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    Altemism is an ideology situated in the AuthLeft quadrant. It generally supports a traditionalist society with a focus on the local community and religion.

    Short Summary



    Democracy on a national level will always be corrupt, favor the rich, be based on the belief that power comes from the people and not God etc. Therefore a King should rule on the national level and Carl Philip should be the heir to the throne. There needs to be a constitution so that the King doesn't become "enlightened". The monarch is "the Father" of the realm and gets his power from "the divine right", not from a secular institution. The good of the people, a love for tradition and a devotion to God must be the basis for his rule.

    On the regional level there should be an Aristocracy. Unlike in a feudal society, they do not own the land they rule over and are only tasked with making sure that everything works out. Wisdom and discipline are central.

    On the local level a form of localized majoritarianism should be used. This elective process must be worker- and community-based and work for the Community's well-being. People do not represent parties but are rather voted into a council based on their skill and person. Here community is important.


    The economy should be a combination of Guild Socialism and State Socialism. Big, important elements of the economy and kingdom's industry should be under state control as it knows what has to be done to make society function. Other than that, the economy should be controlled by local guilds and community-based organisations. In local communities where everyone knows everyone, corruption and self-centered individualism will be a lot less prevalent. By making the economy tied to a locality it will further increase social connections, cooperation and volunteering.

    The shift to Socialism will have a significant impact on the economy and societal lifestyle. It will most likely not produce the same prosperity as Capitalism due to the abolishment of the free market and focus on small-scale production. Although, this will also have a positive effect as the focus on extreme consumption will stop, the people will have to cooperate more to produce goods and environmental degradation will be a lot less prevalent. A less materialistic and more traditional life would probably be the result of this.

    Another big focus of the economy should be on Agrarianism. The goal is to make the kingdom as economically independent as possible and an expansion of food production is therefore needed.

    Social Doctrine

    It seeks to return to an agrarian pre-modern lifestyle with a big focus on family, solidarity for the weak and religion. Ideally, as much of the population as possible should move out of the cities and instead form small rural communities.

    Traditional gender roles, social norms and way of life must be implemented, as well as a return to traditional philosophy. The nuclear family is the center of society and will be everything's starting point. Individualism, LGBT-normalization, the human-centric world view, feminism, enlightenment philosophy etc. is to be opposed.

    A form of Fundamentalist Lutheranism should influence all of society and be the basis for everything. The church should not be ruled democratically like the current Swedish church but should rather use a "pope-system".


    A return to traditional Swedish culture must be made. This is done to ensure that the fatherland's heritage is passed on, promote unity, prevent destructive behaviour, and oppose Capitalist culture. State-sponsored cultural events, a tighter control on society's cultural practices, a less urbanized & globalized nation, and an Assimilationist immigration policy will be used to ensure that this goal is reached.

    Foreign Policy

    The foreign policy of the kingdom should be one of isolation. This will be done to better protect itself from the modernist values of the liberal world and to keep a distance from the international capitalist system. Economic self-sufficiancy and militarism must also be embraced as a way to defend the fatherland from eventual sanctions and armed attacks which the progressive west will employ. Despite this, there is to be some cooperation with its Nordic neighbors.

    Imperialism and Globalism must be opposed as they are just two sides of the same coin; the creation of a more globalized world. Instead, a form of Ethnopluralism should be used where different people and cultures are allowed to thrive and express their own traditions. Although, some things, like morality and religion, are universal and must be spread around the world through, for example, missionaries.

    Nationalism is not to be supported as it is a concept with its origins in the French Revolution. People are not citizens of a nation but rather servants of a King. Instead something called Ethnopatriotism should be used where everyone can have a devotion to and a love for one's traditions, culture, monarch and kin without the need for the nation state or nationalism.

    Environment and Technology

    The support for Environmentalism is a must. You can not be a Traditionalist and at the same time seek the destruction of our ecological system. There is an inherent beauty in nature and it must be saved. Our green world is a gift from God and as Christians we have a duty to protect this wonderful creation from harm's way.

    Technology should be approached with the knowledge of its destructive effects on society. However, pure Luddism is not a good way to go about it, as that would quickly backfire. A regression when it comes to technology which affects general life and culture must be made. Although, in other areas, such as agriculture, medicine and the military, technological progress can be used.


    Followers of Christ

    • Traditionalism - Traditions hold us together. They create meaning and community and form the basis for all of society.
    • Communitarianism - Community is very important. Small, local, community-driven councils are more likely to be free of greed and corruption.
    • Ruralism - The way we were meant to live; free from all that urban degeneracy.
    • Counter-Enlightenment - The enlightenment is a philosophy which puts reason before wisdom, liberty before morality, humanity before God.
    • Socialism - A system that can finally free us from the self-centered capitalism.
    • Moral Universalism - Morality is a world wide truth.
    • Environmentalism - Protect God's green Earth! Natural beauty must be preserved.
    • Reactionaryism - You'll save the kingdom of Sweden.
    • Lys Noir - Pretty much an anarchist version of me.
    • Communitarian Socialism - My Economics.
    • Lutheran Theocracy - Christ has risen!
    • Internationalism - Promoting international solidarity between Christian brothers while standing against the nationalist forces. Just be careful of the bourgeois globalists.

