, by i will avenge you camarada, the people's war shall succeed in latin america!
    • Pan-Americanism - Viva a América Latina!


    • Guevarism - Great strategy, just stop being so decentralized and adopt a vanguard party


    • Neoconservatism - The great satan! Oppressor of all latin america!
    • Nazism - Capitalism in decay and the worst vermin in the first world
    • Showa Statism - Evil Colonialist and destroyer of asian socialism! but just wait, the disciples of Mao shall rise again!
    • Castroism - Traidor! American Bootlicker!


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