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    Alt-Right SJW is a joke ideology that combines elements of the online far-left (nicknamed as SJWs) and the online far-right (nicknamed as the Alt-Right.) Alt-Right SJWism's political beliefs are also extremely confusing and contradictory.


    Alt-Right SJW is extremely annoying and is hated by almost everyone on the political compass. Alt-Right SJW can constantly be seen on the Internet, getting extremely triggered at everyone who tries to speak to him. He is also more unstable than the normal SJW.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Alt-Right SJW
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Divide it into 6 slices.
    3. On the top slice, draw the LGBT flag in rays.
    4. On the bottom right slice, draw the black liberation flag in the same manner.
    5. On the bottom left slice, draw the trans flag in the same manner.
    6. For the remaining slices, leave them as white.
    7. Add the eyes and you are done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    LGBT Flag Red #FE0000 254, 0, 0
    LGBT Flag Orange #FE8D00 254, 141, 0
    LGBT Flag Yellow #FFEE00 255, 238, 0
    LGBT Flag Green #018114 1, 129, 20
    LGBT Flag Blue #014CFF 1, 76, 255
    LGBT Flag Purple #8A018C 138, 1, 140
    Black Liberation Flag Red #E31B23 227, 27, 35
    Black #0F0F0F 15, 15, 15
    Black Liberation Flag Green #00853F 0, 133, 63
    Trans Flag Blue #01CFFE 1, 207, 254
    Trans Flag Pink #FFABBA 255, 171, 186
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


    Based and Wokepilled

    • National SJW - Literally me!
    • Alt-Right - Based and redpilled.
    • SJW - Slay queen!
    • Homofascism - Based and wokepilled!
    • Stransserism - Even more based than the last one!
    • African Traditionalism - Is reactionary and supports LGBT rights and African American liberation? BASED!
    • Progressive Reactionarism - Even better!
    • Race Realism - Black people are oppressed because they genetically have low IQs!
    • Biological Leninism - That's why we need to elevate them to a higher position!
    • Ethnopluralism - We must segregate ourselves from those [REDACTED] to protect them from white oppression.
    • Nazism - Critical support for comrade Hitler, a true revolutionary who stood against AmeriKKKan imperialism and animal cruelty!
    • Dixiecratism - The Confederate States of America was a racially diverse nation that was fighting against the ethnically homogeneous and imperialist United States of America!
    • State Liberalism - Those low-IQ minorities must be saved from their savage behavior and instead embrace white, liberal values.
    • Schwabism - An aryan ubermensch from the great German nation who will create a world-wide fourth reich ruled by the white elite. All whilst spreading the truth that bigots don't want to hear.
    • Race Mixing - If everyone is a subhuman then noone is. True equality.
    • The West - We should keep the West white and spread Western LGBT and feminist ideas throughout the world!
    • White Liberalism - Supporting LGBT inclusivity while being white? Based!
    • Manosphere - Supporting strict gender roles while most of you are minorities? Based!
    • Lipostocracy - If you don't support my health choices, you're fatphobic!
    • State Atheism - Both SJWs and Alt-Righters tend to be atheists, so you're based.
    • Alt-Right Femboyism - Pretty much me but more specific on LGBT issues.
    • Degenerate Nationalism - White people are superior because they invented feminism and LGBTQ!

    Semi-Normie Bigots

    • National Feminism - Good views on men and Jews, but why are you a transphobic bigot?
    • Intersectionality - A social analysis that I can stand behind. You did, however, forget to include the white middle aged incels, truly the most oppressed minority group.
    • Pink Capitalism - Good views. Too bad that capitalism is controlled by (((bigots))) and (((bankers.)))
    • N-Word Accelerationism - Saying [REDACTED] to end discrimination? Awesome, but what will I then use as a slur against them?

    Cringe Normie Bigots

    • Averagist Conservatism - Isn't a racist OR an anti-racist, and doesn't support LGBT. Boring. 🥱
    • Slavery - Slavery is bad, because it brought Africans to the USA!
    • Gerontocracy and Apoliticism - Why do you not like my political ideas? Stop calling me ageist slurs and telling me to get off the internet!
    • Shapiroism - Disgusting centrist that hates identity politics.
    • Christian Theocracy - You literally worship a homophobic Jew.

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