    Misled Fools

    • Welfare Chauvinism - Alright for a lib.
    • Fusion Populism - I don't like populism and you are still a product of liberalism, but you're at least better than the alternatives.
    • Neoluddism - Although you're a bit too utopian, I still think that you're really based. However, terrorism isn't the best praxis...
    • Conservative Socialism - Good start, but you don't go far enough.

    Apostles of Descartes

    Followers of Christ

  • Southern Integralism - Although we have some differences, like you favoring corporatism and catholicism, I'd still say that you have mostly based views, especially compared to most other people on this wiki.
  • Ganzism - One of the few good anarchists. A rural, traditionalist and anti-capitalist society is what we want!
  • Counterrevolutionary5708 thought - As a Lutheran I'm not a big fan of the "Catholic concentration camps". Other than that, really based. Could have better economics, though.
  • Patrick thought - Pretty good. Basically a moderate version of me.
  • Misled Fools

    • Pantheonism - Monarchism, decentralised councils and guild socialism are based, but I don't like your globalism and progressivism. Also, paganism is AWFUL.
    • File:DoesntExist.png Nonexistism - I really like your communitarian socialism and foreign policy. If only you'd learn to embrace traditionalism too.
    • Neo-Majapahitism - Tolerable views, albeit a bit too fashy and modernist.
    • Amism - Fairly based, although anarchism and anti-economy is not that good. Mysticism combined with heathenry will lead the people astray, too.
    • Serbian Socialism - Some based takes and many bad ones. Agrarianism, socialism, cultural traditions and the resistance against the global antichrist are good. Markets are less great and why can't you see that communist philosophy goes against Christianity?
    • Rigby Thought - A really mixed bag. Some good policies like traditionalism and a strong state, but also a lot of cringe like eugenics, capitalism and the LGB-stuff.
    • Khomeinism (User) - This is alright. Your only major flaw is islam. You could be a bit less capitalistic and more reactionary, but those aspects of your ideology are still somewhat acceptable.
    • Caesar12ism - Looks like you've become a lot better since last time, fellow reactionary socialist. Still, transhumanism and eugenicism are awful ideologies, so I can't put you any higher.
    • Social Moralism - Has some similarities with me and promotes morality. However, also supports national palingenesis and futurism.
    • Belousism - I mean, this is a pretty weird ideology with a worship of a false god. At least your economics and culturally right elements are alright. And if aliens were to exist then they should be demolished.
    • Lavenism - On the right track. You just need to see the errors of Marxist philosophy and join the true traditionalists.
    • Terekhofism - Like the guy above. Also, drop that alt-modernist stuff.

    Apostles of Descartes

    • Yoda8soup Thought - Your average left-liberal. Nothing more to say really.
    • Atronism - Ultra-Progressive AnCom. If you want progress just embrace capitalism.
    • Matthism - A horrible mess of Christian heresy, individualism, progress, capitalism and transhumanism. I'd like to think that this is a LARP, but that's probably not the case...
    • BERNHEism - Totalitarian ultranational neoliberalism with transhumanist characteristics? Nah.
    • Miškaism - Ultra-Progressive Market Communism is not something for me. And that image...
    • Neo-Murba - Another progressive commie. You're at least better than the guy above as you oppose markets.
    • Neo-Glencoeism - Probably one of the worst self-inserts on this wiki. Liberalism's end goal.
    • Chilean Reactionaryism - Bourgeois pseudo-reactionary. How can you promote TRUE traditionalism and still embrace libertarian, capitalist and fascist degeneracy?
    • File:Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - Although your resistance to decadence is commendable, you still embrace modernist fascist beliefs. Also, mysticism, like spiritual racism, is satanic.
    • Aceffism - You're pretty much my antithesis. In terms of civic beliefs, economics, religion, philosophy, diplomatic stance and society/culture we're completely opposed to each other.
    • Glorified Communism - Another one of those schizos who've started to gain momentum recently on the wiki. Yeah, it's not really that surprising that I don't really agree with you.
    • Julianism - BreadTube leftist.
    • Great British New Left - There are some nuggets of truth to your politics such as viewing the "culture war" as nothing but a puppet show orchestrated by capitalism. However there's too much I disagree with, so I'll have to put you here. Your take on Christianity and society is especially bad.
    • Meowxism - How many ultra-progressive commies are there? It's not really a surprise that I find your ideas horrific.
    • Hysteria thought - LARP
    • Niiloism - Despite having collectivist economics and being culturally right-wing, you're still really cringe. Rid yourself of all that esoteric cult-stuff, nationalism and violence, please.
    • Temujin Leeism - Truly horrible. You're the average ultra-progressive tech-freak, but turned up to eleven. I won't fuse my flesh with steel and my brain with the digital. At least you won't be able to force your "utopia" on me as that would undermine your anarchist ideals.
    • DECBism - Almost as far away from me as possible. I can't really see how your ideology is consistent with your Christian faith either. At least you want a somewhat restrictive abortion policy.
    • Ego-Stalinism - Uhm... what? This looks nothing like what Stalin and/or Stirner believed. You just seem like an opportunist who came up with a philosophy which would grant you power.
    • Danielism - Stop appropriating monarchist aesthetics! You're just a progressive capitalist fascist, an ultra-modernist, and have nothing to do with true royal values.
    • Schumacherianism - This is probably as far away from me as you could possibly go. At least you're an environmentalist.

