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    Alt-Furry, shortened to Alt-Fur, is a term usually used by SJW.webp SJW-types within the Furry Fandom to refer to a broad grouping of furries who fall into a position where they are considered against their ideas, much like how "normal" SJW's might attack and name-call others for being a male or caucasian.

    What qualifies as an Alt-Furry is generally based off a few similar characteristic:

    • Has conservative views, even if fairly moderate.
    • Be religious (particularly Christian).
    • Associate with or be part of Furry Raids/Raiders or people who're anti-furry
    • Have an excess of offensive memes or have an edgy personality.
    • Make social media posts about or with hashtags pertaining to Alt-Furries. (Context doesn't matter).

    Alt-Furries can be genuinely Altr.png Alt-Right and a furry too.



    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Split it into 6 triangular slices.
    3. Color 3 triangles either black or Furry.png Furryocracy blue. Make sure a colored triangle only touches a white one and vice versa.
    4. Draw a tail and ears.
    5. Color the tip of the tail.
    6. Color all but the inside of the ears.

    You're done UWU!




    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Why do you want to drop me from a helicopter? And what do you mean I'm not really alt-right?
    • Kek.png Kekistani Nationalism - We both hate SJW.webp SJW, but why do hate me? You seem to love that anthropomorphic frog!


    Further Info

    Youcube.png YouTube

    Furry.png Wikifur

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