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    AltValues is a modified version of 9Axes that combines philosophical values with political and economic ones.

    • Individual - Emphasize personal achievement at the expense of group goals, resulting in a strong sense of competition.
    • Collective - Emphasize family and group goals above individual needs or desires.
    • Market - Refer to laissez-faire market systems as efficient ways to redistribute resources.
    • Planned - Economies see free markets as unfairly flawed and support alternative systems, such as a (state-)planned economy.
    • Essentialists - View all individuals as defined by inherent traits, which cannot be manipulated by environmental factors.
    • Constructivists - Consider the characteristics of an individual to be mostly influenced by the environment, such as socio-economic factors and upbringing.
    • Pragmatists - Value practical solutions, and do not concern themselves with moral dogmas.
    • Idealists - Tend to adopt a set of moral principles for life and reject challenging views, even if proven superior.
    • Universal - Worldviews are viewed as adaptable to any situation.
    • Particular - Worldviews are limited to a specific context or region.
    • Ecological - Principles are concerned about nature and are willing to sacrifice industrial output to preserve nature.
    • Industrial - Principles have little regard for environmental concerns and value industrial output over nature.
    • Politicized - Individuals see politics as important aspect of everyday life (mandated political organizations, ideological advertising).
    • Apolitical - Individuals think that politics should be dealt with out of their sight.
    • Religious - Individuals see religion as an important aspect of society.
    • Secular - Individuals would rather not have religious affairs in society.
    • Futurist - Aesthetics involve space, acceleration, technology and youth.
    • Historic - Aesthetics are godly, classical, idealistic and crystallized.
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