    User Test

    Pick one option from every category.

    • Civic Axis
      • Chaos (0)
      • Anarchist (5)
      • Minarchist (10)
      • Libertarian (0)
      • Civically Moderate (10)
      • Statist (30)
      • Authoritarian (50)
      • Totalitarian (0)
      • Orwellian (0)
    • Type of Rule Axis
      • Monarchy (50)
      • Theocracy (40)
      • Technocracy (10)
      • Aristocracy (25)
      • Representative Democracy (0)
      • Communal System (10)
      • Vanguardism (20)
      • Self-Rule (0)
    • Economic Axis
      • Marxist Communist (0)
      • Socialist (50)
      • Welfarist/Gift Economy (25)
      • Mixed (5)
      • Liberal Economics (0)
      • Capitalist (0)
      • Darwinist (0)
        • If none above apply...
      • Third Positionism (10)
      • Anti-Economy (5)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (20)
    • Economic Basis
      • Community (50)
      • Collective (40)
      • Class Equality (25)
      • Social Justice (0)
      • Individual (0)
      • Maximizing Capital (0)
      • Nation (15)
      • The State (5)
    • Diplomatic Axis
      • Autarky (50)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (0)
      • World Federalist (0)
      • Cosmopolitan (0)
      • Internationalist (25)
      • Moderate (20)
      • Patriotic (30)
      • Nationalist (0)
      • Chauvinist (0)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (0)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (25)
    • Social Axis
      • Revolutionary (0)
      • Progressive (0)
      • Reformist (0)
      • Syncretic (0)
      • Conservative (10)
      • Traditionalist (30)
      • Reactionary (50)
    • Cultural Axis
      • Multicultural (5)
      • Melting Pot (0)
      • Traditional (50)
      • Liberal (0)
      • Progressive (0)
      • Anti-Culture (0)
    • Technological Axis
      • Primal (0)
      • Primitivist (5)
      • Pre-Industrial (20)
      • Deceleration (50)
      • Moderate (30)
      • Acceleration (5)
      • Automated (0)
      • Transhumanist (0)
      • Posthumanist (0)
        • If none of the above apply...
      • Post-Civ (10) [and/or] Archeofuturism (10)
    • Environmental Axis
      • Human Extinction (0)
      • Radical Environmentalism (10)
      • Eco-Fascism (0)
      • Ecocentrism (15)
      • Environmentalist (50)
      • Moderate (20)
      • Post-Industrialism (5)
      • Industrialist (0)
      • Anthropocentric (0)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (0)
    • War Axis
      • Pacifism (20)
      • Non-engagement (50)
      • De-escalation (20)
      • Intervention (0)
      • Irredentism (10)
      • Revanchism (0)
      • Jingoism (0)
    • Praxis Axis
      • Revolution (0)
      • Reform (0)
      • Insurrection (0)
      • Metapolitics (50)
      • Separatism (25)
      • Acceleration (0)

    User score:


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    Julianism add me plz

    Pantheonism - Add me?

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    Template:Inexistent-Template - Add me?

    Atronism - Addeth?

    Neo-Majapahitism - add me

    Southern Integralism - Add me back Miškaism Add me please

    Neo-Murba - add

    Neo-Glencoeism- add me back plz

    File:Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism- I added you could you please add me?

    A Former PCBA User - Pretty different from me, but still based ideology. Anyway, can you add me, brother in Christ?

    Aceffism - Add me please.

    Serbian Socialism Can you add me? I've just added You

    Glorified Communism jewboy, add me

    Rigby Thought - Add me

    - Add me.

    Caesar12ism - Add me back?

    Meowxism - add me?

    - Add me?

    Caesar12ism - Update relations?

    Niiloism - Add me?

    Temujin Leeism - add me? I hope you will at least die laughing and go to heaven whilst being passively replaced by robots, because we must reject our flesh to become based

    A former PCBA user - Update me?

     Bread and Circuses Thought - I developed new ideology add it

    Ego-Stalinism - Add me, pls

    Belousism - Please add me. We seem to be quite similar.

    Danielism - Please add me. We are both monarchists.

    Lavenism - Please add me.

    Add me pleace ??

    Schumacherianism (////) - add me

    Konstantina Thought - add me?

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