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    Alteaism is a Libertarian.pngLibertarian economically Cap.pngright-wing,culturally React.pngright-wing to far-right,Nation.pngnationalist ideology that inhabits the Libright-yellow.pngbottom right of the political compass.


    Style of Government:

    Alteaism is against the state,believing that market forces should guide the way,thus being a form of Ancapf.pnganarcho-capitalism believing corporations know best. He thinks that should the government still exist,it should be as minimal as possible,known as a Minarchist.pngminarchy and thinks that this should Consti.pngstrictly follow it's constitution and not breach it under any circumstances.

    Alteaism also believes in the Property.pngright to private property and thinks that private property should be separate from and superior to government property,seeing the individual as higher than the state,supporting Indiv.pngindividual sovereignty. In turn,Alteaism also supports Volu.pngVoluntaryism,believing all actions of the individual should be done purely by choice.

    Social Issues:

    As a result of being a Libertarian,Alteaisms' views on social issues are pretty laissez-faire,he is very Thar.pngAnti-Authoritarian,Rpop.pngRight-Wing Populist and Clib.pngClassically Liberal,supporting Marilegal.pngRecreational Drug Use,Abort.pngPro-Choice,GRights.pngGun Rights,Cultural Nationalism.pngCultural Nationalism,Isolation.pngNon-Intervensionism and Survivalism. He does however oppose Multicult.pngMulticultralism,World.pngGlobalism and Neomarx.pngCultural Marxist doctrine.

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