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    Alternative Left, clipped to Alt-Left, is a broad term, often times pejorative but sometimes serious, which refers to a loosely defined sect of left-wingers, however some words that are often used to describe it could be "radical", "violent" or simply "the left-wing version of the Alt-Right". The term originates from right-wingers as a response to increasing mentions of the Alt-Right from the left. The term can be synonymous with other groups such as SJWs or Antifa.

    Very few left-wingers take the term seriously or identify with it.


    Alt-Left can often be seen doing the same things as Antifa and SJW. It loves to bash the fash, burn cities and is constantly on either twitter, idpol and sometimes... furaffinity.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Alt-Left
    1. Draw a brownish-red ball
    2. Draw three green lines coming out of the center
    3. Draw the eyes

    You're done!





    • Alt-Right - I was created just to fight you off, fascist scum! Go fuck your jewish-nazi anime waifu Negev-chan! (We're the same thing apparently?)
    • Alt-Center - Stupid succdem. Just be socialist already!
    • Alt-Lite - FASCIST!
    • Pragerism - No!!!! Stop saying Hitler and Alt-Right are the same thing as us!!! I'm MELTING!!!!!
    • Trumpism - I can't wait till you get assassinated fat fuck.
    • Shapiroism - Facts don't matter when there's fucking justice to be had.
    • Radical Liberalism - Libtard succdem cuck! AND I AM NOT HIM YOU RETURDED CONSERVATIVES.
    • Pink Capitalism - READ MARX ALREADY YOU FUCKING CUNT!!! Selling trans pride socks won't fix the white supremacist patriachial capitalism already.
    • Social Democracy - You can't reform Capitalism either, scumbag!
    • Capitalist Communism - You're just that succdem guy again, aren't you?
    • National Capitalism - As if capitalism wasn't racist enough already.
    • National Bolshevism - That's not what I meant by "alt-"left!
    • Bidenism - People, people! This is not a leftist, he's not even socialist! He's a rightoid libtard cuck who preserves the neoliberal system!
    • Police Statism - Wignat in denial!

    External Links

    A Liberal Definition of the Alt-Left (Archive)

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