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    Alternative SajZealism, or Alt-SajZeal for short, is a libertarian, usually militarist, laissez-faire, monarchist, ultranationalist, protectionist, very anti-tax (except in some cases), meritocratic/ technocratic (When it comes to monarchy), File:Pcb racenat icon.png racial supremacist, genocidal, reactionary, and confederalist ideology.

    Despite its name, it barely has anything to do with the original SajZeal/ SajGuardism. It is only has that name due to the creator of the ideology thinking that it was SajZeal's ideology years ago or thinking it was his Ideology for how a country would work in Minecraft.



    Alt-SajZealism believes in Laissez-faire capitalism (Only within the nation) with autarky (Pushed by the Economic Decentralized Organization (EDO)) in order to eliminate any sort of foreign goods, he believes that any form of foreign stuff of any kind is harmful to the economy, culture, ethnicity, and Race. Much like in the way of North Korea. He also believes that there should be no tax at all but should only be used at an insanely high rate (600% tax) by the Economic Decentralized Organization (EDO) against (What the Nazis and RWSJW considers inferior or degeneracy) cultural, ethnic, and racial groups while the tax money goes to the government and the Decentralized organizations.


    Alt-SajZeal believes in a very minimal government in the economy and society, and there should only be emergency services like police services and a couple of others. Other social services would be completely privatized like healthcare, housing, communication, roads, sanitation, etc, etc.

    Alt-SajZealism believes that if there are any diverse or any ethnic/racial places (For example Black majorities in the southeastern U.S) and/or that Nazism or RWSJW thinks they are degeneracy or inferior should be set to lawless places and the businesses that dont belong in those places should withdraw their shops and stores from said places.

    He somewhat believes in the NAP and property rights, however, they are only limited to only certain social groups that are accepted by Nazism and RWSJW. Speaking of rights and supposedly oppressed groups, they have no protective rights and are allowed to be harassed, murdered, attacked, discriminated, enslaved, or harmed in any manner.

    Social Views

    Alt-SajZeal believes in returning into a previous state of heritage, not only that. He also believes in preserving the said heritage. In order to achieve this, the Cultural Decentralized Organization (CDO), should achieve the goals to returning to the said heritage.

    When it comes to race & ethnicity, he has the said views that of Nazism and RWSJW. He thinks he should oppress & genocide the said groups without too much government interference. He also believes in File:Pcb racenat icon.png Racial Ultranationalism. Not to mention he also believes in ultranationalism of the nation, culture and ethnicity.

    When it comes to gender issues, he is extremely pro-masculist and believes in the gender beliefs of Nazism and RWSJW. He believes in extreme traditional values and women should be more oppressed in society but not as oppressed as the other racial and ethnic groups unless there are women who are part of those groups.

    Merito-Techno Monarchism

    Alt-SajZealism believes that a highly merited specialist family should be the permanent monarchy of the country and that only a King should lead the country.

    Unlike Absolute Monarchism, the King has rules to follow, mainly that he should follow the agenda of Alt-SajZealism and keep it that way.

    Decentralized Organizations (DOs)

    Alt-SajZealism believes in semi-public organizations. These organizations are responsible for oppressing certain groups of race and ethnicity, pushing to complete economic independence, promoting propaganda, etc, etc. Here are some of the examples of the DOs.

    EDO (Economic Decentralized organization) - Responsible for pushing auturky and making alliances with any business to oppress minorities and push propaganda in any way.

    CDO (Cultural Decentralized organization) - Responsible for returning society to a previous state of heritage and pushing the radical masculist propaganda.

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